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Written by DAWNdada

Nine5Four The Magazine november 2009 Feature Arch BishopIt’s not often that I get to interview an artist like Arch Bishop. For being so endowed with talent, he sure is quite humble, very positive and lots of fun.

His artistic, autobiographical “mood music” will keep you wanting more. Get ready for the spoken word of the industries very own Arch Bishop!

Arch Bishop! Thank you sir for taking time out of your very busy day to kick it with the Nine5Four readers, and your girl.

No Problem. Trust Me The Pleasure Is All Mine.

Arch Bishop is a serious title, its one of equivalent honorary rank. How did you get the name and is there any special meaning behind it?

(Laughs) Yea, It Does Sound Kinda...Prolific. Lol...Actually It Started Out As Just “Bishop” & I Kinda Gave Myself The Name A Long Time Ago. It Really Just Originated Because I’m A Huge Fan Of Chess, I Always Enjoyed The Thought Process It Took To Outsmart Your Opponent En Route To Cornering His Queen (Pun Intended). Long Story Short...The “Bishop” Was My Favorite Piece. The “Arch” Bishop Came Into Play When I Discovered There Were A Thousand Bishops’...I Just Wanted To Separate Myself & You Religious Folk Should Know The Words Spoken By The “Arch Bishop” Is Highly Respected...

Very TRUE! What genre do you consider you music?

I Can’t Say Cause I Don’t Really Want to Be Pigeon Holed Into One Genre. At The End Of My Career I Just Want to Be Considered A Musician...An Artist. I Just Want to Make Great Music For EVERYONE.

How long have you been performing the art of music?

Like Most People I Was Exposed To Music At AN EARLY Age But, I Been Perfectin’ My Craft For About...7-8 Years Now.

That’s a serious amount of time! Are you signed to any labels?

Nah...I’m Just Doin’ My Thing Right Now, Tryin’ To Generate Attention. I Never Really Got Involved For All The Extra Curricular. I’d Be Grateful To Make A Career Out Of This But At The Beginning & End Of Each Day I’m Content With How Far I’ve Come...Wish Me Luck Tho’.

Good Luck! I happen to know you are going to college right now, what is your major?

Yea, I’m BACK In School...I’m Majoring In “Journalism” Believe It Or Not.

Oh Dope! Want a job? (Laughs)

Word?! Ya’ll Hiring?! (Laughs)

How does journalism coincide with your music career?

I Just Love To Write...Creatively. The Two Go Hand In Hand.

So would you say you are you currently living your dream?

Minus A Few Missin’ Pieces, I’d Say...Yea. I’m Pretty Damn Close, I Get To Do What I Love & Make Music With My Best Friends, People I Consider Family. That’s A Dream Come True...

I concur. Where do you hope to see yourself in 1 year musically?

Lord Willing...Signed. Still Makin’ Great Music...Gettin’ More Exposure & Performances, The Rest Will Fall Into Place But, I Try Not To Focus On Tomorrow Too Much Cause It’s Not Promised.

Preach Arch Bishop! If we did live to see tomorrow & I looked thru your I-Pod what would I find?

(Laughs) EVERYTHING!! Literally...Everything! I Listen To Country, Alternative, R&B...Hip-Hop...Soul, Blues, Jazz...EVERYTHING...Trust ME!

Even Bluegrass? Who are some producers and artists you have been working with?

Even Bluegrass! As Far As Artists Go I’ve Worked With Casely & A Lot Of Unsigned Talent Like My Close Friends Mercy, Tosh & JQ To Name A Few. Production Wise...I’ve Got My Guys “Reif”, Solidified Sounds, Blaq...& J Vibe. It’s All Family...

Who are some producers and artist, besides DAWNdada you would like to work with in the future?

(Laughs) Def. DAWNdada...Um...IDK, I Think Kanye West Is A Genius, Noah “40” Shebib(Drake’s Producer) Has Been Impressive, The Justice League, Sean C. & L.V. & Soundtrakk...The Klasix, I Could Go On. As Far As Artists Go, I Really Want to Work With The Ryan Leslie’s, The Dreams’, Joe Budden, J. Cole, Jazmine Sullivan, Trey Songz, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Adam Levine (Maroon 5)...The List Goes On...

That is a very diverse choice of artists. Love it!

What is your personal opinion on the status of the industry today?

I Don’t Really Concern Myself With All That. I Just Make Music. I Guess It’s Good, There’s A Lot Of Good Music Being Made. How Much Of It Is Seeing The Light Of Day Is Another Story...

What do you think makes you stand out better than any other artist in the game today?

Every Artist Will Say This But, Honesty. A Lot Of My Music Is Autobiographical. I Just Tell It Like It Is That Day. People Can Relate To Me Cause I Don’t Over Exaggerate Anything. I Make “Mood Music” (No Pun Intended). So I Feel Like People Will Be Able To Connect With Me On A Personal Level.

