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Written by DAWNdada

In life you meet people that make you a better person, DJ Rob N is one of those people to me. He is not only one of Miami’s BEST DJs he is also one of societies BEST people. In all my years in this industry I have yet to meet a DJ more humble and appreciative then Rob N. His talent exceeds that of most. I am blessed to have such an amazing friend and college in my life. DJ Rob N’s music, talent and charisma’s going to change the game.

Thank you DJ Rob N for taking the time out of your busy life to do this interview for N5F magazine.
No problem...My pleasure.

How did you get into DJ’n?
I started at a skating center, Thunder Wheels...I was 14.

Wow... so you have been DJ’n for a minute... What made you want to DJ?
Yes mam...I like to think of it as a calling...

So, the music just called to you?
Oh fuh sho... It was destiny lettin’ me know that was my gift... I just fell in love with the whole art of Dj’n...It’s like a fine broad...Music.

That’s awesome...Did u start on turn tables or Serato?
Turntables...never liked the whole CDJ shit...Technics 1200.

Do you still use turntables?
All day...

Wow, that’s amazing...there are not too many DJ’s that still use turntables. Are there any DJs that inspired “your calling”??
Oh yeah...I was a big fan and student of DJ Skribble...and Dj Slynke... Them dogs right there motivated me to master my craft... Them dogs get down. Seriousss.

Classics!!! Hence the reason you’re so good! I have had the honor of hearing you spin, and you definitely have the skills. How did you know this was your calling?
I knew this was it, when I realized there was nothing else in this world I rather do, then Dj...I just wanted to rock...and so I did.

DJ Rob N how did you come up with that name??
Well my government name is Robin...In the beginnin’ thats how I would spell it, but then I thought I’d flip it...give it some flava. I was like, oh shit hold up...Rob...N...I’m Dj Rob N and I’m Rob N the Industry...haha...BAMMM...there it was.

Did you use any other names in the beginning of your career?
Nah...I never wanted to use no krazy names...I thought I’mma do I’mma do me. Period. It was that simple... Besides...I knew I was gonna make history one I wanted the world to know Rob N was makin history, not Dj Someshit...No disrespect.

So after the skating rink how did you get into the club scene??
My popularity grew in the skating center...I remember Dj Irie used to Dj Saturday Nites...and he would shut em down. Back when his name was Irie I. Shots out to Irie...real good peoples right there. I wanted to Dj Saturday Nites too...cause I started doin 7-10 AM sessions with 2 little kids their mom and grandma. Haha...I remember it like if it was yest.

LOL...that’s Abuelita was your 1st groupie?
Haha...Nah the mom was...but that was my time to practice and start perfectin’ my craft. Then I started rockin’ afternoon sessions and the word just spread. Throughout the high schools and shit...I finally got the Saturday Nites...and I shut em downnnn.

How did I get into the club scene??
Promoters heard of me and went to the skating center to ask me If i wanted to start rockin’ clubs... I said of course...Let’s do this.

That’s a long way from “Team Pitbull”. How did you get down with the Team Pitbull movement?
I met Pit before his career was where its at Power 96...I was just a mixer. I bumped in to em and said...Yo that OYE record is tight work...I got u with some spins whenever I can. He was like aight koo, fuh sho...I remember he asked me. Where u from nigga? I was like...Cuban dog. He was like, aight fuh sho. We started buildin’ from that day on, and the rest was history...I always showed em luv when I spun on the air, and he always laced me with the new freestyles and custom drops and nigga.

As a DJ do you feel you have “broke any artists”???
Yeah...I think its safe to say I helped Pit very much throughtout his career, as well as other people have also, and to this day he’s helped and continues helpin’ us...

Were you one of the 1st Team Pitbull DJ’s?
You could say that. He saw I was on my grind and we just started rollin’. I just became his DJ. I remember, haha, when it was just 15-20 people to see em perform, and I remember when it was 30,000 people to see em perform. I saw his whole career take off. It was great knowledge to me.

WOW... Do you consider “Team Pitbull DJ’s” a DJ Crew like for example “Heavy Hitters”? Because there is a good number of “Team Pitbull DJs”.
Team Pitbull is just the crew...U know...there’s The PROdeuces...there’s DJ Rob N, there’s KornBred...there’s Dj Chino...Dj Buddha...and management and shit. But Pit is linked up with a gang of Dj’s. So his team is as strong as his industry relationships, and that being the case...He’s got a real powerful team.

