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Nine5Four The Magazine September 2009 Suductress Feature AvonGoldWhen and why did you decide to get into the modeling industry? I started modeling August 2008 which was just last year. I started out as a GOGO dancer when I was 20 and modeling came after. I joined a GoGo team Truestarr, which consisted of gogos/models and that’s where the modeling began for me.

Do you have any formal training in modeling, if so with whom? I didn’t basically have formal training to be a model but in the industry I am in I am surrounded by models and photographers all the time which helped me out in becoming and more comfortable being a model.

Describe your life as a model? Being a model opened up a lot of opportunities for me as far as working with a lot of photographers, other models, and getting gigs. It’s been hard to though at the same time because I always got to watch what I eat, I gotta discipline myself to go to the gym and workout.

What are the biggest personal and professional challenges you are facing as a model, and what are you going to do or have done to overcome it? The biggest issue is my weight, my weight tends to fluctuate.

Who has influenced you the most, and why? Tila Nguyen, She’s my idol, I love her swag.

If you could work with any agency in the world, who would you work for and why? I wanna be a part of Candy Girls, because I always wanted to be a video hunny :)

How long have you been modeling? I started modeling 2 years ago, but last year was when I really try to go hard on it.

What has been your most exciting or intimidating experience’s as a model, and why? the most exciting is when I’m out in the club or a car show and people would recognize me, it’s a good feeling, makes me feel like I’m progressing. The most intimidating is having to compete with so many beautiful girls, makes me think twice about going extra hard in this industry.

What other promotion events and or projects have you been apart of, describe the experience? I have been a part of Hot Import Nights Car show, Dub, and other big car shows, I have also been a part of exotic erotic ball, casino promotional model, music videos. They all tend to be the same. A lot of picture taking.

How would you describe your style as a model? Glamour and Sexy.

What other thought would you like to share, things that you what people to know about you as a person as well as a model? I’m a GOGO dancer and I LOVE TO DANCE!!!

What are some quotes from you that I could use in the article? “Dream Big, GO HARD”

HEIGHT: 5’2”

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