Lay-d "L"

Written by DAWNdada

New Jersey’s very own triple threat. Miss Lay-d L is a DJ, Radio Personality and Artist. I met L before she moved to NJ and still resided in Miami. She is a very talented young woman with a lot of swag. Don’t sleep on this girl, its only time before everyone will know her name!

Where can we hear you?
Every Friday Night from 9-11 on New Jersey’s 99.3 The Joynt

How long have you been a radio personality?
Less then a year but go at it like it’s been my life

How did you get into the radio field?
I’m always networking with people in the industry, helping out or bartering services etc. I happened to receive a reply from a Jersey DJ named DJ Ant Da Pro for a craigslist posting I had put up in regards to searching for an Official DJ for one of the artist I was helping the company Higher Than Man Productions promote. He wasn’t applying but was a real cool kat and was showing love and requested music from the artist we were promoting to play on his radio show. We polly’ed a little and clowning around I said “You should have ME co-host your show” and that was it he brought me in we all clicked…me, him and his main Host “Vido” also a very cool dude. A few shows past and things took a turn where they both decided (Ant Da Pro & VIdo) to dead the show. I wanted to stay so I asked to take over their slot alone and came about Lyrical Vixen Radio Show which now has a minimum of 6,000 listeners every Friday!!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Being able to act a fool and enjoy music while thousands of people listen and stay listening because I am entertaining them.

What’s your funniest or worse (pick one) experience to date as a Radio Personality?
The day the program director rushed in the booth and was like “Hey you’re not on the air what’s going on?” I checked all the levels and connections and just incase said “sorry it seems to be that we are having technical difficulties” just incase and good thing I did because come to find out it was just that the program director was listening in to the show on his laptop and his laptop was the one having the tech problems!! I had flipped for no reason trying to understand what I did wrong but at least I acted as if everything was cool and kept playing music lol.

Favorite Guest?
Well I’ve only just started this show on my own so I’m just lining up some guest appearances but I can say that my Favorite artist to show support and bless me with a drop would have to be OJ Da Juiceman! He gave me all the drops I asked for and tried to sound as sober as possible when doing them!!

What’s in your I-Pod?
I always clean it out and put all my weeks worth of music industry people email me to hear what I should and should not play on my show. Right now I got an exclusive track from Trick Daddy his people sent me, got some R.Kelly joints, Mariah Carey, OJ Da Juiceman, Mary J, M.O.P, Most Def, Meth & Red Man….anything from HipHop to R&B to Kevin Little..big ups to him also who’s showed love in the past.

What do you like to do when your not doing your job?
Go to the movies…it’s a ritual for me! Got to go at least once a week usually Saturdays… but besides that I’m always on my grind trying to meet new people and network…if you don’t network 24-7 you wont achieve Naything!!

What made you want to be a DJ?
Well I always been involved in music since the age of 15. I started learning the industry reading a lot of books and just gaining knowledge from people who were already involved and tried to always volunteer in projects and network my butt off! I concentrated on writing my own music till I was about 20 and then started freelance writing also for magazines. I then found myself helping run major music events, hosting parties, booking major acts, promoting, doing PR work and then my own music career kinda fell off because Its hard to be an upcoming artist so I took other avenues to fulfill my needs for being in the industry. Now I host my own show in “The Bricks (NJ) on 99.3 The Joynt called Lyrical Vixen Radio (Lyrical Vixen from the all female artist & DJ crew I created in 2007 Lyrical Vixens) with the help of “Bobby The Producer” from Higher Than Man Productions.

How long have you been a DJ?
Wow me a DJ? Never thought I’d be asked that but then again I’m not only the radio personality I also play all the music my 6k+ listeners jam out to every Friday night! I’ve been doing this for a little over 6 months but you would never notice if you’ve heard my show!!

At What moment did you know this was your calling?
When a consultant from Chi-town was brought in to the station to critique the shows and help us improve he said “Wow this girl is going places!” and it helped me continue my hustle also with the support of Bobby The Producer believing in me and CEO Daryl Joyner of the station saying “I dunno it’s something about her voice” lol.

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else?
Actually I think it is! I love interacting with the artist, listening to music all the time, doing voiceovers for commercials I would definitely do this if I can the rest of my life! I also do enjoy composing R&B lyrics though so that is another dream job I wouldn’t mind as a full time career.

What’s your take on the industry today?
It’s a hot mess yo real deal. Music is definitely not as good as it use to be, people are running out of what to rap about or sing about and everyone sounds the same it’s pretty sad. It also seems like everyone you bump into in the streets claims to be in the industry or of course someone seriously…it’s all gotten out of control.

Are there any other fields in the industry you work in?
Yes, I am a voiceover talent so I do that as work on the side as well. In the past I use to multi-task more and put my fingers in everything I possibly could but lately I’ve just been putting all my efforts into my radio show.

Favorite Record to date?
Blackout 2!!!

Favorite artist?
Method Man

Song you could never here again & be happy?
Marco Polo LMAO

Any Shot Outs?
Definitely to you Dawn at for your time and consideration, Daryl Joyner (Founder & CEO of 99.3 The Joynt) Bobby The Producer from HTM Productions for being my backbone and always pitchin in, my parents, brother, famz, and close friends for always being so supportive and Definitely to allllll my listeners I love you all and thank you dearly for always tuning in, it keeps me doing what I love to do knowin’ people are actually listening and enjoying the show I put together for them every Friday night!!


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