Sandra Pena

Written by DAWNdada

Little miss Sandra Pena is such a character. I am a little embarrassed to say we met thru Twitter!! HAHAHA! We were following all the same people, so I followed her… she followed me & BOOM… eventually we just became friends. She is a doll! Super friendly, HILARIOUS, and a bully (she will punch you)! Follow her on Twitter and she’ll keep you laughing. Make sure you tune into her show on Latino 96.3 in LA or online

Where can we hear you?
Middays mon- fri 10a-3p on Latino 96.3 in Los Angeles and you can stream it live thru the web

How long have you been a radio personality?
I been in radio for 9 yrs now but on-air for 6 in San Francisco, Phoenix, and now LA

How did you get into the field?
Funny actually I got in wanting to be a singer lol, the bossman of the station had his own label and I thought that was my way in fershurrr lol so I got me an internship in promotions but when I walked thru the door I just fell in love with radio, been in love ever since hehe

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
I don’t think I can pick just one thing.. I mean I love the music, the people, the listeners, all of it together just makes it the ish!

What’s your funniest experience to date as a Radio Personality?
OMG!!! lol... I was interviewing.. I dont know if i should say... awe skrew it.. I was interviewing Pitbull lol live on air.. and someone brought in a bottle... lets just say we all partied with the bottle from me to Pit to the dj and at the end of the interview the bottle was gone and to this day I still listen to that interview and laugh.. I mean its just funny to hear all the slurring and laughing and jokes and random outbursts...ummm.. drink responsibly lol.

Favorite Guest?
Well I used to do this feature called “The Latino TakeOver” where a listener would come in as the guest dj and be the on-air personality for the hor.. I must say they were my fave.. especially this group of 9 yr old foot ball players who went by DJ Frank and the team... so fun.

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else?
Radio became my dream job as soon as i walked into it.. LA was my main goal.. now that Im here I want to do more =) Ive been in a couple of music videos and am also now the newest addition to the Lady Hennessy family and hopefully you’ll be seein my face on tv soon *wink wink*

What’s in your I-Pod?
im anti-ipod... lol.. im in radio lol its my worst enemy lol

What do you like to do when your not doing your job?
Im a chikk I love shopping lol... but I love to just chill too.. and party hekks yes hehe and twitter yikes lol... follow me =)

Any Shout Outs?
Yeah actually, my fam first off..they keep me grounded.. Shouts to my listeners, to everyone whos shown me nothin but love, To Pitbull and MC Magic who have been nothin but awesome, my radio fam J Espinosa Hoodrat Miguel, JoeyBoy, Chuey Martinez, Bely, Complex, Yaya Martinez, Lady La, Fel, and since this is in Miami.. my Miami fam, Vein, Keith Ross, Elijah King, Sito Oner Rock, Supa Dave, Platano, Pills, Caspa, Angelica Curves, and of course Nine5Four Magazine, Bank$ & DAWNdada!

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