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Mrs. Yvonne Monic Plasencia De La Santa Cruz now Merced is the co-host for the DJ Laz Morning Pimp Show on Power 96! I met Ivy about 2 months after I met Laz on his Birthday 2004, ever since she has been one of my favorite chicas. She is one of those Radio Personalities you can relate to. She either reminds you of yourself, your crazy cousin, or someone. Ivy does not back down on her strong beliefs and will keep you laughing all morning. Ivy introduced me to a lot of amazing people in the industry and I am forever thankful for her friendship. Ivy is very confident, beautiful and personable. Make sure you tune into Power 96 Monday thru Friday to listen to the King & Queen of Radio: DJ Laz and Ivy!!!!

Where can we hear you?
Miami, Florida-Power 96(96.5) DJ Laz Morning Pimp Show 6am-10am

How long have you been a radio personality?
About 6 years

How did you get into the field?
Well, well, well….I moved here from Texas in September of 2001 to follow my dream. MUSIC! After I finally realized that I was way too talented vocally and I would hurt Mariah Cary & Beyonce’s feeling if I were to drop an album, I decided that being on the radio would be second best. (They owe me big time for that favor, but whatever) Anyway, after moving here to the M.I.A., I fell in love with Power 96. After a few months of harassment, tons of phone calls, a few dates, and a few favors(wink wink) DJ Zog, the mastermind behind the 5 o’clock traffic jam, allowed me to get my foot in the door by hooking me up with a job. From there, I worked my way up of from janitor, to “do girl”, and then the legendary “Pimp with The Limp” DJ Laz rescued me from the gutter and gave me the biggest opportunity of my life, a spot on the morning show! Yes, a Cinderella story & Laz is my Prince!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
All the famous Papi Chulos that I HAVE to meet and of course HAVE to be nice to! It’s GREAT!

What’s your worse experience to date as a Radio Personality?
Oh My GOD! How about when the very drunken comedian Tracy Moran came into the studio, with a holy and stained shirt, licked the bottom of my flip flop (the part that meets the floor), and put my ENTIRE foot into his mouth! Ewwwwww….It scared me for life!

Favorite Guest?
Someone who still to this day was the most amazing guest ever is Lionel Richie. He really shocked me. Although he’s a legendary artist, he was still so so sweet and so down to earth. He hung out in the studio, sang songs, and even made a phone call to DJ Laz’s wife live on the radio. He seriously brought tears to my eyes! It was an awesome experience!

Is this your dream job or do aspire to be something else?
This is definitely my dream job! I wouldn’t change it for anything. However, if some big time movie director decides to make me the star of a movie, I wouldn’t deny that! I would LOVE to do some acting.

What’s in your I-Pod?
Everything!! From 2 Pac, to Kanye, to Beyonce, to Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, to Mariah Carey, to old school Dr. Dre, to Eminem, to Selena(just in case ya don’t know, she was a Mexican/Tejano singer), to Celia Cruz! And of course I’ve got the legendary Michael Jackson’s music on there too! Rest in Peace papito!

What do you like to do when you’re not doing your job?
Sleep! LOL~I like to hang out with my hubby, watch movies(even though I tend to knock out within the first 30 minutes), go on cruises, visit family & friends in Cali, I’m addicted to Spa’s, gossip with the girls over a few drinks, and I do frequent the “adult establishments” quite often!

Any Shot Outs?
Oh Yea! First off, my mummy aka my “superwoman” who always told me that I could do anything in life that I wanted to do. And I’ve also gotta give some hugs, kisses & a little tongue to my entire Power 96 family! Especially my morning show familia…Mr. Pimp Daddy Dj Laz, Eddie Mix, Choppy Chopz, Big Al & Jessica…XOXOXO~MUAH! And of course everybody from the people who hold down the night time shifts to the superstars like Lucy Lo, DJ Zog, Baby Bree, J.P. & D.J. Def. Power 96 is POWERFUL because we are family! The strongest bond ever! Love you all!

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