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Nine5Four The Magazine november 2009 DJ Flair





DJ Name: DJ Flair
Hometown: Bronx NY
Current Residence:
South Florida
Genre: Old School Hip Hop, Classics, and Freestyle

What made you want to be a DJ? The love of music, seeing people dance, I love the energy. Plus it kept me off the streets of NY.

How long have you been a DJ? 25 years

At What moment did you know this was your calling? Djing at Roseland in NY with the crazy energy and being in control of the party.

What DJ do you look up to? Why? Jazzy Jeff after his performance at Union Square and my main man DJ Lil Louie Vega.

Records or Serrato? Records, I’m old school...

Whats your take on the industry today? House DJ’s are getting paid more than ever.

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in? Entertainment

Whats in your Ipod? Old School, Hip Hop, Classics, and Freestyle

Favorite artist? Michael Jackson RIP, have you ever been to one of his concerts? and Run DMC

Song you could never here again & be happy? YMCA

What do you do when your not DJing? Working on my new business, ReMix T-Shirt Company, screen printing and embroidery for all your promotional needs.

Any Shout outs? My #1 DJ Kid Fresh

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