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Erin Prestileo: Diva In The Making

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Soulful, mesmerizing, and delightful, her voice captivates the heart, soul, and mind. Erin Prestileo is a “Diva in the making. ” All I Want feat. Casely” is a blend of Mariah Carey meets Brian Mcknight. In an age where music is losing its luster, lost in bling-bling, and big rims this R&B duet brings us back to the basics, back to the roots.
Erin has a soothing voice that just relaxes the mind. This song is what the industry needs, in fact, this is what the industry wants. This is a soulful song with great production, and an artist to carry the weight of the song, not the track making the song. From the beginning to the end, the song just takes hold of you and won’t release you. Casely is featured on the song and his vocals mixed with hers not only add a bonus to the track but gives the song a complete feeling. We have waited for a new artist to fill the void that other up and coming artist fail to provide. At this rate, remember the name Erin Prestileo because this is definitely the beginning of a diva in the making.

I had an opportunity to talk with Erin and get a little insight on her goals, her music, and what’s next.


Nine5Four: Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to sit down with you. I have to admit, when I first heard the song “All I want” I was like, wait, who is this girl, and why haven’t I heard of her. You have an amazing voice and this song really compliments your voice.
Thank you so much for having me. I am glad you like the song.


The song is a definite hit. So how did you and Casely come up with this song?
Casely wrote and produced the song and we recorded it at my house at 4 am.


So you have a studio in your home or did you go to a real studio that late at night?
Casely brought his portable studio and we recorded the track at my house.


That’s pretty cool. So what are the goals for Erin Prestileo?
I am trying to become a recording artist, go on tour and sell CD’s. I have been getting great support on Myspace seems to be a great tool for everyone to use.


So do you do collaborations with other artist? Or do you just work solo?
Yes. I am definitely down for collaborations. I have to get permission prior to doing it but I am always looking to expand my fan base.


So how did you become this Myspace queen? I mean you have like a thousand plays a day and you’re not even signed. What’s your secret if you don’t mind sharing?
I don’t have a secret. It just happened over night. People are really feeling my music and a lot of people can relate to the song. They are showing me a lot of love.


Trust me I know. I am one of those fans. So where is Erin living right now?
I am in New Jersey.

Aren’t you from Connecticut?
Yea. I am here now working on my music with my producer.


So how’s NJ compared to CT? Is there more inspiration there?
Well my producer is here, Dom Wan. He is a great guy. He helps keep me motivated. Dom Wan is always on the go and just to work with him and watch him work keeps me working harder. Dom Wan has worked with so many people in the industry and I am glad I can work with him as well.


So who has Dom Wan worked with?
He has worked with Dark Child and he produced 2 singles on Mario’s Album. That’s very impressive.


So are you shopping your music around to the major record labels?
Yes we have been doing that. We met with a few record labels. That’s very interesting.


How did that go?
Well one label seemed to think that I should be making Pop instead of R&B Soul.


Really! Why is that?
Well the music is getting good reviews but they feel I should be more like JoJo and do Pop. So I started to do pop with more of a soulful type feel.


Wow. So in other words because of your race, you should be doing pop? That’s crazy. What about Eminem? He started doing rap and look how his career turned out. Oh well Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. So do you write your own material?
Yes I write my own stuff.


Where do you get you inspiration?
Most times I make up stories from the things I see or what my friends go through. I am still young and I don’t really have much experience in relationships and I guess life as a whole. But for the most part I write about things everyone can relate to.


Ok. Well you know that the more popular soul music comes from the heart. Like Ushers confessions album had a lot of hits because they were based on true events. Do you feel your music can provide the listener with a real insight of who Erin is?
Yes. I may not have a lot of experience, but my songs give all of me in them. I have been in good and bad relationships and friends dying parents getting divorced... I have a lot to write about and I know that people will really relate to my music... As with any song I write, no matter the experience, the listener will get all of me.


So where does your music background come from?
I go to a college for music here in the states (name purposely omitted). I am learning all about music, and the history of it. So I am getting a great insight to music in general. Not just one perspective.


That’s cool. So you are bringing some heavy artillery, the history of music. Not many artists really know about the history or background of music.
That’s true. There are a lot of artist that just sing, but I sing, write, read and play music. Music is my life. I am a unique artist. Not just a singer. I have a strong understanding of music, and its history.


So how long have you been doing music?
I have been singing all my life. I started voice lessons at 11, did school plays and talent shows and here at college, I sang for Paul Simon and Gloria Esteffan.


So you are just full of surprises and now you’re getting some experience to go with it. That is the key to success. You have a great voice, your young, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get your song out of my head. I find myself humming it. (Laughs) I am pretty sure you are going to do well. Thank you so much for your time and the interview.
No, thank you!


I look forward to talking to you again soon Ms. Prestileo, and I can’t wait for the album to drop. Do you have anything else for our readers?
I want to thank all of my Fans, friends, and family for all of the support I have been receiving. I love you all.

Erin Prestileo, A diva in the making. You can find Erin on Myspace at