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JP is hilarious. He will keep you laughing throughout his show. I have met him many times and each time has been a positive experience. He is defiantly talented and surely humble. Make sure you tune into his show on Power 96.

Personality Name? J.P. from the Power 96 night show 6p 10p mon thru fri

Real Name? Yojahns P.

Where can we hear you? Miami FL Power 96.5 6p to 10p Mon thru Fri and on POWER96.COM

How long have you been a radio personality? I have been on air for 4 years

How did you get into the field? Well I have always been the class clown the guy who makes people laugh and breaks the ice. People would always tell me “ Man you should be a stand up comedian “ so I always knew I would do something in the industry, so in 04 I attended csb and I was able to get an internship with POWER 96 thanks to one of my mentors Chris Hudsbeth who was the director of the school at that time and now I’m doing night in the m-i-yeyo !!!!

What’s your favorite thing about your job? I love interacting with people making people laugh, and when I play a call or fight with someone on the air it’s great to hear the feed back from the listeners I LOVE THAT.

What’s your funniest experience to date as a Radio Personality? One of my funniest yet wired moments in this game was last year during the BEACH HOUSE, I was about to interview T-PAIN. Well hommie shows up with a BIG ASS top hat, you know T-Pain stylo (lol) So we give him a mic as we were coming out of commercials, I start the interview (WE ARE LIVE BY THE WAY) and before I get 3 words out T-PAIN lets out this enormous BANSHEE SCREAM right into the mic, I had to pull my headphones off the engineer that was on site freaked out and thought it was feed back lol it was a mess but that’s T for ya, Str8 Clownin...

Favorite Guest? I would have to say that my favorite guest would be BOW WOW, Very down to earth dude.

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else? This is defiantly my dream gig but my GOAL eventually is to do morning radio

What’s in your I-Pod? OOOH man I have quite a variety of music in my I-Pod, From Queen to Elton John to Journey, Hip-Hop of course and you’ll even find the sound track to Little Shop Of Horrors, LMAO I love that ish !!! but I just love music in general.

What do you like to do when your not doing your job? When I’m not on the air, I’m fishing fishing fishing

Any Shout Outs? I’d like to thank Chris Hudsbeth, Joe Cruise, Ira Wolf (aka Tony The Tiger) Howard stern (Hey Now!! LOL) and Tom Calococci the PD at Power 96 who saw something in me and gave me a shot..

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