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No it’s not another cheesy Nightmare on Elm street flick. Well actually it is a nightmare, a real living nightmare. Freddy, arguably one of the biggest unsigned hip hop artists on Myspace is taking the internet and the world by storm with his cleverly titled album “The Resurrection of Music”.

Freddy is not your average hip hop artist, he surpassed that level about a year ago when he was pulling about 1000 plays a day on Myspace. Freddy has a vision to make his music as positive as possible. With so much negative lyrics spewed out of the mouths of rappers today, this would definitely put Freddy’s music in a different class of rap. He has a unique blend of music and lyrics to provide something different to our ears...


Nine5Four: So Freddy how did you get involved with music intimately and what are your plans for the near future?
I was always a fan of music, Bob Marley was the only thing I listened to in my early years, and it the fact that you can make such a difference just by writing a few words and putting them over an instrumental, inspired me to start doing my own work. My plans for the new future are to definitely increase my fan base as much as possible by dropping this album and doing shows nationwide, and hopefully in the process I’ll catch some big shot’s eye. If not, oh well, I just love making music man.


You are obviously the biggest unknown name in hip-hop right now, how did you accomplish this?
What can I say man, hard work and focus. I been working so hard the past couple of years to improve myself as an MC and draw some fans in the process, and so far I think it’s working.


When did Myspace really take hold of your music and what do you think caused this?
Myspace is one of the reasons my names seems so big, the people on there really took me under their wing and supported me as much as they could, and i really appreciate that. I mean honestly I couldn’t tell you a certain answer why they showed me so much love, but I would hope it’s because of the music and message I deliver. Not a lot of cats nowadays give a positive message in most of their raps. Can our readers buy your music now at a store or is it strictly online? Right now readers can only sit and wait for the anticipated album “THE RESURRECTION OF MUSIC” to drop. It will be available online, as well as a few stores, but I can’t guarantee that everybody can get the album in their stores, they gonna have to come on my page ( to see how they can get the album.


What are your biggest influences when it comes to your music?
My biggest influences to me were Bob Marley, Tupac, DMX, and NAS. If you haven’t already noticed, they all got one thing in common. They all tried to bring a positive message in their music in one way or another, and they all succeeded, so that gives me hope that there still people out there who don’t like hearing about guns and shaking their ass. haha


Why are you choosing to go with a positive flow? Does this mean your music will not include profanity like Will Smith, or is it more like LL, some profanity but clean in message?
Well I’m a street dude; sometimes my street side can’t let me keep everything clean. I try to bring a clean message in every song but a few profane words might slip out once in a while, depending on the kind of track it is.


You have definitely been through a lot in your life, and you have suffered some loss. How has this helped improve your lyrical content?
This has basically helped know become a stronger person and also made my lyrics much stronger. I now talk a lot about struggling and death in my songs because I know that I’m not alone, I have had hundreds of fans tell me how much they can relate to my music, and that proves to me that there’s a lot of people who went through situations similar to me or are going through them right now.


Let’s talk about Myspace a minute more. You have been getting a lot of love. How has this helped your musical career as a whole?
Well as I said before THANKS TO EVERYBODY ON MYSPACE SHOWING ME LOVE, I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT, but now to the question, Myspace has really helped my career as a whole, because due to the number of traffic I receive daily, I have had a lot of MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, WEBSITES, TV STATIONS and even RADIO STATIONS hit me up wanting to interview me or something of that sort. That of course has increased my fan base and therefore took my career one step closer to starting.


If Myspace didn’t exist, would you still be doing things this big? Is there another musical site, magazine, or promotion entity that assisted Freddy?
I can honestly say that if Myspace didn’t exist, things would be very different for me. And yea there are definitely a lot of people entities like I said in the previous question that have assisted my career like Black star news, current TV, a few radio stations that I can’t recall at the moment, Gutta world magazine and lots of musical websites, just to name a few. You seem to be a very confident person. It comes across in your music.


Do you have any club tracks that people will be able to dance to and vibe with?
I did have those in my early years of doing music but since then my music has took a turn and right now I’m really only focused on bringing something different besides what they see on TV 24/7.

Who is currently producing your music? How long have you been in affiliation with this producer?
At the moment I really have a lot of producers that do my beats, but the main one that has really helped me as far as beats is DJ Cas, also known as Casper. I have known him for almost 3 years now.


What do you like best about this producer and what uniqueness does he have that allows you to be creative?
Well like I said before , I have worked with a lot of producers and I’m still doing it, but as far as DJ Cas goes, I like the fact that he can bring My emotion with the sound of his beats, not a lot of producers do it for me.


When you write your music, what is the first thing you do to get you going? Do you write the hook or do you jump into the verse?
It depends actually, I have no ritual or nothing, sometimes I write the verse and then hook, or sometimes vice versa. But I always like a quite environment when I write, it keeps my mind focused.


So what can we see from Freddy in the upcoming days, months, and years?
Well in the upcoming days you will see lots of new songs on my page, in the upcoming months you defi nitely going to see the album drop and do a lot of sales, and last but not least, in the upcoming years, you are going to see me on TV and magazines all over haha, hopefully.


Has Freddy performed in a live venue? If so how many people attended and what was this experience like?
Yea I did some parties, and a few shows here and there, but I haven’t taken it to huge extent yet, but I’m working with a few booking agents right now and I’m planning to go on tour real soon. Keep coming by my Myspace page for updates, which is once again


What is your fondest memory about your music and why?
The day I actually started liking my music... ha-ha. Believe it or not, I used to hate my music back in the day, but since I have changed my style to a more positive look, I have always liked listening to myself, don’t mean to be cocky... haha


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Yea definitely check out my Myspace page and leave me some comments on my music, and don’t forget to check out my manager’s site for all the entertainment you need, Also my official website will be done soon, so save it to your favorites, and last but not least, get ready to hear “The Rresurrection of Music”, because I believe music is dead right now.

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