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Name: Melissa Anne Emy

Age: 23

Birth Place: Vancouver,BC

Occupation: Bartender/Model

Nationality: Cuban/Canadian/British

Favorite Place: Florida Beaches

Height: 5’5

Weight: 112

Measurements: 34/24/32

Favorite Sports Team: LA Lakers

Favorite Movie/Actor: Transformers/Will Ferrell

First Job: Office Assistant

What trait do you like most about yourself? I’m always up for an adventure and Im super friendly

What traits do you dislike most about yourself? I can be shy at times.

What is your best physical feature? My lips and my eyes are what I get most compliments on

How do you keep in such great shape? I do the grouse grind, swim, go hiking , I love outdoor workouts and crunches/situps


Who are some of your role models? I have different role models for each aspect in my life; I look up to anyone who is driven, motivated and successful. They influence me to keep working hard and never give up. I could not list of names; I just look up to people who know who they are and have a good head on their shoulders.

How do you seduce a guy? For my boyfriend I will start off with a massage, a little strip tease, a bubble bath together or lacy black see through lingerie.

If you were an animal, what would you be? A tiger because their strong, fierce plus their bold and courageous.

Some models say they feel sexy and even turned on when posing for the camera. Do you feel that way when posing? I definitely feel sexy when posing; it’s all about seducing the camera and creating that sexy aura so it shows in the picture.

What’s the worst pick-up line ever used on you? Are you from Tennessee cause you’re the only ten I see. Any pick up line is pretty useless, makes the guy sound like a player and you know he’s not only used that line on you. Humor is what works best with girls, so crack a joke instead.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to approach you? Be witty, charming and tell a joke. I love a guy who can crack me up.

Who do you think has the best and worst body in the industry today? The best body in show business is Daisy Fuentes, I love her Pilates DVDs and she keeps herself fit and healthy. I would say Jayde Nicole (Canadian Playmate) as well; she eats really well and follows a really healthy lifestyle which shows. I don’t think I’ll answer who has the worst body.

What is your biggest fear? To not be successful in life, and have regrets

Have you ever cheated on your partner? No, but I have been cheated on. I could never do that to anyone, I’d break up with them first. I would feel too guilty and I know what it feels like.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done on a first date? He was staying on his yacht. This was in Newport Beach (Cali) and we snuck into the yacht’s facilities hottub after hours (3am) we jumped over the fence and went skinny dipping and made out like crazy.

Do you have any special skills or hobbies? I’m good at character impersonations and I also sing. I have been singing since I was seven.

What are some of the things that relax you? Going to the beach and listening to the waves, watching the stars, going camping, bubbles baths, hot tubs, and deep massages

What can be found under your clothes? A thong or a gstring

What is your relationship status? Single, but looking for that special someone

Do you approach men that you like or do you let them come to you? I won’t approach a guy; I am to shy when it comes to that.

What do you do for a living? Bartender and I do promotional work. I was going to school (Early childhood care) but I’m taking a long break right now

What do you like to sleep in if anything? I don’t like to sleep in anything, if you snuck into my bedroom you would find me wearing nada.

Tell us, who are some of the models you look up to as a guide? Adriana Lima, Daisy Fuentes, any Victoria’s Secret model. I love them all

What was your first shoot like? How did the pictures turn out? Nerve-wracking, I was so shy before, I loved the results though

Besides Nine5Four, Have you been approached by any other magazines or agencies? Yes, I have a couple shoots coming up with some mens magazines

During a shoot, what is running through your head? Be seductive

What type of model would you want to be labeled as in the industry? Glamour/Commercial/Latin

What types of modeling jobs would you consider doing and what jobs are off the list completely? The only type of modeling I won’t do is anything adult. I also will not do any nude shoots.

If anyone is interested in using you for their product, how can they find you? Melissa Cubanita on facebook or on myspace

Besides modeling, what other things do you like to do? Sing dance and in my spare time play video games, amusement parks, and travel

What types of music genre’s do you like? R&B/ Hip hop/ emo alternative/ country/indie/ I like all types of music

Where is your favorite place to go? Florida, I love the weather and the beaches, Cali would be second

Are you a Dinner and a movie or picnic in the park type of girl? Picnic in the park type of girl, I am a huge outdoors girl.

What do you think attracts the opposite sex to you? My sense of humor, and that I’m friendly and approachable.

If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it? I would travel and give a lot to the less fortunate, I would donate to every charity that’s important to me, and go to Cuba and give a lot of it to my family over there.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever hooked up? How’d it go? Outside on a rock with a blanket, and the view of the ocean (Oregon coast), it was a secret spot between me and my ex, it was amazing, it always felt like someone was going to catch us, but that was the thrill of it, also outside the beach on a hammock

What do you feel most comfortable wearing? Jeans and a tshirt type of girl, but im comfortable most when I’m naked

What’s the most common misconception about you? That I am not down to earth, and people judge me before they get to know me.

What is your interpretation of sexy? Someone who’s confident.

With the pitfalls that can sometimes plague this industry, what measures have you put into place to make sure you stay on your path? I have turned down things before because of this industry; it can be so crude and can make you sell your soul. I just stay true to myself; I have good morals and don’t let anyone bring me down. I know models that will do anything to get into a big magazine or get their name out there.

How will you know when you have reached the pinnacle of your success as a model? When I am in Maxim and on billboards

As you continue to make your mark on the industry, reader’s want to know...what’s the next step for you? I want to start working on my demos so I can reach my goal of having my own album.


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