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This interview gave me true insight on a man who is not just one of the biggest brightest stars in Miami but I also was able to sit down with A father, brother, husband, Mentor, Fisher man, and after today a friend. It was a privilege to sit down with Laz And be able to listen to him tell me about his life and his career. Many thanks to Laz for this great opportunity. And especially all the great things your music has allowed me to be a part of. My personal favorite! Sorry everyone else, but DJ GQ is my favorite (& DJ Laz of course)! GQ has always showed me love, and I am ecstatic that I can repay him. DJ GQ has worked with tons of amazing artists and for practically every club in the tri-county! His style, swag, skills and respect are what keep him above the rest. Its my honor to be his friend and colleague. The love he shows his home team is unbelievable. Make sure you check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

What made you want to be a DJ?
My Cousin. When I was a Jit I use to get him Dubplates (personalized songs) in Jamaica from the biggest artists, from then I wanted to get more involved!

How did you get the name DJ GQ?
I was born in Miami but moved to Jamaica when at the age of 5, when I got back to Miami at the age of 17 my friends said I was too proper to be Jamaican and called me Cha Cha and ish*, one day someone called me GQ and it stuck.


You know you messed up right? I’m going to be calling you DJ Cha Cha from here on out. I thought they called you GQ cause you were so cuteeee… OK, that being said… What is you nationality?

HAHAHA! Ok true, but ummmmm… What’s your background?
I just told you I was born in Miami! LOL My mother is Chinese, my dad Cuban.

True, so you are a real Miami Mix. How long have you been a DJ?
I’ve been DJ’N for 13 years

What moment did you know this was your calling?
The day I started.

What DJ do you look up to? Why?
When I started Kid Capri and Stone Love, because of their aggressive styles in their sets... Now I’ve developed my own style and just try to top myself.

Is this your dream job? If no then what is?
Most nights it

What’s one of your biggest accomplishments as a DJ?
1. Being the only DJ on main stage DUB car show LA in front of almost 40k people, and had to play between 11 acts.

2. Dj’n the Nasdaq (tennis) red carpet

3. Working with DMX

4. Dropping my first single finally (which I’m doing now)

5. I did BETs Rap City a few times and DJ’n the launch of Tempo (MTV Caribbean) and DJ’n other MTV’s across the world; MTV Romania, Germany etc..

Wow! That’s amazing, I thought I said 1, but that’s cool. LOL
Hehe... Thanx love

Records or Serato?

Did u start on Serato or records?
Records! 13 years ago there was no

True! Why did you switch?
Had to keep up, I have 7k songs on my Serato when I carried 6 crates of records I was lucky if I had 700 records! It makes your life so much easier that if u didn’t start with records, I don’t know how you would understand how to build vibes. The feeling of pulling a banger out of your box of records is priceless.

What’s your take on the industry today?
The industry is going through changes right now, and talent isn’t being held high like gimmicks are, but its just evolution, it will flip again soon.

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in?
Yes, Production and Writing.

What’s your most embarrassing, funniest, or Worst (pick one) DJ story?
Ha-Ha, I went to DJ The Dub Car Show in LA and a DJ who said he was DJ GQ LA came up to me and introduced himself, and in front of Semp (public wizard) my publicist and the Dub organizers (Mike being one of them) he said he just came back from Buenos Aires and when he got their My Picture and was on all the flyers and advertising!

What’s in your IPod?
Don’t have one

I hear that a lot from DJs, why don’t you have one?
Lol!! I DJ 6 night a week and edit audio/voice commercials all day, no time to use it! Even when I’m traveling Car/plane I prefer silence!!

What artists have you worked with?
Wow... That’s a lot, been on stage with just about everybody in hip hop and reggae except... Kanye.... Can’t think of anyone else I have not DJ’d on stage with. Working production wise now with Mr. Vegas, DMX, Junior Reid, Nore, Trina, Rick Ross and a bunch more..

Favorite Record to date?
My Lady Soul - The temptations

Favorite artist?

Song you could never here again & be happy?
You a Jerk

What do you do when you’re not DJ’n?
Work on Production & Mixtapes/ My CD Manufacturing business

What relaxes you after a crazy week in booth?
Doing Nothing!! And I love the beach when I can get there!

Out of all the DJs I’ve encountered before I was DAWNdada & before I was involved with Labels & N5F you showed me a lot of love! After all you’re amazing accomplishments how is it that you stay sooooo humble?
Lol... Naa, you’re just my home girl... Hahaha I am mean to everyone else. Naa, I saw someone asking a DJ once for a song and it turned in to turned into an argument and the DJ ended up looking mad cocky and I never forgot it! Didn’t want to be like that

Well, you accomplished your goal! A lot of underground artists look up to and appreciate your love, any advice for them?
Yep, music is a full time job, doctors don’t practice medicine on nights and weekends, wake up every morning and live it, and you’ll see it work! And give DJs one song your trying to work, don’t give them a cd filled with joints if you don’t have a relationship with that DJ, and work it for a while, don’t service another song every few weeks... You’ll never progress

Any Shot outs?
All of QMG, My Family & Fans.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. Your the best! Thanks for everything!
Love ya

Ditto! MWA!

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