DJ Tiko

Written by Bank$

Nine5Four The Magazine november 2009 DJ Tiko





DJ Name: DJ Tiko

Age: 21+

Hometown: Hialeah, Fl

Clubs: off the hookah / bamboozles

What made you want to be a DJ?

I saw someone else dj at a school dance and was hooked

How long have you been a DJ?

25+ Years

What moment did you know this was your calling?

Not sure cant define a single moment

What dj do you look up to?

Danny Tenaglia

Do you prefer records or serrato?

From records to cds to serrato to video done it all

What’s your take on the industry today?

A lot more djs since they don’t pay and download music for free. It used to separate the pros from the wannabees when you had to spend $200+ a week for records

What do you do when your not djing?

Work in the studio or spend time with the family

Any shout outs?

To my wife christina and kids Logan, Leo and Trevor.

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