Broward County All-Stars: Young Stunnaz

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Young StunnazlDrugs, sex, money and imprisonment. Sounds like a movie, yet this is a daily scene in the lives of four Young Stunnaz; whom decided to speak what they know and have learned over a sneer and beat. Intricate lyrics, double entendres and mesmerizing hooks are just a taste of what this south Florida conglomerate will bring to the table. Doc, Dirty M.F Boy, Gin, and Lil Trav are the men that give the death of today’s music a heartbeat. Raised and bred as one, its no surprise that such a versatile set of men would take on the role as being a musically inclined group which resemble to a woven cloth in which the stitching can never be undone.From tricycles to bicycles and breaking hearts to breaking the bank, these guys have made an epic name for themselves. Making music is their passion, making videos is their gift, throwing lavish parties and couture fashion shows are their hobbies. No stone is ever left unturned with this forceful team. They not only pose a threat to the music world but in a numerous amount of genres; even the F.M air waves (91.1 F.M) are no strangers to the their voices. Young Stunnaz blend of the gritty south, bitterness of realism and sourness of life, conclude their P.M.P Productions crew to epitomize the Florida/world wing of the music industry. Unlike many groups, their individualism is dominant in their music as well as in their personal lives. There’s the Kong-Fu Guru, the Mr. Peabody, the Advocate , and the Convincing One. Walking contradictions is what they are and that is exactly what makes them the “Tropicana” in a “Tang” society.

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