Jillisa Lynn

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Jillisa LynnHi Jillisa, Thanks for taking the time out to sit with us here at Nine5Four The Magazine... Thank you for having me it was great working with The Magazine and my shoot in Miami was Lots of fun I’m Excited to be in this issue I get to be the Present unwrapped for Christmas! lol :)

Man, you are blazing right now. You are doing shoots everywhere, your acting career is taking off, and you are dropping a calendar in January... You are really doing your thing right now.. I bet your excited... Yes very excited about my Calendar I did 3 separate shoots in CT and Rhode Island had so much help with it I’m thankful for My managers Reginald his wife Dalia and Stacy Warren, my Photographer Daniel Elliot and his wife Nicole with assistance from the Prima-Donna Stylist for 1st shoot..Calendar will actually be out before January! Started Acting Classes I’ve worked on a few projects already and also have some I’m working on now.

How did this whole modeling/acting thing start for you? I always enjoyed Pictures and Entertaining I Had a profile on Myspace and a girl named Karma asked me to do a shoot with her .. I was discovered by www.deadlytech.com where I was a featured model after that Reggie and I became a team.. I began building my portfolio and attending castings... Now I’m in LA and acting ..it has developed into a blessing!

Please, give us some insight on what a typical day for Jillisa is like... Well I couldn’t tell you my whole day lol It changes as each passes.. I’m always working on the next thing for me or networking I’ve done extremely well since I’ve only lived in LA 4 months ..but most days I have to spend at least an hour or so just checking all my accounts online its very time consuming and even then I fall behind and feel bad when I’m unable to respond to all messages ..just know I appreciate all the love :) I Don’t like being alone much I have too much energy so I’m usually with a friend of mine and I’ve started this workout plan so I’ve been running more trying to eat better .. I love sweets so it’s hard to stay away lol I usually Stay up late I don’t sleep long I feel like I’ll miss something :)

A lot of people have seen your images and are curious as to what your nationality is.. I know you are mixed but can you give us some more details... I’m a mixed with Puerto Rican, Italian, French and Jewish :) I get asked if I’m Mulatto a lot. Also from Israel and brazil or the best was a Female said “Girl you Could be your own race” LOL

Besides being beautiful all day and being photographed, what else do you do? do you have any special hobbies or skills that you’d like to share? I’m good at making people feel better I’m always positive and pretty funny..Love Dancing I do it all day even if I’m in line at the bank or sleeping lol its hilarious! I’m working on My voice because I damaged it a little over the years ..Don’t smoke! I’m very athletic so I enjoy all sports and can play most of them.. I used to play baseball when I was younger but then I Cheered and Danced for years after that and it took up a lot of time.. I was cheer leading captain my Senior year so cheer leading was my life lol I won 1st place At Greater Rochester Competition at Blue Cross Arena for my individual performance which was the most exciting thing! Besides all that I Love learning new things so maybe I’ll have new skills soon :)

I know you stay on the move so you travel all over.. Where is the one place you call your true home? I now live in California but have moved a lot I was born in Rochester NY then lived in Sherman and Jamestown NY also in Deltona FL I went to 16 different schools but would call Rochester home because I ended up attending Churchville-Chili HS the longest and was the first in my family to Graduate :)

Have you been to any exotic or foreign countries to shoot yet? The lovely places I’ve shot in Miami or here in LA are a sight to see ...I have yet too but I am definitely in the process of going out of the country soon :)

What would you say are the most common misconceptions about you? That I’m Stuck up or conceited,..which I am none of! I’m such a people person and I’m a goof lol..I have insecurities just like everyone else... I give compliments where they are due .. there’s no need to hate on someone for being blessed with something good especially if you were too!

So you model and act... A double threat... Is there anything about you that you would change or “revamp”? Triple lol I Dance also ...yes I would revamp my Voice which I am doing now :)

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Model Jillissa LynnYou’ve been in the industry for a little bit now, if you could, what would you change about it and why? So far there is nothing in the industry that I would change things are going the way I hoped right now if not better!

How has the industry been treating you thus far? Any major accomplishments you would like to share??? The industry is great of course everyone says it has its downfalls .. I’ve been lucky to not deal with that yet ..every experience I’ve been in has been an honor.

So who are some of your influences in the modeling world? Ms. Marilyn Monroe she’s amazing to me ..also Tyra Banks of course is an icon I love all that she has accomplished and would like to have a Talk show like her one day :) Also Heidi Klum who had a child and just weeks later walked in the VS fashion show looking fabulous

What motivates Jillisa to succeed? My Mother ..my family and friends also a stronger forces my Angels the 4 people I’ve lost one each year since 2006 RIP! Since I was young I always seen myself on TV or in a Magazine and to be living it, is a motivation for success in its own knowing there’s so much more I’d like to accomplish! Of course I have to give Credit to those you doubted me because they sometimes give me that extra push :)

