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Terra Renee is not your ordinary 26 year old artist, she steps above and beyond that. Her creativity both on the mic and on the canvas is a true work of art. On a regular day, you can catch terra painting away singing out sweet melodies as she works, but by night, the paint brush gets traded for the good old pen and pad.

Before Terra got into the music game, she spent a lot of time in an art studio with her dad. She loved art so much; she enrolled in a local art institute to pursue Mural Painting. This is where she found her next love, music. Terra began taking strict singing lessons, three to five times a week, she began to write to the beats she composed and became extremely hungry for a career in music. After six short weeks of training, Terra tried out for American Idol.


The IDOL Experience

“This was crazy for me but I knew I had to do It.” explains Terra. “There were so many people there. It was unbelievable we had three auditions one to include the celebrity panel, I froze on the stage and couldn’t sing a note”. Terra’s clip aired on national TV repeatedly, and the public response she received went through the roof. Terra didn’t do so well at American Idol, but it goes to show that any publicity is better than no publicity. Terra became a local celebrity because of her American idol clip. She was out signing autographs, taking pictures and not before long, she was asked to appear on the Familiar faces of American idol episode. After the incident with American idol, Terra knew she had to step up her game and get the fear of performing out of her system. Terra began to perform at karaoke nights all over Ft. Lauderdale. Three years later, Terra learned more than any teacher could teach. She had an understanding of crowd control, and vocal presence. The Painter turned Singer “Painting to me is a way to increase my overall creativity. I paint all day then write in the studio all night, so the left side of my brain gets lot’s of exercise.” Terra explains that she thinks of music and sings music while she is at work. This gives her an opportunity to think out lyrics, possible song ideas before she gets back to the lab and pen them out.

“When it comes to my music and art, I am somewhat of a workaholic. The more I write, the better i get at it.” The young artist records at a local studio which has a nice booth and industry standard recording software, pro tools. Terra’s biggest influences come from Alicia Keys, Kelis, and Aretha Franklin to name just a few. Much like her Idols, Terra loves to perform. She is always looking to her manager to book new shows and demo critiques. “My biggest dream is to sing some old school mellow type stuff in a jazz club in a beautiful gown with a lot of attendees...”

So who is Terra Renee? Well the best source for that answer lies with Terra. “Terra is a hardworking, self motivated, very creative person who loves to create both music and art. Terra Loves to music and anything involved with it. Terra loves to sing”.

When asked where the song Weakness for you comes from, Terra responds “I was in a relationship that was heading south really fast, the words it’s over were not yet uttered but we both knew it was done. I was approached by a guy that had a huge crush on me. I was swept off my feet by this guy, but I was in a relationship still. I am not the cheating type, but found myself thinking of this guy all the time, he became my weakness. So I wrote the song to express how that situation made me feel.”

You can catch Ms. Renee in local clubs performing either solo or with the group Ninjas Wear black. Terra is anxiously finishing up three new songs which she says will be all hits. “The tracks were produced by Dashie of Ninjas Wear Black and I am bringing something a little different this time around. It will have an Alicia Keys/Kelis type feel, more of a hip-hop soul type sound. I am extremely excited about these three songs.” Listen to terra’s music on Myspace at and post a comment about your thoughts of the track.

Look for big things to come from this 954 diva as she leaves her mark on Ft. Lauderdale. Terra Reid has her Focus on the music.

Venue’s Terra has performed at
American Idol season 2,
Miami American Idol, Finale, most familiar faces, Los Angeles, California
People magazine, ½ page picture and article of (American Idol)
Save the children convention, Fort Lauderdale
Muddy waters. (Karaoke) Deerfield bch.
All-stars bar and grill. (Karaoke) Pompano bch.
Fifth avenue grill, Pompano bch.
Club Maya, Riverfront, Fort Lauderdale
Ruby lounge, South beach, Miami
Soho lounge, Downtown, Miami
Spice club, South beach, Miami

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