DJ Entice

Written by DAWNdada

99 Jamz very own DJ Entice is indeed one of the BEST DJs out there. I had the pleasure of meeting Entice at SoBe Live. He is a sincere, talented and an amazing person. Make sure you check him out on 99Jamz.

What made you want to be a DJ?
The idea of being able to stand in front of a huge crowd and be able to command them for hours on end with just some music and a microphone.

How long have you been a DJ?
10+ years

What DJ do you look up to?
Jam Master Jay (yes really, not being political)

Is this your dream job?
Yes this and production (which I’m also doing as well.) Well I also wouldn’t mind acting! Lol

How long have you been with the station?
I have been with 99 Jamz for at least 6 years now.

Records or Serato?
Definitely records! There is nothing like vinyl! That’s what “DJing” was invented on! Of course with technology every1’s gotta conform but even on Serrato, you will not catch me using anything but the control VINYL.

What’s your take on the industry today?
Its messed up! I mean people just don’t know what to do and they are losing there minds! You got EVERYONE trying auto tune, a thousand artists a day poppin up on the net! You know what, I’m going to stop here or I will be rambling all day! (Lol)

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in?
Yep! Like I mentioned I am doing production so that’s actually where you catch me 98% of the time (my studio). I’m also working on artist development.

What’s in your IPod?
Ha! You name it and it is in there! Although I specialize in hip-hop, I grew up very diverse! Heavy rotation right now is Kansas - “Dust in the Wind” and Billy Joel - “Big Shot”. (Yuppppp!)

Favorite Record to date?
Wow!!! Sooo hard to narrow it down to one.

What do you do when you’re not DJing?
If I’m not in the studio, I try n spend time with fam, wifey, and I go in on PS3 (Call Of Duty - if u want it come get it my screen name is “iamentice”)

Any Shout outs?
Definitely - Shouts to Freezy, Flo, Khaled, my whole 99 Jamz Fam, DB, my parents, sister, The Duval fam, the Tampa crew, Nike, and MOST of all “Miss Thalia J” aka AC143



.WEDR 99 Jamz

.AOL Radio

.Mixsense Inc

.Minha Favela Studios

.Official DJ for Univ of Miami Men’s BBall and Football

“I represent the crib cuz even at the crib, I represent the crib!”

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