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Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Story MoniqueGlamorous, stylish, passionate, fierce, and talented are just a few of many adjectives that describe Miami’s best kept secret, MONIQUE! Her sound is unique, her multiple talents are extraordinary, and her personality is on another level. Although she is quirky and full of jokes, her passion & work ethic is on point. It’s safe to say Monique is the full package, a label & promoters dream. If you have the opportunity to catch her show piece, don’t sleep, this Glam Pop Artist is destined to be a legendary icon, so get ready!

Name: Monique Gonzalez

Age: 19

Location: Miami

Artistic Form: Singer & Dancer

Favorite Quote: “Visualize then Materialize”

DAWNdada: First I would like to thank you, Monique on behalf of Nine5Four Magazine for sitting down with me & giving us your 1st exclusive magazine interview.

Monique: No. Thank you for this opportunity it’s my pleasure!

DAWNdada: How long have you been singing for?

Monique: I’ve been singing since I could speak lol, but I began taking vocal classes and entered the professional aspect of it at the age of 12.

DAWNdada: That’s been like what an hour? LOL.

Monique: hahaha no 3 hours! lol.

DAWNdada: HA! How long have you been dancing?

Monique: Please are you kidding me? I’m Latina dancing is in my blood. I was born shaking it lol.

DAWNdada: TRUE!!! HA! .... The combination of your vocals & dancing skills are dangerous! You have been making quite the crazy buzz around the M I A and all of South Florida.

Monique: Aw Thanks! It’s amazing to me that this is really happening!

DAWNdada: Is this your dream job?

Monique: YES! It’s always been my dream and I am extremely happy it’s becoming a reality.

DAWNdada: What genre do you consider your music?

Monique: POP :) … But I’d like to call it the new fresh sound of pop, “GLAM POP”!

DAWNdada: Glam Pop! Love it! I have seen your show piece 1 or 2 or 30 times now… lol, how much preparation goes into each performance?

Monique: A LOT OF HOURS! My dancers and I practice every week till 1:00am getting ever step and move clean and perfect. As for me, my preparation never ends it’s a 24/7 job, I don’t believe you can ever label yourself as the best because you can always take it to the next level.

DAWNdada: It’s very important to put in the work for the outcome to be success!

Who are the dancers that help make up your routine?

Monique: My loves: Eddy, Roy, PK, Bliss, Marucs, Joe, Salsa Rock, Brian, Natalie, Vanessa, Kiana, Andrea, and Jet.

DAWNdada: How long have you been with your label, SouthLine Music Group?

Monique: 2 years since I was 17.

DAWNdada: How far do you think you have come in those 2 years?

Monique: WOW! Words can’t even explain, my stage presence and image have evolved and emerged into who I can sincerely say is MONIQUE, and I owe a lot of that to Ingrid Morales my manager ..I LOVE HER!!

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Story MoniqueDAWNdada: Ingrid Morales is your manager, but from what I have seen and your relationship she seems like so much more. What role does she play in making you who you are?

Monique: MY CHUCHII!!! lol ok that’s an inside joke between us. She started off as a manager but her roles have over flooded lol. She is now my manager, co producer, co choreographer, co vocalist, PERSONAL TRAINER! omg you don’t even know who needs boot camp when you have INGRID lol. She’s never taken no as an option and that has built my endurance and stamina as an artist and person. Now on the gushy side she has become my second mother, my boyfriend (no homo) lol and my best friend I know I can confide and count on her with anything. She is my backbone, my heart my everything I owe so much to her, she’s honestly watched me grow up and has made me who I am today!... ok now give me a tissue!! LOL.

DAWNdada: That’s awesome. She is amazing, but you make it easy to want to help & love you.

Monique: I LOVE YOU DAWNdada!!! guys may not know but this girl right here is my ride or die chonga! lol… honestly thank you so much for standing next to me and promoting me.

DAWNdada: Awww. Ok enough gushy stuff... I have had the honor of knowing you for a year now and the person I saw perform a year ago to the girl I saw perform last week has emerged into an amazing “POP GLAM ARTIST”. Your image and wardrobe are unique! Who do you attribute that to?

Monique: The one and only EVA DANIELLE! Her clothing speaks for itself; you have to be sure of yourself to rock it, because there loud colorful prints I believe that’s what’s made me stand out from the bunch.

DAWNdada: Definitely!! Who does your make-up and hair?

Monique: My hair is done by GLAM HAIR EXTENSIONS they have honestly taken me from girl next door to a DIVA! Lol and make-up is done by my friend ROB aka VICTORIA SKY ;) lol. I have to give it to him he seriously Photoshop’s me LIVE its bananas lol together I call them my GLAM SQUAD I couldn’t do it without them!

DAWNdada: I love the Glam Squad!!

Music wise, who do you get compared to most often?

Monique: I’ve gotten compared to Britney, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, although I like to be recognized as new and unique. I appreciate the comparison because they are the standing Icons for pop female artists, but ladies watch out cause there’s a new girl in town lol.

DAWNdada: Move out the way! Your sound is definitely different. Who inspired you musically?

Monique: Musically I’ve always looked up to Celine Dion, Whitney Houston. I know I know your probably thinking “girl your music sounds nothing like that”, but they inspired me to do music, and as for my music it’s an extension of me, my music is inspired through my life and emotions.

DAWNdada: Do you write a lot of your own music?

Monique: Yes I do, I believe as an artist when you write your own music it feeds off of you, therefore performances become natural and the crowd sees your connection with the music and can appreciate and relate to it. Although I have worked with several writers and I have to say Gabriel Antonio gave my project that push start and I can never thank him enough!

