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Nine5Four The Magazine business Feature: Dream Big Hustle Hard I had the privilege of meeting the team from Dream big hustle hard at their first Dream Big artist showcase and I was really impressed with their event. Lex Borrero CEO of DreamBig Hustle Hard, Gabriel “G-NIUS” Santiago the Vice President and Elena “Assistant Extraordinaire” The dream big hustle hard staff acted as organized and professional as any company I have come across in my experiences. Although they are youthful they handled their first venue as though they had done it a million times. I could not have been made felt more comfortable, cared for or as important as they made myself and the other media that was present.

I appreciate you taking the time out to give our readers the insight on what you and your company does thank you.
Lex: Its my pleasure..

So I signed up for your website DreamBigHustleHard.com Its a dope concept. How did you come up with the idea for this site?
Lex: Well after years of organizing music conferences & industry related events, we decided to create an online music conference. A place where artist could get everything from top industry advice to various showcase opportunities without leaving the comfort of home.

With all the experience you have in the music industry you seem to have your hands in almost every avenue, Do you have a personal favorite?
Lex: I would have to say developing a talent from scratch, there is no better feeling than knowing you made someone’s dream come true.

You have some serious clientele from music to sports etc. What genre is your favorite client to work with?
Lex: They are all great, they all pay the bills..haha

What made you decide to do this on your own as oppose to say working for a record label or just managing the Major clients you have?
Lex: The Freedom!... I’ve worked for many labels in the course of my career, but I never had the freedom to implement my creativity into the company’s business models and brand, so I decided Instead of wasting my talent I would use it to create my own brand, my own way.

In this day and age many people would love to be in your position any advice to an up and coming business mogul?
Lex: Yes Dream Big, Hustle Hard! and learn to be great at networking. In this business a degree doesn’t get you places, your relationships do.

So you got music clients and sports clients any other branch of entertainment you’d like to represent?
Lex: Film and television, that’s my next project.

Some might say you have the dream Job but I’ve done enough work in this biz to know that its not all partying and fun, describe a typical day for you.
Lex: Wake up around 8:30 - 9:00AM do my morning e-mail reviews, then I set the schedule for the day with my assistant. I’ll be in the office around the 10AM mark then its all hustle from there. My day includes reviewing records for potential placements for my writers and producers, conference calls with labels and managers, approving design projects for our clients, handling publishing splits and licenses for the many records we publish and having creative meetings with my team. I usually end my days around the 5AM mark then get up the next day and do it all over again.

In your opinion who is next big star to come from Miami?
Lex: As an artist I have to say Swazy Styles, he is the definition of hustle, I don’t normally endorse an artist but his grind is on another level. As a writer I have to say Xplicit, he just has pure talent and knows how to make hits.

Who you bumping in the I pod right now?
Lex: The Blueprint 3 and that new Drake record “Forever” and to top it off some good Gospel by Deitrick Haddon

You’ve worn so many hats in the entertainment industry which title is/was your favorite?
Lex: Being the CEO of DBHH, I love being the boss.. haha

How did you get started in the industry?
Lex: I started by selling songs for $2 in school to make money to buy sneakers, then I started managing local acts and producing and the rest is history.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?
Lex: I see my self writing, producing and directing movies and TV shows. As far as the company I see us being the next SONY a full multi-media company.

Are the any other ventures you are exploring for your company or yourself to take part in?
Lex: Yes we are now working on a silicon valley start up that will change the game and for me I’m looking to be more involved in film and TV projects.

Any shout outs?
Lex: Big shout out to my whole DBHH & Ink Music Group Family.

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