Broward County All-Stars: Young Squad

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Young SquadI am young Zay and Sweazy 2 and for those who don’t know we are music. We got our group called young squad and as right now we are signed under D’s World Records and Trap Boy Entertainment.

The music we do is both universal and commercial; we’re not on a one way street. We have done plenty of shows including opening up for ace hood @ 90 degrees, performed at coco’s (Rick Ross Haitian fest), the Rick Ross Festival in Carol City Park, performed for Def Jam at Left Eyes studio in G.A, and at Automatic Slims. We also have songs on the radio 102.3, and 89.1, soon to come 99 Jamz and Power 96

We originated in Miami and moved to Broward where we resigned which now is the best of both worlds. Sweazy 2 and young Zay met in 1999 playing lil league football from there it was a wrap.

We started recording music together in 2003 in the corner of our bed rooms. Before 03 we were doing our own music and making our own moves, when we finally did a song together everybody suggested we should become a group (Young Squad)

We do music because we love it although we do it for the money the fortune and the fame it isn’t our main priority we just want to be heard and tell our fans and all listeners about our life and the struggles and pain we‘ve been through. And also feel our families struggle for too long and we want to be the ones to break that cycle. There’s no better feeling than being on stage performing and the crowd is singing/rapping your song back to you.

How we’re not signed yet? That there, we don’t understand either. Listen to our mixtape and tell me one song you don’t like. Our mixtape is better than half of these rappers in da industry. Hard work and dedication got us where we need to be. We are full time musicians/artists. We don’t consider ourselves rappers. We don’t rap, we just state facts in our music.

“Music over everything and “God over everything else!”


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