Do you have any other industry talents like dancing, singing, hopscotch etc?

No Hopscotch, & I Won’t Be On ABDC...Lol, But I Can Sing A Little...I Been Gettin’ More & More Comfortable With That, Tryin’ To Develop A Sound For Myself.

Don’t hate on Hopscotch, it could be the new phenomenon dance! Ok yea so… What’s you’re take on Auto-Tune?

I’m Not Opposed To The Auto-Tune Effect… I’ve Experimented With It… I Think Everybody Should Lighten Up. We All Want to Make Good Music, You Gotta Adapt And Stay Relevant.

How do you get focused on your music?

I Don’t. It Kinda Just Develops As I’m Listenin’ To Production. Music Is Like Therapy For Me, I’m Inspired By Real Emotion...& Believe It Or Not, I’m At My Best When I’m Feelin’ My Worst.

Hmmm. Interesting. If you ever need me to beat you up to help motivate your music I am here for you, friend.

Where can your fans find your work? For Starters, SecretSocietyItis.Blogspot.Com, Follow Me @Arch_Bishop For Exclusive Leaks...I’m Workin’ On A Few More Outlets (BishopTV To Be Aired On Youtube In The Near Future) So Def’ Stay Tuned.

OK now lets get personal baby... (mwa-ha-ha)

(Laughs) Let’s Get Personal...

What is your real name?

Brandon... Brandon Jograj.

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Bronx Born, Broward Bred.

The ladies wanna know what is your current status?

Lol...Don’t They Always?! I’m Single...Very.

UM escume… I though I was your girl?!? (Laughs… Sighs). Whatever! What do you consider a perfect date?

Ah DAWNdada You Already Know You’re the Only Girl For Me (Laughs). Hmmm... Good Question! It All Depends On My “Date”...& What Her Interests Are For The Most Part. Um...Me Personally, I Like To Cook For Em, Throw A DVD On. If The Conversation Is Good & The Chemistry Is There, Things Usually Work Themselves Out. I Don’t Like To Put Too Much Pressure On Em On First Dates.

That’s sweet. So, when you’re not in school or in the music studio what do you do to relax?

Workin’ Out Might Not Seem Relaxing, But I Enjoy It.

No it def is relaxing, getting all those endorphins pumping! It also got you looking fresh! (Laughs) Ok Ok Ok, let me stop…

Walk us thru a day as Arch Bishop, what do you do on a typical day from AM to PM?

(Laughs)...A Day In The Life...Hmmmm...I’ll Wake Up, Shower, Brush The Teeth...Eat...& The Rest Of The Day Is Usually A Toss Up...Between School & Kickin’ It With My Close Ones, I’m Liable To End Up Anywhere & Everywhere Doin’ God Knows What! I’m Not A Routine Kinda Person So I Guess You’ll Have To Spend A Day With Me & See For Yourself...

Is that an invite? (Laughs) OR I can just continue to follow you on twitter! (winks).

What’s your family scene like?

I’m The Oldest Of 3 (4 If You Count My Step Sister, Which I DO!) My Brother Omar Is Currently Incarcerated...But Aside From That My Family Scene Is A Blessing. I’m Real Close With My Moms, Love Her To Death, She’s Basically “Superwoman”. She Always Held Me Down, Always Went Above & Beyond For Me...I Could Never Repay Her For Everything She’s Done. But I’m Gonna DIE Tryin’...

How has your family helped you in accomplishing your dreams?

Nine5Four The Magazine november 2009 Arch BishopMy Family Is Real Supportive...They’ve Always Supported My Dreams. I Used To Drive My Moms Crazy Listenin’ To Music ‘Til The Sun Came Up...She Knew How Important It Was To Me. Without Their Support I Would’ve Given Up A LONG Time Ago.

So Mr. Bishop who do you want to thank for helping you get where you are in this industry today?

I Just Wanna Thank EVERYBODY That Has EVER Given Me A Chance Or Took The Time Out To Listen To My Music...EVERYBODY That Has Believed In Me...I Wanna THANK ALL OF YOU. If I Listed The Names It Could Get Real Ridiculous...But Believe Me I KNOW Who You ARE & So DO YOU!! I Wanna Give A SPECIAL Thanks To You Too DAWNdada For Takin’ The Time Out To Do This Interview With Me...It’s Been MY Pleasure For Real...

Me too! I had a lot of fun with you, Arch Bishop! I can’t wait to watch you take over the world!

Any other shot outs you want to give before we finish?

Shout Out To Mercy!! Shout Out To The WHOLE State Of Florida...Shout Out To Everybody That Believes In Me. I Don’t Like To Single People Out...Shout Out To EVERYBODY. Shout Out To Nine5Four Most Definitely!!! Shout Out To Jen Jen...Shout Out To Jay!! Rich, Dave, Ashley!! I Love All Of Ya’ll…

photos by: gina diaz

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