Written by AdohrSpirit


On July 25, 2009 the boxing community lost another great champion in Vernon Forrest aka “The Viper” at the age of 38.

Vernon began boxing at age 9. And as an amateur he had an impressive record of 225-16. He won the 1991 World Amateur Boxing Championships national title and also became the 1992 US junior welterweight champion. He enjoyed a successful pro career with a 41-3 (29 KO’s) record; IBF & WBC titles in welterweight and super welterweight and fought the likes of Vince Phillips, Shane Mosley, Ricardo Mayorga, Ike Quartey, Carlos Baldomir and Sergio Mora to name a few. It was in 2001 when Vernon gain real stardom when he became the first boxer to defeat Shane Mosley not once but twice.

Vernon was born on February 12, 1971 which would have made him a 23/5 life path. As a 23/5 life path, Vernon would have probably thrive on constant change and adventure. Vernon most likely tapped into his fierce courage when pursuing his goals. As a result he was daring enough to enforce his ideas in the material world. The 23/5 life path enjoys exercise. They understand that physical agility maintains good circulation and increases the brain power. Therefore his agile body and energetic mind made him a sure success. Because of his desire for constant change, he had to learn to make each change a step in a positive direction. He was probably sometimes headstrong and hasty and needed to learn how to handle this fiery energy and direct it accordingly.

In the boxing world, Vernon’s nickname was “The Viper”. This name vibrates to the number 37/10/1 and would have activated his ability to be a reserved individual whose calm exterior would have contradicted his desire to rule. He knew that a rise to prominence in the boxing world would place him in a leadership position in which his inherent unreserved and emotional nature would be expressed. The 37/10/1 vibration gave Vernon “The Viper” the advantage of a calm exterior which help him conceal his sometimes violent nature.

Vernon‘s Destiny number, which is derived from his name, is 72/9. With a 72/9 vibration, he would be dedicated to charity, compassion and the betterment of others. The 9 vibration has a deep concern for the greater good. Their individual concerns take a back seat to a sense of community and the needs of others. It is through his generosity that he overcomes his fear of poverty. He had a desire for his life to be one of usefulness and productive accomplishment. Which he demonstrated through his creation of Destiny’s Child; a not for profit group home that assists people with developmental, emotional, and psychological disabilities. With a 9 vibration, Vernon had a strong instinct to nurture, heal and build people up that would consequently inspire positive change in the people around him.

Vernon was in a personal year of 16/7 at the time of his death. The energy of this period warns of unforeseen and sudden events. During this period, flawed ideas and habits must be altered and for some, this has to be done in a forceful manner. Because of the intense energy of the 16/7 cycle, it is not wise to take speculative risks. Experiencing loss under this vibration is great.

The world will remember Vernon as a compassionate caring humanitarian who was willing to shine a light on those less fortunate. May his legacy live on in the work he began with Destiny’s Child and the people he touched in his lifetime.

Love, Light and Abundant Blessing


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