DJ Kid Fresh

Written by Bank$

DJ Kid Fresh

Age: 34

Hometown: Brooklyn

Current Residence: blue martini ft laud ,whiskey blue ft laud ,w hotel pool ft laud & off the hookah

Contact Info: 754 422 4099

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. facebook DJ kidfresh

What made you want to be a DJ? I went to a high school party when I was in middle school & seen how the dj controlled the party by his music and right then I knew what I wanted to do!

How long have you been a DJ? Since 89 took a about a 1yr off then got back into it

At What moment did you know this was your calling? Like I said when I 1st experienced a dj live at a party but what really put me on rack was meeting a dj by the name of nasty aka PP Armstrong who took me under his wing and showed me how to get focused !!

What DJ do you look up to? Why? Well honestly I looked up to djs like kid Capri ,red alert ,evil Dee etc,Q Bert,jazzy Jeff .. but the problem I have with a lot of djs that get big names they get lost in the hype and money and either become sloppy or you can see that they don’t care anymore what they do cause they will still get booked.

Is this your dream job? If no then what is? Yea I can honestly say I get paid to do what I love and make as much money in 1 night that it takes some to get in a week or more

Records or Serrato? serrato all day but dust off the records sometimes

What’s your take on the industry today? Its horrible technology has killed the business there was a time when it was hard to get equipment cause of price this goes for djs & producing and now everybody is either a producer or dj cause they went online and downloaded some program that mixes things for them its horrible get your skills up before you come out your bedroom and stop playing for 100 bucks that’s why this business is messed up!!

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in? Mess with beats now and then but rather dj

Favorite Record to date? Anything biggie

Favorite artist? Mary J

Song you could never here again & be happy? There are plenty, alot of these dirty south songs that come out with a catchy hook but overall its garbage

What do you do when your not DJing? spending time with my daughter

Any Shout outs? to all my real djs shout to everyone suporting my movement shout out to in the mix ,mva i can go on & on so shout to all my family & friends !!!


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