Erica Lynn

Written by Oscar Rabiero

Nine5Four The Magazine Model Feature Erica LynnHow did you get into modeling? I always wanted to model… I began with some cheesy agency that forced me to buy ugly expensive photos lol… then thanks to the internet I made my own empire.

Is a type of modeling that you prefer over others? I actually really enjoy the sexy, glamour modeling the most! I try fashion and lifestyle shoots but in the end my sexiness overrides the shoot and it becomes glamour J

Which models inspire you? Local models that are not the perfect “model type” that become successful working models. If you can make a living doing something you love it does not matter if you are a “super model”

Who are some of your influences in life? My parents are my biggest influences. My mother for all her values and dedication to work and family. My father for his business sense and encouragement in life.

Have you traveled out of the country? I have only traveled to the islands… Dominican Republic, St. Martin, Bahamas

If there’s a nomination for best body parts, what part of your body you think would get the nomination? My bubble butt and my long natural red hair

What’s your sign? Leo the Lion of course!!

Is this a career or a hobby? Career and love!

What impact has modeling had on your personal life? ummm unfortunately I had to give up many good men that could not handle the model lifestyle. Traveling and attention from other men is difficult to deal with for a lot of guys.

Hobbies? I love taking care of animals, dancing, going on the computer, my company

Personality? I am very spontaneous, loyal, optimistic and fun loving

Greatest physical asset? My brain!! Ha-ha I am very creative and love to learn

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