Written by DAWNdada

Nine5Four The Magazine Hip-Hop Feature VeinWhen you hear the word Vein, the first thing that comes to mind is not “artist”. In this industry I have heard a lot of different artist names, when I first was introduced to VEIN I thought… hmmm that’s different, but the name could not suit this artist interviewed any better. VEIN is the vessel of the music industry. He brings the nutrients or goods from each area of the field such as writing, producing, engineering, performing, the talent & so much more, to the main organ of the game, “Hip Hop”!!!

Vein & his sound are going to be a positive change to the industry and he is going to leave an everlasting impression on everyone. Hope you’re all ready, cause he’s a MONSTER!!!

Behind the scenes: (Vein did not know I had the recorder on).

Vein: oye loca. Why do you take so long??

DAWNdada: wa wa wa

DAWNdada: Ok you ready, baby??

Vein: I was born ready, Wanksta

DAWNdada21 : NICE... Wanksta? Ahhh, not so much! Maybe D. Francis will do this article, cause it’s about to be terminated before it even starts. LOL.

Vein: LOL.

DAWNdada: Ok, 1st off I’d like to thank you, Vein for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let me pick your brain.

Vein: Of course, DAWNdada anything for you my love.

DAWNdada: A lot of readers, fans and stalkers like to know the STATs of an artist so I am going to cut right to those questions to get them out of the way & on to the juicy stuff…

Vein: Shoot, I am ready.

DAWNdada: What’s your real name?

Vein: NOYB

DAWNdada: Age?

Vein: 23

DAWNdada: Dating Status?

Vein: Single & ready to mingle, ladies.

DAWNdada: Hometown?

Vein: I was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York, BUT raised in North Miami, Florida. DADE BIAAAATCHHHHH!!!!

DAWNdada: Nationality?

Vein: Puerto Rican & Russian

DAWNdada: ok now that we got that stuff out the way, let’s talk... VEIN, I love the name... I told you that numerous times. I think it’s a very positive name, influential name, and it fits you well... How did you come up with the concept of VEIN?

Vein: I didn’t come up with it. My friends in high school did. We use to battle each other at lunch and I was always the kid that made everyone run around crazy to the point where the security guards thought there was a riot going on. LOL. There’s no real equation to how I got the name. My boys just called me VEIN one day and I stuck with it.

DAWNdada: That’s cool. So you battle??

Vein: Naw, not really. That was just some High School shit. I’d rather make hit records. Why Miss DAWNdada, do you battle?

DAWNdada: yup!!! Haven’t u seen my myspace battle blog...hello I got skills in everything!! BUT this is your interview... So, Mr. VEIN I know your a dope MC, & a sick producer lets touch on some of those subjects... Where did you start? Producing hits for everyone, or rapping?

Vein: Well I started playing piano at 5 years old. So I’ve always been musically inclined. I started off as a beat maker when I was around 15 years old which was also around the same time I started rapping. I didn’t start producing for other people till I was about 21 or 22.

DAWNdada: Ok , so yesterday. LOL. When I 1st met you it was in mixed company at a Power 96 event, but I actually 1st heard of you when I was listening to one of my favorite songs by local artists Casely & Pitbull: MidNight. I thought it was another HOT Diaz Bros production, than a good friend said “hey idiot in the beginning Pit says Bet that up VEIN”. I met you again on a one on one basis at a club and put 2 and 2 together....LOL... basically: YOU ARE A SICK PRODUCER!!! I have to give that to you.

Vein: Thanks that means a lot. Yea, that midnight record was crazzzzyyy!!!!!! You can check it out on Pitbulls latest album: Boatlift!!! Big Shot out to Casely, Pitbull & my boy Keith Ross (mixed).

DAWNdada: In the last 2-3 years you have made some incredible hits, for both yourself and some chart toppers. Now is your chance to brag... Who have you produced for recently?

Vein: To name a few I’ve produce for artist such as Pitbull, Menudo, Casley, Donnie Klang from MTV’s making the band, and I’ve also written for Ashanti & Robin Thicke, but there’s this one artist named DAWNdada that I been trying to get a hold of that’s bigger than all those names I just mentioned. LOL

DAWNdada21: Good Luck she is hard to pursue. ANYWAY Love, that’s MAJOR!!! Your productions skills are defiantly something to be proud of. So, besides a legendary Producer, you are a DOPE MC, and now you sing?? On your new single released earlier this year “She’s my lover” you have a little singing action going on. Is that your 4th charm?

Vein: Let’s get this clear DAWNdada!!!! I DONT SING. I repeat I DO NOT SING!!!! Lets just say I FLOW!!! LOL. I’m trying to find the line between rapping and singing without looking like a Kanye West. Get it?

DAWNdada: AHHHH you jerk, that was my next move... checkmate, son! I was going to say “Why you trying to be the next Kanye”... You got me! BUT just like Kanye, Jay-Z, Nas, & my boyfriend Eminem, all great artists “FLOW”! I believe you have the potential to be one of the “Greats”!

