Broward County All-Stars: Mr. Lolo

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Mr. LoloMr. LOLO was born with an undeniable talent that cannot be overlooked. Originally from the slums and poor neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. Lolo came to the US at the age of 7. First stop in America was Broward County, Florida, better known as Lauderdale, where he’s been ever since. Although coming from great parents and a great family, being raised in Lauderdale wasn’t easy. At an early age he began associating himself with the streets, and all the people and rules that are in them. He learned the game very quickly from his older brother and his neighborhood friends whom he called The Insane Boyz, eventually becoming the neighborhood gang. Growing up in the 90’s some of his influences were: Tupac, ThreeSix Mafia, Scarface, NWA, Eazy-E, Master P, Dogg Pound and many, many more. Becoming a product of his environment he began running the streets, which involved crimes, drugs, thugs & gangs. In and out of juvenile detention centers and programs as well as a 3-year incarceration sentence in the late 90’s, held Mr. LOLO back from accomplishing his ultimate goal, which was to make & create music for the people. During his incarceration he learned how to master his style of rapping, he wrote song after song, hook after hook, track after track. Preparing himself to be the best he could be with his craft. Once released, he decided to take his talent & love for the music to the next level. Still being loyal to his old friends and comrades, he decided to get in the studio and make music. He began recording track after track, song after song. His dedication and passion for this business was starting to show. In early 2003 he started Took Something and created his own group. Mr. LOLO & his group released the first mixtape called “Took Something Volume1”, which gave Broward County a taste of what was to yet come. Due to him losing his crew to incarcerations and deaths, he ended up the only one left to carry the weight. (RIP Bone) His work-ethic only got stronger after that, releasing his second Mixtape in 2005 called “Took Something Volume 2” which was distributed all over Broward County. Over 2000 copies were personally distributed by LOLO himself to everyone in Broward County. From promoters, dj’s, club owners, rappers, producers, studios and fans. It seemed as if everybody in the “954” was jamming to Mr. LOLO. Lolo started performing all over South Florida promoting his Took Something Movement. He was in clubs, talent shows and parties, you name it, he was there. Being that he’s fluent in Portuguese he was also involved in everything from rap shows to Brazilian shows, he did them all. While making a name for him in the music game, he had to continue to hustle in the streets just to make ends meet. Having 2 kids in the process made him come even harder, both with the music & also with the hustlin’..!!! Mr. LOLO & Took Something was becoming well known and well respected in the streets & in the music scene. In 2007 Mr. LOLO partnered up with Miami’s own OG-Fidoe to help launch his music career, it was then named Took Something Entertainment. Mr. LOLO is currently working on his highly anticipated freshman album entitled “Took Something” as well as his 3rd Mixtape, “Took Something Volume 3”. He’s done several collaborations with artists in South Florida, he’s done several shows, parties, concerts and interviews & worked with several producers & different studios, as well as mainstream, college, underground & internet radio stations. Performing at events such as Calle Ocho, Spring Fest, and many others. Has also participated and performed with artist such as: Rick Ross & Triple C’s, Pitbull, Picallo, Toro and many more. With Mr. LOLO & Took Something Entertainment now becoming an independent label, there are no limits of the growth and opportunities that can and will happen. These days you can find Mr. LOLO performing in almost any club in South Florida or in the studio at least 3 times a week, working on his music. As well as being on heavy rotation on the local underground radio stations in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties. Mr. LOLO & Took Something Entertainment will be one of the first to put Broward County on the map.

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