AdohrSpirit: Numerology: Whitney Houston’s Return to the Stage

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Numerology: Whitney Houston’s Return to the Stage

Whitney Houston has made a triumph return to the music industry with her new album “I Look To You”. It has reached #1 on the billboard 200 charts and has sold over 300,000 copies to date. “I Look To You” vibrates to the magical number 50/5 which is the number of lasting success, happiness and it has the natural ability to charm others with its magnetic quality.

On September 2, 2009 Whitney performed on Good Morning America. The date of her performance vibrates to the powerful master number 22/4. It’s asking her to be mindful of illusions and delusions. This vibration also warns of mistakes in judgment, and of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. Whitney’s performance came a day after she recorded her interview with Oprah Winfrey. As a result of the lengthy interview, Whitney lost her voice which resulted in her being out of breath and her voice cracking halfway through most of the songs. The decision to perform after her interview was probably not a good one since she was already hoarse and not sure if her voice would hold up. The 22/4 vibration reminds her to exercise caution and watchfulness in both career and personal matters as well as being mindful of the recklessness of others.

Whitney Houston’s name vibrates to the fortunate number 10/1. The 10/1 vibration is know as the instant manifestor. With a 10/1 vibration - luck, success, and material rewards is hers for the taking. She easily attracts and acquires those things that others struggle for desperately. On the other hand if she is operating on the negative side of the 10/1 vibration, she can be stubborn and opinionated. She will be inclined to overdo and exaggerate her needs and desires. What she has to do is realize that all of her experiences are the result of her own efforts. Once she awakens to this truth she will recognize that her influence knows no limits.

Whitney was born August 9, 1963 which vibrates to 36/9. The 36/9 vibration indicates that she is a determined person who perseveres until all obstacles are overcome. She may be called upon to carry a heavy burden of some kind during her life. And she has to realize that she has the ability to face these types of circumstance while proceeding toward her goal. Her strength is expressed in her kindness to others. Sympathy for others increases her loving nature and blankets her life with good influences which lighten any load she must carry.

Whitney is in a personal year of 10/1 which explains her desire to move forward, to improve her situation and assert her individuality as well as getting on with her life. In this year of 10/1 she’s feeling as if she has a new lease on life.

Since this will be a very active year with many decisions to make. She will be very conscience about putting her best foot forward. More than likely there will be several aspects of her life that will experience new begins.

The next 9 years will depend greatly on the decisions she makes this year. This 10/1 year is asking her to have strength of purpose, clear thinking, and to always remember to listen to her inner voice.

Welcome back Whitney!

Love, Light, and Blessings


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