Let’s say I’m a new model, what would be the most important thing for me to get started in this industry and What should I avoid? Know that it’s not all fun ..It’s a lot of work before you can even get paid so you need dedication.. You have to practice your faces ..pose.. Research what field you want to be in ..or don’t want to be in! Build your portfolio. Get a Model Mayhem account it’s a great way to get started

So what new and interesting projects are you currently working on? Calendar dropping soon, Just finished shooting in a short film for Snoop Dogg’s new album “Malice N Wonderland” also lately just been keeping busy with auditions and have some other exciting things coming soon :)

What types of things do you to relax and get away from the fast paced modeling world? Laying in the Sun lol have to love Cali for that, I started jogging the view of these mountains where I go couldn’t be more refreshing ...of course I’d be accompanied by a friend lol I’m always relaxed :)

So it’s time to name drop... lol... Who have you worked with and what was the experience like? Many photographers ..but to list a few of my favorites . Tim Shake ,Tobias, Shannon Williams, Daniel Elliott, Mikal Roberts, Marquest Edwards, Headhunter, Ken and many more.. View all at www.myspace.com/jillisalynn they have been amazing to me have all helped me grow as a model and a person..

Before I moved I got to work with many other great people, some clothing line project such as Victoria Marie Fashion and Seancharles Apparel which are both up and coming watch for them!!..Milo the Owner of the new Spicy Mag just for Latin women. Also got to work with Bernard Moore Swimsuit designer for Rip the Runway I won 1st place for his Americas Next top Bikini Model Competition!

Since I’ve moved to LA I’ve been honored to work with some great people so far ..

I got to work with Mya Good in the movie with Ice T “Crossed the Line”

Keri Hilson on her “Slow dance” video..Who was not only gorgeous but a very humble and a sweetheart!

Three 6 Mafia on their “Shake my” video ..,They are AMAZING artist even better people are have Hilarious ..I’m glad to be a Friend and of course they will be a legend.. New album “Laws of Power” out Jan.26th!

Snoop Dogg on his short film “Malice N Wonderland” this was an exciting moment I accomplished one of my goals. He was on the cover of my first Magazine back in May 08 ..I said I wanted to meet him and work with him one day ,, and just a 1.5years later I was featured in his film :) !

Wow! You’ve been BUSY lol. So let me ask, as I know a lot of guys are going to want to know I’ll just do them a favor and ask, are you married, single, divorced, widowed (laughs) in or out of a relationship, seeing somebody etc? Single but not looking lol .. I do date but nothing serious I’m young.. I have to live a little before I get tied down again I’m still finding me and what I want... So I can’t see myself in a relationship till for a while!

Let me set the scene, A guy wants to approach you, but before he does (pause) what should he say or do before or have to get your attention or even an acknowledgement? Be funny I love to laugh of course or even if your sweet I pretty much talk to everyone lol I’m not shy ..so don’t be with me :)

If a guy is not Blank... Don’t bother to approach me (lol) fill in the blank... If a guy isn’t confident don’t approach me lol just because you’re not Mr. GQ doesn’t mean I’ll turn you down

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Model Jillissa Lynn5 words that describe Jillisa... Lol I am pretty sure there are a lot more but we will keep it simple today.. lol I’ve been blessed with so much love that my Team Jillisa Militia came up with words for me called Jillisylables- words associated with me lol Jillisious-looks yummy , jillightful- always happy, jillaxed - always chill LOL....... I would consider myself outgoing, passionate, loyal, positive and very loving :)

So what’s the next step or move for Jillisa? I’m going to keep reaching for the stars ..My JL brand is in the process of being made lol My website will be up very soon , Of course continue with my modeling path but also work on these Acting classes I love doing a scene especially if its emotional because after performing it’s like you accomplished getting in touch with that feeling to become that character.. Being an actress is a lot harder than people would think, so it’s something that I want to focus a lot on and I’m excited about upcoming auditions!

If someone wanted to get in contact with you, how would the go about doing so? FOLLOW me on www.twitter.com/jillisalynn My e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. other sites are www.firstglanceonline.com www.myspace.com/jillisalynn www.modelmayhem.com/534917 www.youtube.com/jillisalynn also coming soon www.jillisalynn.com

Do you have any shout outs or last words you would like to add? Shout out to Nine5Four Mag for letting me grace the cover it has been great working with you! Also Of course My Mommy who is my biggest inspiration, my sister Tab and Niece, managers Reggie, Stacy, Dalia , the new people on board Roland Parker who gives me great advice and suggestions all the time .. 90210 talent Theo and Toni, and Everyone who supports me Thank you I Love waking up to your Tweets and Comments they really make my day :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!! MY 2010 CALENDAR AVAILABLE AT WWW.FIRSTGLANCEONLINE.COM

Jillisa it has been a pleasure talking with you and I am pretty confident that you will go any and everywhere that you want to. Thanks so much taking the time to talk to me and I am really looking forward to seeing more of you and I bet a lot of other guys are too :) lol sorry had to sneak that in... Thank you Much more of ME coming very soon ....I appreciate you taking the time to work with me also I’m looking forward to Christmas now lol ): xoxoxo!!!!!

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