Broward County All-Stars: J-Perk

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: J-PerkJ-Perk, born Jeremy Perkins on January 22nd 1983, prides himself on not being your typical southern rapper. He strives to be a well-rounded musician instead. It’s clearly evident in his music that he has more to offer than just a basic one dimensional style also. Born in Louisiana, and raised in Florida, J-Perk definitely has the south in his blood. “When I was growing up, I was listening to everything from Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire, to the Winans.” I have always had a love for music; I never thought that I would ever be dedicating my life to this though.” It wasn’t until high school that he discovered this hidden talent for writing, both poetry and songs.

Ever since those days of writing lines on occasion, this has slowly grown into a way of life. “This is the only thing I know. I feel as if I’m too close to stop now.” Having started to really pursue his music full forth in 2002, this has been a long walk full of gains and losses, that has developed him into a very driven artist. J-Perk has been featured on several OC Records mixtapes over the years starting with “Volume 47” and then going on to be featured on the “Mixtape Murder” Series, “Shut up and Take It” and most recently the “Commence Good Music” mixtape series. He has also begun to branch out on solo ventures by releasing, “The Beginning”, and “Bigger-Faster-Stronger”, his 2nd solo mixtape which was released in late June 2006. Since this time, he has gone forward and released yet another solo mixtape entitled, “The County Is Mine”. Despite having done very little work to date on original music to date, J-Perk has put out several very successful songs from the mixtapes he has been featured on such as, “954 Ya Dig” and “I’m From Lauderdale”. Adding to the list of accomplishments that have been achieved relatively early in his career, J-Perk was given a feature spot on Dj Laz’s latest album release, “ Category 6”.

J-Perk can often be seen performing at several clubs and other local venues in his area and beyond, with what some would say is an “electric” presence on stage. From his strong voice to his fluid delivery and well rounded lyrics and content, he is clearly showing the makings of a rap veteran. J-Perk will definitely be a name to remember in the rap game for many years to come…
“I’m the best rapper alive that’s unsigned”…

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