DAWNdada: What life experiences have inspired your songs?

Monique: Everything from relationships, break ups, girl’s night out lol, being an independent woman, and overall feeling secure in your own skin and standing strong as a woman in today’s society.

DAWNdada: Seems like you have experienced a lot! What has been the hardest thing to overcome in your quest for stardom as an artist?

Monique: The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome has to have been letting go of my youth. I don’t have an ordinary lifestyle of a 19 year old. My life is my music, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.

DAWNdada: Give your fans and readers an example of how a typical day of being Monique is?

Monique: Do you honestly want every detail? LOL… Well, I wake up go to the gym (cause you know you gotta get it right get it tight lol), go to Eva Danielle and pick up clothes, then off to Gina’s to test hair and do photo shoots, go to the studio and record with spada4, go to vocal classes, eat at Ingrid’s then off to dance until 1am or if not we have a show, sleep when I can and start all over again Monday. Let me thank my car and to-go bars, they keep me going at this point lol.

DAWNdada: LOL... I need a nap from hearing that! When you do get a spare minute to yourself what do you do to unwind?

Monique: I barely do! lol but when I do I dedicate it to my family and then at night its PARTY TIME!! Haha.

DAWNdada: LOL. Where does lil Miss Monique like to Party?

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Story MoniqueMonique: wouldn’t you like to know! You can keep updated with that on twitter @heresmonique follow me and maybe you can bump into me ;)

DAWNdada: Or accidently step on your lil butt!! Banks & I have had the pleasure of doing some promotions with you & every DJ from Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, & Rock all have loved your music & loved you! The 1st question I always get is “Can you send me a drop”, then 2nd is “Does she have a boyfriend”? So Monique what is your current status?

Monique: Sure you can have a drop, and for the 2nd question, well I like to keep people on their toes, so let’s have that question keep being asked lol.

DAWNdada: HA! What kind of guys does Monique typically go for?

Monique: I don’t stereotype, if you catch my attention and keep it there! then let’s roll!

DAWNdada: I have to admit out of all the artists especially girls I have met you are by far the most pleasant! You’re so outgoing, friendly & fun! I can not wait for the world to see you as we in Miami & Nine5Four see you!

Monique: AWWWW STOP MAKING ME BLUSH! lol thank you so much that means the world to me.

DAWNdada: It’s the truth! Your personality, look, sound & energy... What keeps you so grounded?

Monique: Honestly I have to give it up to God and my family.

DAWNdada: What can we expect from your album?

Monique: well first be expecting my single “Killin It” and the music video for it ahh I can’t wait (BE SURE TO REQUEST IT AT ALL YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATIONS).. but as for my album you should be expecting a new era of POP, music that just makes you move and empowers you. This album is strictly introducing you into the glamorous world. So ladies put your stilettos on and be ready to STRUT over some LADY KILLAS! ;)

DAWNdada: Fresh pun on words!! How has your family responded to you living your dream?

Monique: I cannot ask anything more from them. They have been more than supportive they push me and make me hungrier (for the music fatties lol). I can’t thank them enough I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! And of course how could I ever forget my brother! I know he tries to be hard but inside I know he’s my biggest fan HE’S MY DANCING MACHINE! love you broo!!!!

DAWNdada: Have you made any videos yet?

Monique: Yes, I just finished my 1st video for my single “Killin It”. Big shot out to the director, Bobby Viera, he is amazing. The video should be released this month! Keep your eyes open!

DAWNdada: Who have you currently worked with artist, & producer wise?

Monique: Artist wise there are collaborations in the works which I like to keep on the hush hush can’t spoil all the good stuff! and producer wise it’s just been me and SPADA4 that’s my home base! We have built it together.

DAWNdada: That’s great. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Monique: In the future I would love to collaborate with Lil Wayne, JayZ, maybe even Lady Gaga, and Diddy. In the production aspect, I would love to vibe with Dark Child and Bloodshy Avant, and Dream!

DAWNdada: Nice list!!! Where do u hope to see yourself in 5 years?

Monique: In 5 years I would like to see myself as the worldwide Pop Icon inspiring millions and as an actress with a successful clothing line! My goals are infinite and I know with my drive I will accomplish it.

DAWNdada: Sounds dope! I think its safe to say Eva Danielle, Gina @ Glam Hair & Rob along with Ingrid Morales have helped create your genre Glam Pop! What else makes you the person you are today, the artist MONIQUE?

Monique: Agreed. I have to thank the man that has stood by me and has built my sound TODD SPADAFORE! His passion, work ethic, and drive is unmatchable. I have learned so much from him and together we have built what is my sound today, also the CEO of SouthLine Music Simon Morales, he has always believed in me and pushed me to the next level he taught me a very valuable phrase “only you hold the key”, I never clearly understood that until now. This empire that stands besides me makes the MONIQUE project, but as the front leader I have to present it own it and sell it. I have matured immensely over these two years and have found me as an artist through all my obstacles and endeavors and with all these miles walked I can say now THIS IS MONIQUE! so world hold on!

DAWNdada: Who do you want to thank for getting you to the location you are today?

Monique: I have to thank SouthLine Music, Simon Morales, Ingrid Morales, Todd Spadafore, Eva Danielle, Glam Hair Extensions, Rob, DAWNdada, Banks, my dancers, my friends, the fans, my family, and God. Without any of you none of this could have been possible, it takes an empire to make an Icon and I couldn’t have asked for a better team. I am so honored to be standing where I am today. I AM READY TO MAKE HISTORY!

DAWNdada: History is ready for you to mark it!!! Thanks again love for your time and this exclusive interview!

Monique: Of course, Nine5Four I love you!!!!

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