Unsigned Chronicles November

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Get Down or Lay Down

These boyz are HOT hands down. Off rip they make it known that they are unique and very diverse. I like the flow, the style, and the delivery of the tracks. OK... These guys are doing things and they def got skills. They are bringing some flavor to the game. Major Gunz huh... Yea That’s what’s up. Check out the tracks... Get Down or Lay Down is HOT HOT HOT.... This is the start of something new, something that can get the clubs jumpin... Listenin to there other tracks, it is apparent that these guys have so many styles and they are very diverse on the track. These guys blend so well together. Their voices go well together which is perfect. I want more, more, more.... Yes.. I want to hear more and YOU WILL TOO! Major Gunz doing Major Things....


Absoloot Raw

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Hip Hop / Rap
United States

OKAY in the premiere issue I had the chance to interview this guy and I only had 1 track back then. I went and bought the CD (a rare for me, but after hearing a hot track I had to hear what he had to offer) Anyways... Let me say this and “YOU WON’T HEAR IT FROM ME OFTEN BECAUSE I AM A HATER AND I AM PROUD TO ADMIT IT” THIS ALBUM IS RAW FROM FRONT TO BACK.... Damn... Can 1 man be this good? The CD has been in heavy rotation in my CD player for the last MONTH!!! This guy is beyond ready. The production on the CD is beyond exceptional for an unsigned artist. Absoloot is SERIOUS. He hyped up his album, he said it was major but I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t believe him, but he made a fool and a fan out of me at the same time. “Hit Me” is straight club. “Spoil Me” is for the ladies and “Hard As Hell” Is just too damn hard. The whole album is tight. DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT...BUY THE ALBUM... It will be the best album in your collection and I can’t wait til this guy gets back into the studio.

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