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Are you Absolootly sure he is next to blow up? Nine5Four has the exclusive with Absoloot Raw...
No it’s not Jay-z, and it sure isn’t Pit Bull spewing rich, seductive lyrics on this track. With a flow that just resonates in your ear, and a sweet delivery, you can only ask yourself WHO is this guy? That guy is Absoloot Raw.

Absoloot has a flow that is just MAJOR like record label MAJOR. He wastes no time getting you “hooked” off of catchy hooks (no pun intended) and leaves you rewinding the track (to the point where your about to break the rewind button) wanting more of his slick lyrical style and vocal presence. Absoloot is indeed based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but this is not apparent listening to his CD. His style is very indescribable. He hops on the tracks and before you know it you’re caught up in the hook, and then he is gone in the wind. It’s truly unbelievable. Absoloot leaves you wanting for nothing except to hear the songs again. He has tracks for both the ladies and the gents. His game (pimpin’ as he calls it) is smoothly delivered on a lot of his tracks, his demeanor very laid back but don’t get it twisted for one minute, he gets G’d up when necessary. The hit single, “Spoil Me” is defiantly a track that is worth listening to and in my case worth the $50.00 it cost to repair my busted CD player.


When I met with Absoloot Raw in person his demeanor was the same as on the tracks. Very triple C (Cool, Calm, and collected). He is very focused and serious by nature, but at the same time he is a comedian and very funny.


Nine5Four: So Mr. Absoloot, How did you come up with the song spoil me?
Well basically, I went out to LA and met up with Duane “Da Rock” Ramos and had a little chat session. He liked my style so we went into the studio and knocked out 5 songs. Spoil me was one of them.


So the tracks were already laid out when you got there?
Basically, but not all of them. Da Rock had an idea of what he wanted and I was able to give him what he was looking for lyrically. It was a perfect match.


There are some serious lyrics on the track and the beat is dangerous. You have a strong commercial feel. I almost felt like I was listening to the radio. This is a club track the ladies will love. Is this a preface of what your album will sound like?
Not to sound too cocky, but the album is hot. I am not holding back on this and I want people to know that this is the beginning of a dynasty. I am giving something for everyone. The ladies, Gents, Clubs and the G’s and Hustlas. I am showing the versatility that Absoloot brings to the table. I want to make sure everyone feels me. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


Wow. That’s real confidence. So what are the goals of Absoloot? Where will Absoloot be in the next few months’-years?
Right now we are focusing on the promotion of Raw, my debut album. After that, I will be working on the green squad album, which is Casanova, Ace Man and I. We (the green squad) are really focusing on getting this label main stream.


That’s pretty cool. You have your own label and artist already. So you are doing it big as of now sort of Master P/Cash Money style?
Well in the business sense of things yes, but lyrically, not to step on anyone’s toes, we are bringing a different sound and feel to the game, something that people will listen to and enjoy. The Green Squad and Absoloot will be known as album layers.


Pretty good stuff. So, how did you get involved with hip hop?
Believe it or not, my older sister Cynthia Fuller. Cynthia would write poetry and rap her rhymes around the house for fun, I was always impressed with her and well the rest is history.


Not many men would admit that… lol…But that’s cool you know where you came from and where you want to go. So, where has hip hop taken you so far?
Well, Hip hop has brought me to where I am in my life right now, (aspiring rapper, performer, but most importantly a musician). Everything I do now is for hip hop. I wake up to write music, which reflects my life. People listen to my tracks and get a firm understanding of who I am. Hip-Hop has taught me a lot about myself and the friends I associate with. So I have to say hip hop has molded a young boy like me into the man I am today.


That’s a lot of responsibility for a young guy like yourself. Most guys your age have a hard time cleaning the PSP discs, you on the other hand manage your own career, writer your own lyrics and manage a record label. That’s pretty awesome, but how will this benefit Absoloot?
All the dreams I have ever had from childhood to adulthood will be answered when I succeed. I have the support of my friends and family on my side which makes me feel good inside and helps me to focus even harder on my music. In fact, it has brought me even closer to my parents since they handle all of my marketing, and management.

You’re an Artist, manager and Owner on the same label, how does this affect Absoloot and his music?
It definitely gives me more material to write about. And on the other hand it gives me more say on what happens with my music. I determine the singles and what not… I have the final say more or less.


So you flew out to LA to record the track, what was it like to be put on the spot like that? That had to be some serious pressure.
Well, when you’re in this business, you have to be ready to do your thing on a moments notice. When “Da Rock” said we were going to the studio, I was like ok, let’s go. I had the butterflies in my stomach but I rose to the occasion and wrote 5 songs and recorded them in a 10 hour period.


The tracks sound wonderful. I am looking forward to the album. When is it set to release?
The album went out to press about a week ago so look for it early September.


Do you have any shows between now and then to help promote the album?
Actually, I have a PR team that is handling that. I am flying all over the place trying to get things right so shows won’t happen until after the release.


So do fans recognize you in the street?
I am well known in Jacksonville and Cleveland so I get approached there by fans.


What is that like being approached by people who know who you are?
It is very awkward but rewarding. I have been waiting for my time to shine and when I get approached it let’s me know my time is here.


What is Absoloot working on right now?

Well, like I said before, we are promoting my debut album Raw then its back to the lab to work on the Green Squad Album.

Can our readers buy your music now if they wanted to?
Right now the album is being pressed so look out for it Early September. You can check my myspace page at www.myspace.com/absolootraw or my website www.absolootraw.com for more information on the release and how you can get your very own Absoloot “Raw” CD.


Were you always into music or did it just happen over night?
I have always been into music for as long as I can remember. Listening to names like Nas and Twista only helped push me into the game.


What is the hardest thing about being a rapper?
People’s misconception of rap. Everyone thinks every rapper sounds the same or says the same thing and that statement is so far from the truth. For example, you could never say that biggie sounded like Pac or Fat Joe sounds like Ludacris. Almost Every rapper brings their own style to the table for the most part.


Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Support ya boy. No, but on a serious tip, those of you reading this, tell your friends, your family, everybody, support your local talent. Everyone starts off local, it’s a fact, and without you there will be no music, so support the cause, support the talent.

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