Vein: Thank You, I appreciate that. By rapping I put myself competing with everyone else in that category. So lets just say “I’m trying to make my own lane”.

DAWNdada: Your music is original, I can honestly say I have never heard anything like “get up stand up” or “she’s my lover”. Both songs are fierce & they make me wanna shake my ass!!! Did you produce those as well?

Vein: YESIR!!!! The “She’s My Lover” record was also produced by Keith Ross.

DAWNdada: Do you produce most of your own music?

Vein: Yea, I mostly produce all of it only because nobody knows what I want my stuff to sound like better than I do. I love working with other producers though.

DAWNdada: That’s true. I am a firm believer in, if ya want it done right... do it yourself!!! BUT there are a lot of great producers especially residing in the MIA... Who have you worked with besides Keith Ross?

Vein: I’ve been lucky enough to work with many producers from Miami, NY, LA and more such as Dj Affect, Seven Aurelius, Danja Hands, King Logan (which is under Timberland), Casley (which is an amazing singer as well), B. Howard and more. I’m sure I left a lot out but that all I can think of right now.

DAWNdada: WOW... so now there’s no excuse! Your album should be triple platinum!!!

Vein: Shittttttt!!!! I got my fingers crossed for that one

DAWNdada: Who influenced you to get into the hip hop realm of music?

Vein: Biggie Smallz. I remember when hypnotize came out, that was the first rap song I ever memorized word for word.

DAWNdada: What are your plans for the hip hop game?

Vein: Honestly not much when it comes to hip hop. I would love to make some classic records but the hip hop market just isn’t as profitable like it use to be. Actually that goes for the whole music industry, but I would be happy if I could just pull off inventing a new sound that went international.

DAWNdada: That’s an admiral goal. If you like doing something and the profit is internal happiness that’s your true calling. Who are some artists you’d like to work with?

Vein: I would love to work with Michael Jackson who is my favorite artist of all time. Shakira, this rock group called maze that’s huge all over the world except America. Biggie Smallz and Big L if they were still alive, those are just a few names that come to mind right now.

DAWNdada: did u say Michael Jackson to get on my good side??

Vein: Of course.

DAWNdada: WOW, those are some seriously diverse people. You are very diverse. So, what was your 1st single released that made circulation?

Vein: The first single that started getting circulation for me as an artist was GET UP STAND UP Feat. Pitbull. Prior to that I was all over the radio with remixes, I was doing for dam near every record that was popular at the time.

DAWNdada: How did you link up with Pitbull?

Vein: We had mutual friends in the streets that always tried to link us up, but it wasn’t till I started building my buzz on the radio till I really hit his radar, than we ran into each other at Tootsies, exchanged numbers and the rest speaks for itself.

DAWNdada: ahhh strippers bringing people together... wa wa wa

Vein: lol

DAWNdada: You and pit are pretty tight, he is on both your circulating singles... who else can we expect on your album??

Vein: Yea me & pit are friends first before all this music stuff. He’s one of the few honest, loyal dudes I’ve met in this game and I’m sure well make history in due time.

Not too many artist actually. I want my first album to be mostly me.

DAWNdada: That’s good. Now the question everyone always asks me about you… With all this talent, the look, the swagga: Why are u not signed?

Vein: Simply cause the right deal just hasn’t came along yet. I’ve already turned down three deals. lol. I’m sure the right one is coming REAAALL SOON though. TRUST ME!

DAWNdada: I am sure it will, you deserve it.

DAWNdada: Have you been working on any Mix Tapes? What’s going on over in that studio you been in 24/7?

Vein: Well I’m not really that into Mix Tapes but I do try to put em out whenever I can, I am actually making one with DJ Affect right now. LOL

I’m more into making singles, Meaning records that I can either use for myself or sell to other artist, female or male.

I do have an album on the mix and I am half way done with it.

DAWNdada: That’s gotta be hard. I give you props I am too selfish to make something so Magical then sell or give it away, I would use it for myself. LOL. But I guess ya gotta eat right?...

Vein: LOL, Yea, but not every song is for everybody. I am happy just having my music out there in the “right” hands.

DAWNdada: So, what’s the name of this well anticipated Vein album?

Vein: I ain’t telling you shit! LOL. Nah, I don’t got it yet

DAWNdada: He said, she said, they said, I heard you might be joining Mr. 305 on his little “house of blues” tour ... is that true or gossip?

Vein: DAMN. How do you hear about all this? You might just know more about me than ME! LOL. Yea, it’s in the talks but nothings for sure till its on paper. It’s just how this game works.

DAWNdada: I find out everything (never forget that)!!! I know lately you been practically living in the Studio... When are you blessing us with your next single, & for the nosey people (me), What’s the name of it?

Vein: I definitely got it but it’s between like 3 records. So I’m not sure which one yet, & no you’re not getting the names of them.

DAWNdada: Whatever!!! What do you consider your genre? It’s like a cross between: rap, dance, & hip-hop??

