Jamie Jamison: Not Just a Pretty Face

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Don’t sleep on this beautiful dental assistant for one minute. Jamie is the kind of girl that is beautiful, smart and artistic. Studying business management and marketing, this beautiful cover girl is looking to make heads turn in her 9-5. “I am a very social person;

I love to be around people... When I am stressed I love to play the piano, it helps relax me.” Jamie is the kind of girl that has big dreams and with her attitude and determination, she will make it. “I have always wanted to be in front of the camera, I think I have some talent and a decent face,” she calmly states. Her beauty far exceeds what she thinks of it and this is why she is Nine5Four’s September Cover Girl Next Door! We look forward to seeing more of Jamie. She has a beautiful personality to match that angelic face of hers. Keep up the great work.


Name: Jamie Jamison
Age: 21

I don’t get “Caught up in the crowd”: I am paranoid. I don’t like big crowds, they freak me out. I am afraid I will get kidnapped!!! There are crazy people learking around...

What does Jamie like to do? I love thinking. I love people that CAN think. I love nature, and everything it entails. It’s all so amazing. Walking in the rain is one of the best things to ever do. So is walking around outside in the dark drunk with good friends. Candle light is so romantic, I melt with the wax. I love lying down on my back in the grass in summer at night; just staring at the stars. My general attire consists of tank tops and jeans, shorts or a skirt. It’s simple...but great. I do on the other hand love to play dress up! It is also great. I live to impress, Yeah I know all of you other girls do too! Don’t lie!

Do you cheat? I take relationships I have with people really seriously, friendships or otherwise. I’m extremely loyal, never cheated on my boyfriend of 3.5 years. I am proud of few things, but that is one of them. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? I did a crazy thing that I contribute to the tequila I drank straight. I jumped off a 40 foot cliff and landed on my ass! While I jumped, some how I punched myself in the eye and came home with a purple ass and a shiner! Crazy I know. I also went down a rapid with my life jacket on. I went under a few times and I had a blast. I love the rush and all the excitement.

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