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Nine5Four the Magazine business Feature: Crossed Over EntertainmentBrett & Melanie Thank you so much for sitting down with me and giving me your interview. Our Pleasure, Thank you for having us. We are very excited to be working with Nine5Four Magazine and we thank you for this opportunity.

Of course, we are excited as well about the opportunity to share your focus with our readers. There are not too many people out there that focus on & do what you do over at Crossed Over Entertainment. Please in your own words tell the readers exactly what that is? Here at Crossed Over Entertainment we are dedicated to the marketing & promotions aspect of the music business, emphasizing in radio promotions. We promote major & independent Artist to all formats on radio nationally. We feel for any Artist to be successful they need strong radio support, that’s where we come in.

You have history in this industry, you worked for major labels and more, in the 90’s. What did you learn working for those experiences? (Brett) Great Question! Yes I worked for two major Labels in Miami. When I first started I learned about record pools, label management, street teams and how they worked before I found my place in radio promotions. I quickly excelled in this field. The first label I worked for I was the National College and Mix Show Director. The second label, I was promoted to the National Director Of Promotions for turning Artist platinum. This industry was for me since the day I started.

(Melanie) I knew this question would come about. LOL Unlike Brett, most of my experience was not bred from any major Label. Most of my experience generated and excelled from various other companies I worked for in the past. However, my knowledge, skills, and experience in the marketing field for advertising and promotions has been ongoing for 9 years. As Brett mentioned, I myself also knew my knack for natural talent in the marketing and promotion industry, mine just happen to be in a different area. The minute I was given the first project I had that drive along w/determination and persistence to want to succeed. Over the years working for these other companies my skills for personal development evolved and became what I felt as developed and successful as it gets. I wanted to venture out to higher challenges. I wanted to make a change in others lives which would be all the more drive. My passion for music accomplishment is never ending along with my passion to succeed and this is where I linked with Brett to create Crossed Over Entertainment. Me and Brett seen this in each other, and as music is never ending and continuously evolving, Crossed Over Entertainment’s determination is set the same way.

That’s great! So how long have you been in this industry? (Brett) I have been in the industry since 97 working in the radio promotions department and never wanted to leave after I soon knew this was the card dealt for me. I feel lucky to say that.

Is the focus of Cross Over Entertainment mainly on Radio Plays or other aspects of the industry too? Radio airplay is the main emphasize. Of course we promote along various marketing avenues to take a more aggressive approach for exposure purposes but really it’s all about radio airplay for any Artist, and that’s what we strive for as successful results. Crossed Over Entertainment doesn’t just want any business, we want the masterpiece. We work with all our Artist until they get to their full potential.

Who is on your team at Cross Over Entertainment? Brett Deutsch (CEO/President) Melanie Weimer (CFO/President), Alvaro Torres Malaga (Director of Promotions) Big J (National Mix Show Director), In addition to various independent contractors for our street team promotions in various markets.

Who have you worked with so far ? We are the South Florida Rep for two major recording artists.

Out of all the artists you worked with, who do you “love” the most? lol We really don’t like to choose favoritism preference between any of our artist. We determine to promote the artist after a sit down listening session with our team of staff and evaluate if in your words, “love it” or don’t. If the end result is we don’t love it we don’t promote it until they work on their artist development. Every artist we promote we have to love the material to really believe in there marketing campaign. Of course we use an objective approach to evaluate the artist’s material, that’s implied w/any professional but, we must love it before we send it out to all stations nationally. Right now, we do actually have an artist by the name of Sonny Black I would say is at the top of both Brett and my list as far as great expectations for continued success. Our team has their heart built into this particular artist’s campaign and we are receiving a lot of great feedback and support on his record “Still Water”. You can check it out on

How many radio stations in the U.S do you work with? Between the two of us, we proudly work with all formats on radio nationally. We have built up great relationships with various stations in every region of the U.S over the years.

Will you work with any artist or do you have a specific genre you prefer? We work with all Artist as long as their material is pressed, edited and mastered we will consider representation after a successful listening session.

