Broward County All-Stars: Young Nard

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Young NardGrowing up in an all girl household, 4 sisters and a single mother, Young Nard always turned to the men in music for male advice and guidance. From Michael Jackson, Kid and Play, and LL Cool J, to Tupac and Biggie, these artists made an impact in people’s lives one way or another through their words and positive life styles. These artists showed young men that there is a better life out there if you work hard for it. As a young man without a father life was not easy and to make ends meet he would do what ever it took to help mom keep a roof over their head and clothes on their back. Raised by the streets of Florida, Young Nard is no stranger to the violence,drugs, and rough life that rappers often talk about in their music. Since 2000 Nard has been interned, so to speak, by various music engineers, labels, and groups, schooling him on the entertainment industry. However, it wasn’t until 2004 after the death of his best friend Steven Lucas, that he decided he was going to get off the streets and make this music thing work. Nard started to write and perform as if his very life depended on it. His music painted the stories he lived on a daily basis, from his days grinding, to the nights he spent alone thinking about the friend he watched die before his very eyes. With a music career in his path and the street life behind him Young Nard branched out and soon had a promotion team in Tallahassee. Elevated Entertainment’s owner, Chad Chevalier, took him under his wing and taught Young Nard the business, from making money legally, by throwing parties, to expanding his contacts list by networking. Soon after, Young Nard says “I was ready for what the game had to offer”. With new skills and training in the game, a larger network and a solid music career in the making Young Nard ventured back to Palm Beach FL, where personal affairs made him push even harder to succeed. He linked up with producer/ghost writer Keith “Dat Boi Keith” Chambers who mentored him and helped him polish his lyrical skills. 2007 was a great year for Young Nard. He made the decision to change his life for the better, and was making great progress in preparing for the new road ahead. After almost a year of grinding and trying to find a good team to work with Young Nard turned to the people he knew from the start. In the spring of 2008 he was the newest and hottest addition to Power Money Property Records. Owner Doc Dollaz and producer Dirty MF Boy turned Young Nard into one of the hungriest artists in the game. He had been working on quite a bit of Solo projects until one day he wrote the hit record “Rollin Smokin” for the YoungStunnaz. The track featured him and Stuntastic’s artist Sho Boy. After that track Young Nard did quite a few features with the Youngstunnaz, which earned his music the title of second most features on the record label’s project “MC-Masters Of Ceremonies”. The album also included Young Nard’s solo hit “FIRST FRIDAY”. His first club performances and major opportunities came with The YoungStunnaz. The group performed at major clubs in Florida such as Premier, Poolside, Nocturnal, and Club Star Night. The group soon had a large following and was introduced to the state of Florida, performing from Tallahassee to Miami. With an already solidified audience, a number of features on his record label’s mixtape, and a performance history both with the YoungStunnaz and as a solo act, Young Nard is finally realizing the dreams and goals he had been setting in his mind that sad day in 2004. Through networking and ‘putting in work’ Young Nard linked with Dj Dirtdawg From Dollaz And Dealz, currently Ace Hood’s Dj, to do his solo Mixtape. Today Nard is in the studio working on singles for his upcoming solo album and his mixtape,”Tha Dirty’s Advocate.” He is performing his latest single “First Friday” all over south Florida, and keeping up with the press doing online interviews with hot websites such as, and accepting guest invitations from widely known radio stations such as Power 96. Young Nard would like his fans to know “my Influences came from a number of people and rappers such as my producer Drity Mf Boy. My biggest influences in the rap game would have to be T.I., Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Joe Budden, Mystikal, and Shawn Jay from Field Mob. I want to sell out crowds, but not just any crowd, I want black, white, Spanish, Asian, etc. in the same building, from hoods, to suburbs all having fun. I want to touch the heart of kids who have a rough life and need somebody to turn to when they have a bad day, and I want people to feel positive and motivated to keep pushing for a better life. I want to do movies, books, games, the works. I want it all or nothing. I would love to have the state of Florida behind me, to walk into any hood and everyone know that when I come through it’s all love! That’s what I want.”

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