Vein: I would say somewhere in the middle of hip-hop, dance, and pop. Maybe we’ll call it HIP-POP. LOL

DAWNdada: um yea -2 points for that one. Hip PoP will make ya jump jump... OK moving along before I shank myself… it’s late over here readers (1:30am)!!

If you could only do one thing: produce or FLOW which one would it be?

Vein: BOTH

DAWNdada: Did you not hear the word ONE or the word OR??

Vein: Did you not hear where I said BOTH

DAWNdada: Uh huh, Ok... What school did u go to? (Under breath: So I know where not to send my future babies. LOL)

Vein: I went to Michael Krop SR High, & then I did like a half a year at Miami Dade till I noticed the college thing just wasn’t for me.

DAWNdada: LOL, the school question was to diss you on your lack of listening skills. It’s understandable your passion is in both fields... I wouldn’t be able to pick between all 84 of my talents either... BUT Which do you feel is your strongest attribute to the Hip Hop game?

Vein: BOTH

DAWNdada: Awesome! DUALLY noted <literally>.

Any other talents that we don’t know about?

Vein: Yea I can down a full cup of vodka cranberry in like 5 seconds or less. LOL

DAWNdada: That’s not a skill that’s called alcoholism. Can you dance?

Vein: Nah, but I can bob my head to the beat really well.

DAWNdada: LOL. TRUE!!! I only ask because someone reported they saw you doing a little Salsa dancing with some hot promoter chick @ Art Bar the other night.

Vein: LOL. Let’s keep that skill on the LOW LOW!

DAWNdada: So, now that I have educated myself on VEIN the producer/artist... let me research VEIN the person. Are you ready?

Vein: yep

DAWNdada: So, Your Russian & Puerto Rican... that’s a crazy mix... it works though... Has growing up mixed been a challenge in Miami?

Vein: Nope, not at all. It’s kinda cool. I would always use it to get the girls in school. Every women wants an exotic mix on there hands. LMAO

DAWNdada: Awww... I think you spelled your name wrong, beau. I think you meant VAIN. LMAO.

Ok but besides your attraction to me of course, what’s the love scene like for Vein these days?

Vein: Since you don’t love me LOL right now I am single and been taking advantage of it ever since. Plus I cant find a girl that can deal with my shit. LOL

DAWNdada: I plead the 5th on that one!!! LOL. What about your family? You are a well rounded guy... What’s your family scene like?

Vein: I was raised by a single mother. I got about 11 brothers and sisters that we know about. LOL. Let’s just say my pops was a busy man. I won’t let none of this music stuff get to me though. So, I think I’ll always be well rounded.

DAWNdada: That’s good. It’s hard but its important to know when & how to turn music mode on & off. BUT ummm Snap!!! WOW! So, ya daddy got that super sperm! Are you the baby??

Vein: Nah, he just had like 4 more. So now I’m in the middle, but I’m the only child from my mom though. I know it’s complicated.

DAWNdada: That’s CRAZY!!! Well +2 points for your momma, because she did a great job.

Vein: Well, my mom was the one who didn’t let me go a day without practicing piano for at least 2 to 3 hours, since I was 5 to about 12 but other than that not really.

DAWNdada: I love your mom!!! Piano skills are an amazing tool.

What’s in your IPOD these days?

Vein: You name it and it’s in there. My boy DJ Affect gave me his whole I-tunes library and there were about 13,000 songs in there. So, I basically got every artist that ever came out in there, BUT most of all I got them un-released VEIN records in there. lol

DAWNdada: So basically u stole music.... awesome.

Vein: lol

DAWNdada: So, its about that time, Vein my dear where I say “peace”... so Please take this chance to thank all the little people who have helped you get to your current state in the music game.

Vein: The people that helped me get to where I’m at are the same people that are in my camp now, which is engineer/producer/songwriter/Best Friend Keith Ross, Dj Affect, my attorney Gabrielle Bozza but we call her “Gab Gabz” round here. LOL. Frenchie and Pitbull. OH yea and my momma. LOL.

DAWNdada: (coughing loudly) … That’s super, sounds like you got a strong camp. So, Where can fans, readers & haters find your music?

Vein: Oh Yea LOL and DAWNdada… DUH.

DAWNdada: Nope too late! LMAO!

Where can we find your musica my dude??

Vein: or

DAWNdada: What about I-tunes??

Vein: nope not yet.

DAWNdada: see me people I’ll burn it for you... or go to (shamless plug here).

Vein: Nice DAWNdada.

DAWNdada: Well, my dear VEIN, Its about that time where I peace out on you!!! Thanks so much for chilling with ya girl and doing this interview. Any final words?

Vein: Dawn sucks

DAWNdada: Um, I love me some haters… LOL

Vein: Just Playing DAWNdada, you already know I got love for you.

I want to thank Nine5Four for doing this interview, the amazing Gina Diaz for doing the photoshoot (she is the best), all the local DJs, producers, artists and haters that have been supporting me and of course my family. I’m out…

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