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With the weight of an entire county resting firmly on his shoulders, J-Perk a.k.a Mr. 954 is not stopping or slowing down for anything. His goals are set, his music is being produced and recorded and the only thing left for him to accomplish is Broward County on the map. Mr. 954 holds nothing back as his flows harmonize with the beats produced for him, and with his focus set to pull Broward to the main stream J-Perk is looking to do some big things for the 954 Ya dig?

Currently on his 2nd mixtape, with some serious hits out the box like 2step, King in these streets and Ya Dig, Perk is making it known that Broward County (954) is a major contender in the music industry. With most of the focus on Dade County (305), Not many people know or even understand that a movement is in progress to bring some much needed light to the abundant talent this county has to offer. J-Perk is looking to spearhead the entire movement boasting “I’m the best rapper alive that’s unsigned” and “J-Perk is the King of the South”. Don’t take his words for it, listen to the tracks. It’s apparent that he has a claim to fame with the tracks he is dropping. So go ahead and throw ya L’s up cuz 954 is here now and Mr. 954 is ready to take the crown and the throne!



So Mr. 954, how did you get involved with music and hip-hop?
I grew up in a household where music was always prevalent. From Michael Jackson, earth wind and fire and my mother listening to gospel. I didn’t really get into it until my 10th grade year of high school. My friends and I were just throwing ideas. I was more into poetry but came to the conclusion that this was the same thing as rap just without a beat. Then I decided to take my writing of poems to writing songs and the rest is history.

When did music become real for you?
Um... about 4 or 5 years ago. It was hobby for me until I started getting reactions from my immediate circle and people were giving me the go ahead. At first I was skeptical because I know them but once I started getting feedback in general then I felt more comfortable doing it. And the motivation just propelled me.

How did you hook up with OC (organized confusion)?
OC is an independent record label and I am one of the owners of the label but we all the majority of us have known each other since the high school years and since we all had a dream to make music, we decided to make our own label and promote ourselves because no one is going to look out for you like your homeboys would do. We make our own rules and do what we do. At one point we were a car club and we changed the name and group.

So have you had any radio play?


We have had a few songs played on the radio. Like x102.3 with DJ Daddy fats for unsigned talent on Sundays. We are still shooting to get our music played on other stations to get our music played on a broader basis.

This is your second mixtape right?
This is my second solo mixtape. I have a few features but for the most part it’s all me.

Where can people buy the mixtape?
They can contact me on my myspace is or my website and in the next few days I’ll be allowing for online downloads or they can email me and I can set it up. There is a list on my site where people can grab the CD.

You gotta keep hustlin. So do you perform regularly?
I generally jump around. Tuesday nights I’m out at cheers on cypress east of 95. That’s where I do a lot of my shows. I used to frequent club Boca but that slowed down and I’m trying to set things up again.

How is the street responding to you?
The general response from the street is great from what I have seen. Everything has been 2 thumbs up but not much negative feedback and I kind of want some negative feedback to help me improve if needed but the response has been great. I thought I was going to take on some fire using the name Mr. 954 but it has been picked up pretty good by the people and people seem to like it. This isn’t the first time I came out; The label has dropped about 9 mixtapes in 3 years so the streets know me a little bit.



When you do your music, what are you trying to get out?
I have a lot of goals with my music. 1 is to reach the level or stature that my talent should get me to which is to become national, a major recording artist in the industry. I feel my talent has been proven and I can be up there with the 50’s and the Lloyd Banks and the top in the game at this moment that’s the way I feel as far as that goes. One of my biggest goals is to make it where I feel as if I should be or will be in due time. Another goal is to bring national music coverage to Broward County. I’m striving to put Broward County on the map as I say in a lot of my songs. I want to be the one who takes Broward on my shoulders and carry the county on my shoulders. Dade gets a good response generally from everyone in the music industry Miami is popular spot right now for music but we are only 20-30 minutes away but no one comes here to look for talent. There are a lot of other artist who tried to put Broward on but they have been unsuccessful, not saying their talent wasn’t necessary good enough to do so but for what ever reason they didn’t accomplish it. That is my goal as a solo artist. My goal is to Broward on the map. That’s why I took on the name as Mr. 954.

How has that been going for you trying to put 954 on the map outside of 954?

It’s progressing. It’s hard to do so because the biggest area to go to is Dade County and its hard to go into Dade reppin Broward county. But at the same time there is that unspoken uneasiness between Dade and Broward right now which makes it somewhat taboo to go to Dade with the 954 throw ya L’s up. I have no problem with Dade county doing there thing or being the focal point of Florida right now because they have earned it. There have been several artist who have proven themselves time and time again to give Dade that reputation that they have but at the same time we have several talented artist in Broward county that with the right exposure could do the same things that those artist did for Dade could done for Broward.

What’s next thing for Mr. 954?
For me... I have been doing a lot of writing. I am pushing this mixtape right now. I am just trying to keep the buzz going, not just to make money but to re up on the tape and distribute it more. I just ant to get the name set. Besides that I have been in the studio and more original songs will be dropping. I am trying to go to the radio with original stuff. I am looking to drop the album by late 07 early 08.

Is there anything else you would like to add or say to the readers?

For anyone that is trying to do it just stay focused. Its not an easy thing to get into the door it is definitely hard. There are a lot of proven artist that don’t get in. Focus yourself and deviate yourself to your dream because it’s gonna take a lot of hard work dedication but even more so patience.

J-Perk Mr. 954. Check him out online at

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