Beny Crisol

Written by AD photography

Educated, Business woman with SEX APPEAL!
Beny Crisol has both brains and beauty. She takes her education seriously with her degree in Business, and
is working on her degree in journalism.

“I’m very sensual and exotic, what can I say I’m a hot Salvadorian and “If the pose doesn’t hurt it’s not a good pose.”

What’s your avorite body part?  My boobs and hair

When did you know you could model: I loved  modeling since I was a kid, but I started doing it after I was 21 because I wanted to focus on school and college and then photographers would tell me that I really know how to pose so I started doing fashion shows and a lot of modeling. it came natural.
Can we buy you a drink...If so what kind: Mai tai or jack & coke

If I ruled the world, I poor people

Who has influenced you the most: My dad and mom

Where would you like to travel: Brazil

What is your most embarrassing moment: I was walking with toilet paper stuck to my shoe at the club!

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