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Nine5Four The Magazine Business Feature: Da Bottom ClothingWhat’s good fam? I appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you fellas. I know you guys been busy makin BIG moves!! Chillin fam thanks for the opportunity!!

Da bottom clothing represents a few things. Explain to our readers where the idea came from? The name Da Bottom not only comes from the region the company was started in, it also serves as a symbol of our starting point. Our clothing is designed by the same audience they represent so with each design we create a direct relationship between ourselves and those rockin’ our apparel. The Da Bottom emphasis is on creativity, and our goal is to offer a assortment of products that will distinctively set you apart from the crowd.

So give us a little background on you guys: T: I was born in Miami raised in Broward. Both my parents are Nigerian so I was raised with a lot of American and African values
Six: I was born and raised in Broward, lived in Lauderdale and Pompano but I went to school in Deerfield so I pretty much have the whole county covered.

Haha your locally global I dig it. So I was reading up and basically the grand scheme of things was devised by six correct? Six: yeah, I came up with the Idea of having the clothing but I knew I’d need some help. T and I already have a few ventures together so I figured why not throw something else on his plate

So the day you came up with it you were just chillin thinking damn I need a clothing line? lol nah. I’ve always been a designer, but I never thought about putting my work on clothes until my homeboy started his brand called Brooklyn Sky. I realized that 99.9% of designers making the clothes we wear are from up north or out west so I said to myself who is speaking for us?!

When you say designer elaborate please? Six: I’m a graphic designer.. I design everything from album covers to truck wraps

Ahhh that’s wasup. An artist at heart. T. What’s your background besides being the mother effin man lol T: I’m not the man yet but I will be soon! I went to school for communication and broadcasting so I have heavy background working with the media so I’m responsible for getting the brand to the people.

What exactly is the process you use to reach your target consumers? T: We promote online but our main method is attending to a lot of events. We try to do as many as possible. This past year we went to New York, D.C., San Francisco, and here in Miami setting up our booth on the Dunk Xchange tour. We also hit a few cities with Sneak Pimps which is another traveling Sneaker event.

Do you guys have any plans to be sold in retail stores? T: Yeah, that’s what our goal is for this year to get in a few exclusive shops. No big retail chains though we want to keep the brand pretty underground. When we first started we want to sell things our self to see how people were feeling the brand and just get a sense of the market but now that were getting some momentum we have to get ourselves in stores. We have a couple contract pending now with stores in Atlanta and North Carolina.

Are you guys “self funded”? Lol 120% yes!!

Where can our readers get your merchandise now? T: www.dabottomclothing.com

You guys are involved in multiple endeavors what other projects are you involved in? Six: like I said before I’m graphic designer so I do a lot of freelance work and I’m also a recording artist.
T: Currently I’m working on my internet radio show I plan to launch in the near future

Oh snap there may be a “Banks” hour on T’s radio show lookout for that! Lol T: LOL Lets do it!

What is the vision for the company? Both: We don’t want to get to ahead of ourselves and make bold predictions but it would hurt to be global lol. Right now our focus is on putting out quality product. We feel like, if you constantly put out quality you cant help but be successful.

I seen mostly T-shirts any plans for say jeans or sneaker designs maybe some accessories? Maybe a custom Banks sneaker? T: Right now we’re strictly Tees. We plan on adding some sweat shirts for the winter and maybe a few limited edition fitted hats in the near future. Who knows though. Next year might be big... Forget jeans you might see us in a custom DB Lamborghini!

haha!!! Yeah I’m going to need that for Friday nights! I’ll put gas in it! Six: and wash it too right?

Six how has your involvement as a music artist influenced your designs? T: lol To be a rapper I feel like you better always have something to say and anyone who knows me knows that I always have a opinion about something! Most of our tees come from random conversations we have day to day so my opinions definitely get brought out through the designs. The hip-hop culture as a whole influences my art so its natural for that urban style to come through. We also have a couple designs that are directly related to or inspired by some of our favorite artists.

Have you done any music videos yet? Six: No, but I’m actually working on one now

Well you can post your new video on www.unsignedtube.com Six: iight I’ll definitely check that out

Excuse the shameless plug lol Six: lol well executed and I’m actually login on right now lol

If you guys had to pic a favorite design right now which would it be? T: My favorite is the “Chiefs” tee which says “2Many Indians Not Enough Chiefs”. I love that one because I really feel as if there are to many followers and not enough leaders. A lot of people talk a good game but none back it up.
Six: My favorite is the No Hater tee that reads “ I’m no hater you just suck”. That shirts my favorite because I feel as if people cant have a opinion anymore without being called a hater... Like there isn’t still trash in the world! It would be perfect if everyone could just drop that word from their vocab tomorrow.

I couldn’t agree more. Shout outs: T: shout to everyone that has bought a shirt or thought bout it. My family for always being behind me with everything I get my self into. Also to Nine5Four mag for taking time to get to know us and doing this feature on us. And to the number one person in my life that always on my back and pushes me everyday to do what I do and always keeping me focus. You know who are no need to drop names...

Six: Shout out to all of the DB clothing buyers and supporters. Shout out to mike creator of Brooklyn Sky. Shout out to my friends and family for keeping me going. Shout out to monster energy drinks for keeping me on the late nights. And most important shout out to god for giving me the talent.

We both wanna give a shout out to Curtis and Gary over at the DunkXchange and every blog/website that ever put us on. Shout out to you Banks for giving us the opportunity!!

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