Would you be down to be in a “DJ Crew” like “Heavy Hitters” or “Executioners“??
That’ll be koo. Heavy Hitters is a dope crew. Shots out to them. One time for Mr. Mauricio.

What clubs do you rock at these days?
I’ve rocked pretty much at most clubs in Miami. I’ve been on the road all over the U.S. Lately I’ve rocked at Cameo. I’m workin’ on gettin’ in some spots as we speak. Reason being, for the past 3 years, I’ve really been focused on my production. So now that my production is startin’ to take off, I’m goen bak to rok’n venues.

So you have taking your skills out of the booth and been gracing the industry with your production. Along with the equally handsome and talented “Witeman” to form 2009’s dynamic duo “Witeman & RobN” better known as “The PROdeuces”... do you believe that your skills for production came from “your calling”as a DJ?
Oh yea. All day every day. I think that’s the best way to get into the production. Havin’ a Dj’n background is a major plus. Your musical ear develops over time as a Dj. It comes to a point where u know what a HIT record sounds like. From playin’ them, that u decide u wanna make ur own HIT lets go. The PROdeuces in this bitchhhhh...

What type of music does DJ Rob N have in his I-Pod?
I got from Jimmy Hendrix to Dr. Dre, from Bob Marley to B.I.G, from Aerosmith to Snoop Dogg, from Run DMC to T-Pain, shit I can go for days, from Barry White to Outkast, from Ray Charles to Ryan Leslie, from Stevie Wonder to Justin Timberlake...The Beatles, N.E.R.D, Rolling Stones, T.I.P, Michael Jackson, The DREAM, Jay Z of course, EMIN3M of course, Jadakiss of course...Bone Thugs N Harmony, Trick Daddy of course, Chester French is dope, oh Mr. James Brown is a must, I listen to R & B a lot also. Reggae make dem gurlz dutty wine...I like reggae music a lot, and a lot of instrumentals. I’m always studying beats. I enjoy breakin’ down beats and listenin’ to how they use the snares and kicks and hats and shit...bass lines, leads, I said, I’m a fan of the Music. That’s just to name a few. U must have the gift of rhythm. In order to create The Bounce, In order to DJ and mix records the rite way. If not...Goodbye.

Can u dance??
Oh yea...I get down. U know the ladies like a man that can dance. So I got some moves. It’s another way of charmin’ them. Come here gurl...Just get a lil closer to me... Yea that feels good. Haha. Just like that.

I don’t want to get too into the famous The PROdeuces in this interview because I plan on doing a whole article on you 2 rock stars in the next issue. BUT I wanted to touch base with it for your fans. Do you have skills in any other fields of the industry?
I think I pretty much got em all. Club Dj...Radio Mixer...On Air Personality...Tour Experience and Music Production. Over the years I’ve gained knowledge in all these different fields which all fall under MUSIC, and of course the business side of it also. I call it Musical Wisdom. Priceless. Great knowledge for when I one day own my own label. It’s krazy. My dreams are slowly but surely becomin’ a reality. Shots out to God.

So “WHEN” your dream comes true of owning a label and having it all...will you still rock the turntables?
Till I die... I luv the art of Dj’n... U can never forget where u come from. That’s how it all began...2 turntables and a Mic. Then I’ll be able to charge a lil more to rok’ venues don’t u think? Haha.

That’s amazing. I know all of us look forward to seeing you and your dreams make it. Just remember I want Dark wood in my office!!!
Oh DAWNdada is definitely gonna take part in my success. U already are...which is very much Appreciated.

Aww, Thanks boo!!! So now that we got to know DJ ROB N the king of the art. I know the people, fans & haters wanna know Robin!!! You ready to let it all out??
Lets rok... Robin Louis Garcia. Damm, even my name sounds successful. Haha...

So I see in your STATS your single. Are you looking for the next Mrs.ROB N ??
The story of my life... I must say I’am the lover type. When Mrs.Garcia shows up, I’ll take her right away. Even doe I’ve thought I was in luv in past relationships. I think they were all lessons needed to be learned, so whe she does show up. It can be for real and not just some pastime. She is gonna have to pass quite a few tests in order to get some of my trust. But for now...Im enjoyin’ myself. Yuhhh.

