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Nu JerZey Devil

Written by DAWNdada

Nine5Four The Magazine Cover Story Nu JerZey DevilNew Jersey raised this triple threat is making noise all over the world. Currently heading on tour to Europe he is no stranger to the successes of the industry. Starting as a DJ, evolving to a producer and emerging as a hot rapper, Nu JerZey Devil is shaping the industry from every angle.

In 2007, I had the honor of meeting NJD at Miami’s very own “El Mundial de la Salsa”, and he left an everlasting impression on me, I know he will be doing the same for the world!

Name: Nu JerZey Devil

Location: on tour

Marital Status: Single

Quote: Real people do what they want, fake people do what they can!

Contact Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you Nu JerZey Devil for taking the time out of your busy career to sit with your girl!

Anytime mama!

Where are you from?

I was born in Bronx, New York but I was raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Is that how did you got the name Nu Jerzey Devil?

Well actually one day I was in a recording session with Game & at the end of the song he shouted out “Nu JerZey Devil on the track”, and from that day forward everyone started calling me Nu JerZey Devil.

You do a lot for this music industry! You are an established DJ, a talented Rap Artist & a famous Record Producer. Which came 1st?

I always wanted to be a rapper, but never really got around to it. When I was around 14 I started messing around on the turntables which lead me to producing. After making beats for everyone else I wanted to hear myself on my own production & hear I am... NJD the DJ, Producer & now Rapper.

What made you want to be a DJ? Producer? Rapper?

Since I was younger I fell in love with hip hop. I didn’t quite know exactly where I was going in the music game but I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. I think from me growing up in the hip hop culture I couldn’t see myself really doing anything else but music. I wanted to do everything. When I started DJing I wanted to produce & when I started producing I wanted to rap. Not to mention I was addicted to graffiti. I wanted to do everything in the hip hop culture. It was too natural for me & I loved every aspect of it.

If you had to pick one to do for the rest of your life not being able to do the other 2 ever again, which would it be and why?

I’d probably pick producing because I feel the producer is the core of a track. He or she controls the energy & direction of the whole song & sends out the vibe. Plus there nothing like hearing different hot artists spittin’ or singing over your production.

Where did you originate as a DJ?

I 1st started DJing in Atlantic City. Mostly just messing around in the house. Then when I got with Game that’s when I took it to the next level & started doing mix tapes & touring as a DJ.

As a producer you know yourself as an artist best, do you find that it’s easier or harder to self produce? Why?

I think it’s harder because you are your own worst critic & you always think you can do better then what you’ve done. I hear a lot of my stuff & be like “nah I’m not feeling that” & it could be the best song I ever did. Therefore I would go back & re-do a verse or change a drum pattern around until I feel its 100%. Sometimes that can mess a song up too so it’s like a gift & a curse.

I know you are the main producer for The Black Wall Street Records, founded by the Game. Who have you produced for besides the Game & yourself?

Besides producing for Game I did tracks for Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Amerie, Lil Scrappy, Fabolous just to name a few. I also did some scoring on a few movies like Coach Carter, Honey, My Baby’s Daddy & I score the whole Beef 3 DVD as well.

As an artist I see you been busy these past 2 years… In 2008 along with the crazy $tack$ you released a sick mix-tape “From the Block to the Yacht” and in 2009 another sick mix-tape “Art of The Devil” featuring your single with Lil Wayne “Different Girls”, and of course your 2009 album “Mr. Red Karpet”!!! Who else did you work with on these projects?

On the mix tape “Block to the Yacht” it was just basically me & Stack$. When I did “Art of the Devil” which was my 1st solo mix tape I wanted to collab with other artist in the industry to see if I can keep up with them since I had just started rappin to I reached out to the number 1 rapper makin’ noise which was Lil Wayne. I also linked up with Ray J, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Maino, Young Buck & Urban Mystic.

Being all 3 of those, what are some of the key elements in making a successful career?

