Broward County All-Stars: Vickey Vendetta

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Vickey VendettaThe Hip Hop Game is missing something! Forget the small talk, Vickey Vendetta is what Hip Hop is missing! And Vickey Vendetta is here now with something LIVE, and something to be experienced, not just watched! This is a World Wide Vendetta! Straight out of South Florida born and raised, ( Vickey Vendetta has grown and lived as an artist, but more, HAS GROWN TO BECOME YOUR ENTERTAINER! With a library of hit singles, many produced by Take 2, waiting to hit the streets, Vickey has given you a taste of things to come with his STREET BANGER “Pill Man” Ft. Ice Berg (Dunk Ryder Recording Artist). His Pill Man campaign is the first of many, which begins at, where you can find archived footage of Vickey Vendetta interrupting news feeds to bring you absolute MAYHEM, caused by him and his VENDETTA GOONS (Vendetta mask wearing Revolutionists)! But there is much more to be learned as there is a meaning behind all this chaos. During a time of absolute corruption, someone must come along and shake sh*t up and break sh*t up before it can be put back together. In 2010 Vickey Vendetta will be a man of two characters and two identities, with one message. Awareness! He is The Modern Robin Hood of Hip-Hop, and The Batman of dual messaged Club Bangers. We cant stop telling you that you can do more than listen and watch, but also join! And if you are too fearful, you cant help to come back and see what this guy is going to do next! Learn More at his 3 Campaign sites, VickeyVendetta.Com, PillManWorldWide.Com, and

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