Sounds like u have trust issues Mr. Garcia!
Nah, I once gave eveything I had to this real fine beautiful woman. Whom I thought would have my back till death. But It turned out differently. So I just don’t feel like feelin’ that burn again. Shit kills me. But God will deliver me a bad one with good morals and the ride or die attitude. Fuh sho.

Understandable. With all that you do where do you find time to be Robin Louis Garcia?? & Who is R.L.G?
RLG is the son, is the brother, is the family man. I’m me all the time. I just choose who to invite in my inner circle u know. This world is full of fakeness and fuk shit. I walk a str8 line. So there’s no time for that. My dogs tell me sometimes I’m like an old man. Haha...It’s just that old skool mentality I guess. Same as my ol bwoi.

How has your family influenced you as a person and DJ?
I’ve been raised by my mother and father. So I know the true value of a family. Which is a very positive influence knowin’ that u got 2 people who will never cross you, and got ur bak for life. That’s more powerful than anything in the world. My mother and father both have degrees and went to college. My mother has a journalism degree and my fathers a pediatrician. Yea, I went to college for art, always been good drawin’ and shit. But I’m chasin my dream, not a diploma. As dumb as that might sound. They got my bak, cause they know I got theirs. They will be the first to get taken care of. Believe that whoa.

What do you do to relax?
I luv watchin movies. Im a big fan of Hollywood. I relax at home, It’s real peaceful at the crib. I have a bad day, shit goes wrong. I can always come home and just chill. Which keeps me lookin forward to me havin’ my own family one day..I like that very much.

That’s good. Do you ever find yourself wanting to give up on the music?
I think every artist goes through a stage of frustration. It hits u when shit doesn’t happen when you want it to happen. U question, God what’s goen on here? But the answer to that is...TIME. It’ll all come together when the time is rite. I know I’m doen it for a good cause, and I got what it takes. So I’m not stressin’. I’m good. Believe dat’... But I guess there are moments of frustartion. You know they say. U must breakdown before u breakthrough...Shiiiiit.

I’ve been through the worse allready. Loosin’ my grandma, my brother. May they Rest In Peace. Loosin’ my job at Power 96 because of a “smart” Operations Manager while holdin’ number one ratings on The Nite Show. And loosin the woman I thought loved me all at once. I think that can be called a breakdown. But on the real, It was all a blessing in disguise. It was God walkin’ me through the hard times in life. Shit made me real strong. Now and days, my mind is clear and I’m focused. I really don’t see any negative. Real Talk.

That’s good keep the positive attitude and positive people around you and positive things will embrace you.
Its krazy. It’s already happenin...Yuhhh.

What did you want to be before you wanted to be a DJ?
Thought I was gonna be a Doctor like my father. Shiiit, too much studyin. Way too much studyin. Not enough girls and too much reading...? HAHAHA Haha, u already know... As soon as I knew it was music at the age of 14, I knew I was on to something. So now I’m just followin’ my DREAMS. I thank God for the ability to DREAM. It’s kind of like my foresight to the future. We gon be o right.

I am not going to front here Rob N, when I 1st met you I was really skeptical about you. You had this “I’m cooler than u” swag and you were a little short with me. But you are TRULY and amazing person. I’m honored to be your friend and associate. Your family surely did raise you right.
Oh u know it’s a difficult task to trust people in this industry, fuk that in this world. My confidence sometimes rubs off as cockiness. But never that, we all bleed the same. No one person is better than the next. Money don’t make the man, man makes the money. I’m glad to have u as my friend and associate. Luv bebe. So it’s my pleasure to be in business with u...

Who do you want to thank or shout out for helping you get to the status you are in today??
I really just wanna Thank God...I have a real good relationship wit God. He’s made it all possible. And of course those who have helped me along the way, they know who they are. No need for name droppin. One time for the 305, and oh yeah, shotout my brother WiteMan...Let’s get it bwoi...The PROdeuces.

That’s beautiful... Thank u DJ Rob N...
Thank Youuuuu DAWNdada...and thank Nine5Four Mag. God Bless.

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