I think the key element in making it in this industry is being persistent. As long as you keep doing what you do you really can’t loose. It might take a while but being persistent in your craft only makes u better & someone is bound to notice your talent.

I know you will be on tour, who are you touring with and where will you be going?

I’ll be starting out on tour solo in Australia & Japan, then I’ll catch up with Game & the rest of Black Wall Street to finish out the tour in Europe. We have a huge fan base overseas & they always show us mad love!

What can we expect for NJD in 2010??

Definitely more music from myself but I’m also starting out my own label “LiveliHood Entertainment” & will hopefully find some dope new artists & put them out & get things going. I also have a clothing line with my partner Nish Bhargava called “Heaven or Hell Clothing” which can be found online at I have Lil Wayne, The Game, Gloria Velez as models to start it off but we have many more that you will see in our new line coming soon.

What do you do to get focused?

I usually don’t loose focus but if I do I just think about my daughter & family which always knocks my head straight. My little girl is my everything & I don’t want her to grow up how I did so I always grind extra hard for her. She deserves the world!

Are you living your dream?

I definitely am! All my life I wanted to be doing what I had a deep passion for which is music, and to be getting paid for it makes it all even more better lol. I still have a few goals to fulfill before I’m done though. I have to see myself on that silver screen doing some major acting. I’ve always wanted to be an actor but never knew the proper steps to take but living in Los Angeles I’ve learned a few tips & hopefully I’ll land something BIG!

Who do you look up to in the industry? Why?

As a producer I would have to say Dr. Dre is someone that I looked up to. He’s accomplished so much & came from nothing. He never changed his style & took over the music industry & is now the most powerful producer in the game. As a rapper Lil Wayne has kept it real with me since day 1. Right after he went platinum in a week he took a vacation to Bahamas & when he got back he called me & I asked him how was his trip, his response was “it was dope but there’s nothing like that studio”.

Now for someone to just go platinum in a week & head right back to the studio shows me how much passion & dedication he has for music. That is the kind of passion that leads to success.

Who are some people you haven’t worked with yet that you would love to work with?

If I had a chance to work with anybody I wanted it would have to be Carlos Santana. I think him & I could come up with some crazy music. I’m a big fan of the guitar & his style is amazing! Not to mention Latinos work good together lol. Also Shakira would be dope to work with. I always wanted to do something outside the ordinary & with her style & mine I think that would be something epic.

How has your family helped you become the person you are today?

My family helped me out tremendously! Especially my baby moms. No matter what I do she has my back. She knows how to hold her man down. Also my mom has always been there pushing me & is there for me whenever I need her. My brothers also hold me down whether it being moral support, selling cds or t-shirts or building studios. I have a real tight family & when all else fails family is always there.

What do you do for fun that’s not music related?

I’m a big kid so I love theme parks. I travel a lot just to go to different theme parks. I’m taking my family to Disney world next week. Unfortunately we’ve never been so I booked us for a week so we can see the whole park! I also love riding wave runners. Growing up we never even knew what they were so I had to buy a couple & now we’re all addicted lol.

As talented and amazing as you are, you are still humble, what keeps you grounded?

I think what keeps me humble is being around real people. My team keeps me grounded & lets me know if I get too Hollywood lol. I hate having yes men around me. That never helps out & just leads me into the bullshit ya dig?

Who do you attribute your successes too?

Fo Sho! Aside from my family I’d say it would be Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins for signing me & The Game for taking me to the next level. Without them I would still be in the hood along the other million rappers out there. I’m super grateful for them putting me in the position that I’m in today.

Any shot outs you want to give?

Just want to give a shout out to the whole BWS, My LiveliHood family, my homie Donnie the Engineer for holding me down with my Mr. Red Karpet album which is available right now on & to my SoBe Entertainment family for holding me down.

Thank you again, NJD for this interview. I wish you lots of success on tour and in the future.

Thank You, DAWNdada & Nine5Four Magazine for the opportunity!