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Written by DAWNdada

Every DJs favorite DJ! I have never heard a single DJ hate on DJ Affects skills. He is good and he knows it. His confidence and talent keep him above the radar. I am so glad I met DJ Affect he has become and amazing friend. I like to think of him as the Kanye West of the DJ world. Ha! He is loved and respected world wide, because he always give 100% and it shows. He is AFFECTing the industry. Do not miss a chance to see him live in Miami Beach or on his upcoming tour. DJ Affect is guaranteed to be a house hold name… get ready!!!

DJ Affect, WOW I have finally locked you in!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking time out of your crazy schedule to bless me with an interview! LOL

lol yeaaaa

The DJ issue would not be the same with out an interview from you... Miami’s hidden secret.

Appreciate the love, DAWNdada!

So DJ Affect... How did you get the name Affect??

My original DJ name was DJ Ari when I was on the come up, so was DJ Irie who was far more into game then I was it sounded so similar I had to change my name.

So, I opened up a dictionary started lookin up different words and affect stuck. I rocked with it and it made sense cause every time I come to the party I Affect the room!

Well you defiantly have Affected the DJ scene... you are every DJs favorite DJ. How did you get into the field?

I got into the field due to a child hood injury being bound to wheelchair / crutches, and with that happening, I was locked home cause I really couldn’t do shit. I was watching the movie “juice”, saw the DJ battle and fell in love with the art of DJ’n plus I was a music head.

Get your own story this sounds too much like the DJ Laz story!!!

LOL Similar, Laz and I got a lot in common come to find out.

Is Lazaro one of your influences?

Being from Miami I came up listening to DJ Laz, Uncle Luke and Uncle Al, so hell yea. 10:30 street party on power played a roll on my influence.

Cool, so what do you consider your Genre??

I am my genre. DJ affect is what bests describes me. Lets just say its bigger then hip hop. If you come to a DJ affect party you never know what to expect half the time I don’t know what to expect.

Oh snap, ok! The confidence is bordering cocky... BUT I like it! LOL Sounds like you take your job seriously! I see your name all over the flyers and I hear about all your parties. How did you find your way into the very competitive club scene?

Being consistently a pain in the ass, I stalked every club owner since I was 14 to give me a chance.

LOL, sounds like me.

Finally one night Rob Dinero the owner of Cream Nightclub gave me a chance and I blew the roof off. He gave me a residency, but my curfew was 2am cause I was a kid, so my mom made me get home by 2. lol. From there is where Affect spread all over the beach.

How old were you?

14 turning 15, everybody was like whose this kid, I remember working for 100 bucks I thought I was a millionaire at the time.

WOW!! now a days at least 10 years later you need to add a 0 to that amount to even consider you!!!

Sometimes two, lol. I’m the luckiest man alive, but when you do what you love people will notice.

It shows fo sho... You’re in high demand all over Miami and FTL... Do your work every night?

Yea, sometimes I wish there was at least 8 days a week

Where are some places we can find you?

Mon: Hedkandi, Tues: Mansion, Wed: love hate, Thurs: Mansion, Fri: Cameo, Sat: Bed, Sun: Liv

ummmm when do you sleep?

Here and there and my favorite place to sleep is the airport in between city hopping

I know you have graced the tables of NYC’s finest clubs, and big parties... Where else have you Dj’d??

NYC is my 2nd home but I’m no stranger to Las Vegas, Austin Texas, Atlanta, LA and everywhere in between currently working on a overseas tour in Europe

wow... so when you leave your resident clubs who fills in for you? Is there a DJ you trust to fill your BIG shoes??

Back to the 1st question when u said djs fav dj is because I have great relationships with all the djs because of my confidence I have no reason to hate on anyone I believe everyone deserves a shot so I give anybody I believe in a chance then its up to them. I have a team that I roll with that’s unstoppable so if I’m out look out for the AMG squad.


Affective Music Group I got djs in my camp and also other djs outside the camp that are like family

And there names??

Shout to Joe Dert, Mr. Mauricio, DJ Zion, DJ Dimples, DJ Chino, DJ Dysquo, Sandman, Erok 360 but currently with AMG is Zion, Joe Dert, Chino, Dysquo, Dimples. AMG is a movement not a dj crew

That’s deep. I think your positivity and confidence attracts all these amazing DJs to you. Have you ever considered joining a Dj Crew like Heavy hitters?

I have considered it

I think that’s admirable... whether you decide to run with a Dj Crew or continue down your current path... the industry is LUCKY to have such a talented DJ. What are your biggest goals?

Thanks for the love, my biggest goal is my 1st album that I’m currently working on “Affecting the industry”. Na actually my biggest goal would be if my parents didn’t have to work anymore.

So this album you plan on putting out is it a mix tape album or are you the artist?

I have over 25 artists on the album and I am producing all the tracks, so it’s a little of both. I do my own shit.

Is there any place you dream of DJ’n at or haven’t been to?

The only thing I would really like right now would be a bi-weekly residence at Las Vegas. Everywhere else I really ever wanted to spin at I have and if I haven’t spun there yet and I wanted to, its coming up on my schedule. I am pretty content on that tip.

I know you recently did a mix-tape with Casely, how was that?

Casely is an amazing artist and he is a lot bigger than Miami. Our mix-tape was called “back to the future”. Like I said he is bigger than Miami, this dude will be huge!

Yes, I agree Casely is an amazing artist and person. Have you done mix-tapes with any other artists?

I was Smittys tour DJ for awhile so I have a mix-tape with him thru J-Records, then I did a tour with Konvict music for Akon and his whole team, I did a few others. I did some stuff with Pitbull in his earlier years. Pitbull actually recorded his 1st demo that got him signed with Luke at my moms crib. He should be an inspiration to all up and coming artists, he made the impossible possible.

Any artists you’re looking to work with in the future?

As far as any other artists goes, its not really in the works. I am currently working on my own album, once that’s done I’m going to get back on my mix tape hustle. Right now it’s all about me.

Awesome, and how it should be. So when your not mixing up the turn tables and affecting the clubs, what does DJ Affect like to do besides bowling and beer (peep his tweets ppl)! LOL

Ha! Just in the studio producing and songwriting. I have a production team called “The Grammy Kids”. Shout out to Derek Olds and Big Bert. Google them! HA!

That’s dope, BUT I meant besides music what does DJ Affect like to do?

The only thing I do besides music is bowling, golf and get drunk. LOL. I really would like to just lay on the couch and do nothing, but I can sleep when I die.

HA! Ok so I see your single, its got to be hard to fit a wife into this lifestyle. What kind of girls do you like?

The spanisher the better. Currently just tried the wife thing didn’t go to well.

Ok then, moving right along, What’s in your I-Pod these days?

Strictly old school: Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and my new favorite artist these days Feist, and anything I produce.

Whenever I see and/or hear the word “Patron” I think of you! What are your known phrases?

“Google me bitch” and “It’s Patron Timeeeee”

You’re too much! Any Shout Outs?

All the haters because there the biggest supporters & my family.

Ok my love, Thanks so much, your free, go get some Patron. We out!

LOL, Thanks DAWNdada, lets go Patron on me...

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