Broward County All-Stars: Miraj

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: MirajWho is Miraj? Singer, actor, model and choreographer - Miraj can do it all! Trained in dance since the age of six, and also classically trained on the piano, Miraj has musical artistry in his blood.

Officially, his career really took off when he was featured on two songs from the Mims freshman album, “This Is Why I’m Hot”. Miraj then began working with major producers, from BlackOut Movement to Ralphael Saadiq, to other major artists like UGK, Grindmode, Jamie Foxx, Jim Jones, and The Dream - just to name a few. From his song “Dont Hate Me”, to his new video release, “Make A Movie”, Miraj’s music can be found on the Internet worldwide. With his inspirational talent and his fans’ clamoring for more of his unique sound that continues to resonate throughout the music industry, Miraj will be making music that appeals to audiences everywhere for many years to come. Most recently, Miraj signed on to star in an upcoming big budget film directed by Sean Lawlor of “BraveHeart” fame. From teaching dance at several South Florida Studios to performing all over the United States, Miraj will definitely become an integral part of the music industry. Miraj is without a doubt an artist who will gain respect among his peers.

Miraj has opened for Jamie Foxx. Miraj will also be appearing in the movie “Healing Frequencies”. Actors in this movie will include Anthony Hopkins, Sean Lawlor and John Savage.. Miraj’s music can also be found and purchased on Myxer ring tones and iTunes.

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