Jay Jerkins

Written by DAWNdada

Jay Jerkins, ah what can I say about Mr. Jerkins? I think his name says it all, LOL!!! He is tough, hence the JERK in his name, BUT he is a great guy. I had the honor of meeting him on his turf of Orlando with my friends Major & Chin Muzik last November (2008). He runs his businesses tight, and values the chain of command. He is a respected, successful person in the music industry. I look forward to doing more business with him and his team in the future. Hit him up for any type of promotions or management needs. He is a monster and will get the job done!

Quote: “First U do What U have 2 do “ Then U do What u Want 2 do”

What is your official position in the industry?
I Run Promotions & Marketing Company out of Orlando, FLA

How long have you been in Promotions/Managing of DJs?
7 1/2 years

How did you get into the DJ field?
I came from a Family Of DJS, DJ NICE(Orlando, FLA) DJ DANNY S(NYC) DJ Leche (Lomaximo Productions founder and CEO) I wanted to stay behind the scenes and learn the business side.

What DJs do you Manage or Promote?
I manage DJ Nice. I promote- DJ NICE, DJ Prostyle, DJ Danny S, DJ Infa Red, Dj Point Blanc, Dj Quez, DJ Elements, DJ Leche, DJ Hektik, Shortman Movemets, DJ Manikal, & DJ GQ… Just to name a few!

How did you get involved with the Team Skeam?
I started the company after years of working with and for other companies!

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else?
Yes this is defiantly my “Dream Job” all I know is music... music is my Life!!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Everyday I do something different! My job is a constant challenge!

What’s your funniest or worse (pick one) experience to date as a Manager?
Me and DJ Nice where in Miami With Red Rat for Carnival, hundreds of thousands of people where there if I’m not mistaken! We go on stage and DJ Nice passed out in front of all those people cause he was so nervous!! LMAO True Story!

Favorite Artist you’ve encountered to date?
I really enjoyed working with the Lox, Styles P, Jadakiss, Sheek louch: Very positive Brothers... I learned a lot from those dudes growing up listening to there music!! When I worked with them, they showed me the importance of being loyal and importance of Family. I salute these cats stand up guys!!

What’s in your I-Pod?
The Lox, Beanie Sigal, Tupac, Maino, Pearl Jam, Led Zeplin, Jimmy Page, Nas, Jay-z the old Jay z not the new funny style cat with the suits and shit… LMAO!

What do you like to do when your not doing your job?
Work! I never take a day off!! So I’m always working!!

What’s your biggest goal?
To launch my own Non-Profit Organization (ARTIST FOUNDATION) for families who need Help Fighting Cancer! In Dedication to my Mother who passed April 26, 2008 from Cancer!!!

Any Shot Outs?
I would first like to thank God Almighty for making this possible!! You DAWNdada & Nine5Four Magazine, My Team Skeam Family, DJ Nice: The future, DJ Prostyle & DJ Chino - My ALLPRO FAMILY- POWER 95.3 WPYO Orlando, FL- Vanessa Roman My Mentor! Monster Energy Drink! Poe Boy Ent.- Chopper City Records -DJ Hektik- DJ Leche LMP Fam- Team FED UP - Wildcow Boyz - My Brother Bravo… and last but not least the Haters!!

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