If I wanted to get radio play, how would I go about contacting you? Our web site Or contact our offices @ 954-753-2700

Ok and after I contact you, what is the process from there? Do you guarantee getting each person you work with spins? There is certainly a process. I wish it was that easy. We have a proven track record of promoting artist to radio. We always make sure the record is marketable and with our history of promoting records to radio we understand what stations want on a national and even regional basis. If we take on a radio promo project with an artist we are more then confident in getting that artist radio airplay.

Are you living your dream? Yes indeed! When I originally started in 97, I knew I wanted to further my education w/a degree in this industry. I received my Bachelors in Business Administration,(Marketing) I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else, it‘s just been something I have always had a talent for since the day I first started in the industry. (Melanie) This became a dream. Sometimes you have to experience new things to realize it’s a part of you. This industry grabbed me. If I am giving a great contribution while learning to perfect it, I am where I need to be.

What makes all the hard work you put into each artist everyday worth it? (Mel/Brett)Introducing talented individuals to other people. Hearing the artist we promote being broadcasted on radio. Making the dream of various artists come true, etc. This is our main focus and energy drive that money can’t buy. It’s motivation at it’s best and it is the very core of what our company is all about. We work with all our artist as long as they are receptive and willing to take constructive criticism that is crucial to their artist development. That’s not always easy, If the artist has the potential to but has some rough edges we try to guide them to continue w/artist development if they are willing. When and if they succeed at creating their best, the chances are much higher for airplay. (Mel) It has so much more to it I find worth it all. I am intrigued and motivated by that fact that it’s all about “right now” in this industry.  I learned quickly that the music industry is always changing w/time, it’s not an option that you must be above the game or just get out of it because it will run you over.  It’s finding that unique talent in all aspects that makes the song, and it’s bringing it all together to create the image the artist is going for before we even promote. Perfecting it into a listening addiction as one artist mention to me. The creativity level is tremendous in the music world we almost forget to acknowledge those behind the scenes who help create the song. Everyone wants the best right? But not every promotion company goes to that extreme to get it. We don’t just promote. We contribute towards the effort to perfect then promote it. This is another part I must say I favor.  There is a lot of talent to work with besides the artist alone. Its DJ’s who create beats, it’s the song writers who write hit lyrics, it’s the indie artist hitting the studio creating their best. Crossed Over Entertainment strives in an objective evaluation for artist development. This is what I personally push for at the stations for each artist so they have that fair shot given to them, “the objective evaluation”. We count on objective feedback to give the artist something to work on. These artist work hard and need the right company to go that extra mile sometimes for guidance. To believe in something gives it that much more power to promote right? (Brett) This is an example of the dedication we have at Crossed Over that every artist will receive who we believe in. Crossed Over Entertainment takes pride in pushing campaigns to that extra mile. (Mel)Artist who have talent and worked hard perfecting it surly deserve a fair chance at living their dream. We are dedicated to that dream because its our dream too. There is so much talent out their that needs to be noticed. If anyone will notice it, you can certainly count on Crossed Over Entertainment.  We love what we do here and we appreciate this opportunity so much we wouldn’t consider this a job but more like a privilege. That’s what makes it all worth it.

Words cant describe it. We always want more though. We don’t stop there.

What’s the fee for your services, because that’s the 1st question I’m going to get from these artists? We are probably one of the top most economical companies for national radio marketing and promotions. It would depend on the length of campaign, The best thing to do is call our office 954-753-2700.

Do you have any other talents in this industry? Networking relations, exposure creativity, getting the stations to listen to the material and give their objective feedback.

What’s your personal outlook on the way the industry is today? Great industry to be apart of and keep up with. Urban is still Urban. It’s the toughest market and we look forward to breaking new artist at radio.

Any shot outs Bigg B the Program Director for WMNX, My brother Frank Murray ( the reason I found my way ) and Hip Hop artist Sonny Black. We would like to give thanks to all those Program Directors and Music Directors who gave us and our artist that fair shot. And the entire staff @ Crossed Over Entertainment.

Thanks so much Brett & Melanie. It was a pleasure talking with you & I look forward to working with yoI am sure your phone will be ringing off the hook soon :)u more in the future.

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