DJ Victoria Sky

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Nine5Four The Magazine September 2009 Feature DJ Victoria SkyDJ Name: DJ SKY

Victoria Sky

Age: 22

Hometown: New York

Current Residence: Miami

Marital Status: Single (holla)

Genre: HipHop/Pop/R&B

Clubs: Discotekka Miami/Voodoo Lounge FTL

Radio/TV Shows: Bravo & MTV

Albums/Mix-Tapes: DJ R.O.B. & DJ SKY “Back 4 More”

Contact Info: 305.744.2220

What made you want to be a DJ? my love for music & dancing

How long have you been a DJ? 6 years

At What moment did you know this was your calling? I was at a party and the music SUCKED. so i went into the booth and I was like “cmon guy I can do better than this” and he said “be my guest” and i started spinnin right there.

What DJ do you look up to? Why? DJ Jarell from Miami. He’s really making a name for himself. He came from nowhere really and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJS in soFla

Is this your dream job? If no then what is? there is nothing else i would rather be doing.

Records or Serrato? Records, all the way. I dont trust Serrato, ive seen it crash or get stuck on one too many djs.

Whats your take on the industry today? the industry is like a flea market. theres junk all over the place, but every once in a while, you find something really cool.

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in? Television and film.

What’s your most embarrassing, funniest, or Worst (pick one) DJ story? Worst moment... Any night with Dennis Rodman at Voodoo. Dear God that man is annoying. LOL

Whats in your Ipod? oh god theres over 3500 songs on there... but lately i’ve been jamming out to this hot new artist named Monique, check her out at

Favorite Record to date? oh god. i dont think i could pick one. but anything by JayZ is up there.

Favorite artist? JayZ, Britney Spears (sorry im a girl, i had to!)

Song you could never hear again & be happy? beyonce “single ladies” that’s the most overplayed song of the decade.

What do you do when your not DJing? partying it up!

Any Shout outs? much love to, banksismusic, Gina Diaz, Monique, & my 305 crew!

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