Supa Dave

Written by DAWNdada

Supa Dupa Dave! Need I say more? He is SUPER! For real Supa Dave is one of my favorite Radio Personalities and favorite people. He is an asset to Power 96 in my eyes. He is very entertaining. I have known Supa few years now and I am grateful for our friendship. Stay tuned to Power 96 to catch ya boy.

How long have you been a radio personality? I have been in radio for about 4 years now, but I have been a “personality” my whole life.

How did you get into the field? I was always good with a mic and a crowd. I use to host all the pep rallies and talent show in high school & college. I was in the Communications program over at Florida International University. At the same time I was doing my internship over at Sony/BMG. But I wasn’t happy. I didnt really like the record label side of things. So I decided to make a change before it was too late. So I dropped out! I was in my 3rd year but I didn’t care. I went over to Miami Dade College to pursue a degree in Television & Radio Broadcasting. Best move I ever made. I Graduated from Miami Dade then got a job doing street promotions for Y-100.7 . While I was there I already knew I wanted to be on the radio, so I set a goal for myself. By the end of that year I moved over to Mega 94.9 working as show producer for Boogie Down Dimas Martinez. He was cool enough to show me the ropes and school me to the game. He was like my Obi-Wan Kenobi in radio. Its hard to find anyone to help you out in this game because everyone is always scared of losing their job to the next dude on the come up. That was a very selfless act on his part, I appreciate him for what he did for me. Anyways, I got to do some occasional weekend and overnight night shifts at Mega 94.9 and that was it for me. I was hooked. I recorded an air check and sent it over to Power 96.5 . They were nice enough to give your boy a shot at the big leagues. It took me 3 years from the day I set my goal, to the time I got to Power 96.5. It been a journey, but a great one.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? I love to entertain people. But besides that, what’s better than getting paid to party? celebrities, music, women, concerts, nightclubs... what’s not to love?

What’s the worse thing about being a Radio Personality? Radio is a very unstable career. Here today, gone tomorrow kind of business. You gotta be ready to move on a drop of dime. You can get job offer or you can get fired. It can go either way. But you cant take it personal. As long as your on your grind you should be fine. Always have your next 2 moves planned. Its chess not checkers.

Favorite Guest? AKON hands down. He was my first interview and the dude is super humble and cool. Made me feel real comfortable. we were just vibin on the radio. talking like 2 old friends.

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else? I like all things music. I will be doing radio for a very, very, long time. but there’s definitely room on my plate for more, and I am super hungry. TV host for sure. maybe some acting . I’m trying to get my Mario Lopez on. If A.C. Slater can do it, so can I.

What’s in your I-Pod? iPod is the devil ! Listening to your radio more often. I need to pay bills.

What do you like to do when your not doing your job? I like to work out. Big health nut. Weight training, Spinning , Yoga, and my favorite: MMA (mixed martial arts). Its a great way to keep in shape. And there’s nothing more fun than punching someone in the face! Don’t let the pretty boy looks confused you. Come see me in the Octagon and see what I am all about.

What other fields of the industry are you in? I also manage an artist by the name of Sito aka Sito Rocks. Dude is super talented. Singer, rapper, actor, photographer, all around artist. He’s like the Fresh Prince of Miami. His song “UN BEIJO” is burning up the club scene right now. I got him currently on a summer tour that’s hitting NYC, L.A. , Texas, Miami, & Honduras. Plus we just finished his first music video. You can check out all his stuff at

Any Shout Outs? Shout to you, DAWNdada for getting this magazine and readin this article. I’m glad I didn’t bore you to death. Also big ups to everyone that has helped me throughout the years, you know who you are. One time for all my friends that listen to me on the radio, come to my events, and follow me on MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter. I love and appreciate each and every single one of ya. I am nothing without your love & support. Lets keep rockin!

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