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Nine5Four The Magazine September 2009 Feature J-MOKNAME: J-MOK

AGE: 11,127 days old, I didn’t count the time of conception.

LOCATION: 25.83`N 80.15`W



“Be Who You Are & Say What You Feel, because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter & Those That Matter Don’t Mind.” – Dr. Seuss

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he is standing in moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

FAVORITE COLOR: ROY-G-BIV baby!... ok, GREEN, then turquoise, then orange, yellow, fuchsia ….

FAVORITE FOOD: MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF Cereal, MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF raw vegetables w/ coconut rice, & MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ice cream.

TURN ONS: wisdom & optimism

TURN OFFS: triflin narcissistic American bitches

PETS: Pitt, Zofi

How long have you been modeling?

Since I was in my father’s ball sack.

What is your favorite feature about yourself?

Featuresssss are… My nappy hair, My chap-lipped crusty smile, my contagious vibe, BLUNTness, my natural ability to make people feel SO comfortable that when meeting for the first time, they’ll start describing the hair follicles round their hemorrhoids or some crazy ish…. wait, ….. that means hair would actually be growing from the inside of one’s sphincter…. hummm… could that actually happen?…. I need to google that.

Is this your dream job?

What?.... Answering questions?.... no. My dream job is to be the frizzy haired guy who dances & sings to classic oldies on Lincoln Rd (in front of Next Cafe) to a maxed out distorted soundin boombox, which was probably yours you rocked out on your shoulder blarrin some beat-boxin emcee. He moves his arms and legs as if he’s dancing to the hokie-pokie. He’s dressed with a retarded combination of a 60’s muli coloured orange, pea green & yellow flowered shirt with an awful 90’s pastel pink & blue floral long skirt. Oh, and I can’t forget those fungus smelling 60’s flat forms. He collects donations for his talent on a foiled cookie sheet…. If I’m unable to achieve that then I’ll just settle to be a professional toilet bowl cleaner for club establishments.

What is your biggest goal?

To create awareness of everyone’s insecurities and then point and laugh at them… Just kidding, but half of it was true…. No, not the pointing and laughing part… the creating awareness of everyone’s true self and coaching them how to embrace their being…. I got kinda deep there for a sec.

Favorite vacation spot?

Anyplace in nature…. Ok, my granolaness is gonna come out… I’ll go anywhere where I can connect with my soul…. jungles, mountains, rivers, islands, dessert….hangin out with the Samburu tribe….. Absolutely no place where it’s freezing! I cannot deal with the cold. I’m all about wearing the least amount of threads.

What do you look for in a soul mate?

Are you freakin serious? I can’t believe this is a question…. My “soul mate” or in JMOK’s terminology, “My King” consists of….……………basically he’s a mirror image of myself, but doper. Ha!

Describe J-MOK in one word?

In one wordssss… Urban-Granola… DirectFarcicalZealousAwareness ….. I AM the REALest it gets… I got no shame in dis game!

What makes you smile?

EVERYTHING, and I’m not kidding! I’m serious…I always smile. I’ll be riding my bike to work and I’ll get bugs stuck in my teeth from smiling the entire time.

What is your greatest weakness?

If I’m interested in you, I’ll talk way too close to your face… it’s a total invasion of your personal space.

What motivates you to be your best?

When the tortoise is losing in the race.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

Becoming completely belligerent, and barrel rolling down the hills of Mount Royal in Montreal.

What is in your I-Pod?

J Dilla, Premier, Jazzy Jeff, Marco Polo, Hi-Tek, Madlib, 9th Wonder, Oddisee, Nicolay, Pete Rock, Ohmega Watts, Afru-Ra, Roots, Buckshot, Alchemist, Talib, Mos, Slum Village, J-Live, De La Soul, Hezekiah, Evidence, Immortal Technique, Cut Chemist, All Good Funk Alliance, Dead Prez, KRS, PRT, Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, J5, Pharoahe Monch, Zap Mama, anything from the Marley’s, James Brown, Prince, Jackson’s, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, David Holmes, Kraak & Smaak, ….anything with a tribal latin beat, some bands…Artic Monkeys,bnFranz Ferdinand, Killers, Muse, Bravery….. My ears bleed for the muzak frequency. Music is unity.

What is your passion & how did you discover it?

Living and experiencing ALL. I discovered it probably when I was capable of comprehending the perceptions of life. Middle school I guess.

Do you do any Charity work if so with who?

Yeeeaaah!.....every day!...with myself for south beach.

Every time Zofi leaves a dump on the grass, I take the dump from the grass. What homo sapiens do for canis lupus familiaris!... they’ve got some conspiracy going on….they’ve got us trained sUn!

I’ll get the lil plastic poop bag, open it up, stick my hand inside, squat down or lean over and pick her dump up and pull the poop bag inside out. I stand up, holding the leash in one hand and a bag a shit in the other. Not sure how many f’n blocks I’m gonna be walkin until I find a trash can. So basically I’m carrying a bag of shit for several blocks! You know the people who walk by you are lookin at the lil plastic poop bag you’re holding. You know they’re thinking, “She’s carrying dog shit.” That’s my shitty charity work…Keepin the SoBe grass shit-free!

What took you to Miami??

Our Creator. Since I was 5yrs old, I always said I was going to move to a beach in Florida….and here I is.

What do you do for fun?

Kayak & walk around Lincoln Rd with Zofi… run, paint, yoga, meet interesting people, swim in the ocean, obtaining knowledge of ethnicity/nutrition/religions… might not sound like fun, but our exterior comes from our roots, we are what we eat, and we are filled with beliefs, so why NOT have an understanding of ALL our brothers and sisters we surround ourselves with?.... I know you’re tastin what I’m spittin.

Where can people & fans see more of J-MOK?

Nowhere really…..I’m dat gUrl wit da big har on da big ‘ol orange pee-wee bike wit da biggus baskut on da sreetz of sobe.

Any Shot Outs???

ummm…nope…. Haven’t heard any shots since memorial weekend.

Any last words for Nine5Four readers???

Embrace those you dislike….why?

One, what you put out in the universe, whether it’s thoughts or actions, you’ll receive what you exert. (karma’s a bitch, sUn!)

Secondly, what you dislike in another is reflected on the dislike within yourself. We can change and better our internal selves, by allowing the change of our awareness. The more awareness in yourself will bring you more enlightenment.

Get enlightened, become aware, change yo self fool!!!!!!!!!!

Shalom & Love to all my wops, niggas, spics, hosers, nickel-nosers, gringos, and chinks!............ ONE!

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