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With his mind focused and the skills to back him up Gustavo maybe the start of a movie central in South Florida. As the CEO of Gooseman Pictures, Gustavo is ready. Ready to step up and do what he does best, Films and Television programing. All it takes is one; One file, One TV series with his name or symbol on it as the producer and it’s a wrap. 

With some big names under his belt in the TV industry, Gustavo is looking to put a “New Face” on the TV game. Make way, make room, move over or get out the way because it’s time for change and with the quality of his work as his pride, you have to accept Gustavo’s vision and work like a heavyweight contender in the film and television industry. Prepare yourself to get knocked out!

Speaking with Gustavo was very educational and provided a lot of insight into his projects and what he is looking to do. Television series, and Big Screen Films are all in his scope and range and he is coming for it all full speed! Gustavo, remember the name, take note of the symbol because it’s coming to a TV and Theater near YOU!


So what is it that your company does? Right now I am developing a number of different projects in television and film. I am a developing company that creates programming for different outlets. On the TV side, I have a lot of resources where I can produce the projects myself. Once I have the projects structured and the financing in place, I can build my team and produce the project myself.

So you’re trying to make your own film? I am trying to produce my own films and television serious. I have a few projects that I am working on to put things together to make my own show. I am putting together different pilots to present to the different outlets and get distribution and sponsorship. On the film side, it is more into the development side. In a sense just get the funds and an idea of what I do and then start making the contact with the production that believes they can help make it come to life.

What is a pilot? A TV pilot is basically the first show of a TV series that you are developing. You have a concept and you shoot the very first series of the show. If the station decides to pick it up, then they literally order a number of shows to follow up to continue the series. Its basically how all series end up on TV.
Sort of a demo? Yea it’s a demo a sample show. They are usually at a much lower budget level and is a high risk because you don’t know if the show is going to pick it up.

Who pays for the pilot? The pilot is funded by the lead producer, the producer who wants to take the risk. In the case of the show I was hired to be a show runner it was the executive producer and other companies that owns the right to create the show pretty much put in all the money and basically to own the right to something its just by coming up with a concept putting it down on paper and then just registering it so that you have the rights to the name of the program and all of that stuff. Basically on the pilot level it’s the producer and the investors that take the risk.

What does a TV producer do? A TV producer is the person that basically in charge of all the creative aspects of the


television show so basically they are the ones that are writing out the script and hiring the talent and any other crew like cameras and audio. The Executive producer is above the producers on the TV level and they are usually on a higher level. They come in with all the money and talk with the networks. The producer is hands on and is responsible for making the show look the way it does. So, if the show is successful, or a flop then it’s pretty much the producers fault.

What else would u branch off into if pilot fails? Anyone that is in the TV industry is either do TV or film. I am looking to do both. You have to be diverse and have different options to be successful because there might be ones that are a success and others that might need some work. Per the nature of the business in the case of film, things take a lot longer because there is so much money involved. TV can be done a lot quicker and cheaper with today’s technology. The key is to have good people working with you. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do as far as my philosophy. I have the appropriate tools to create a high level pilot but the tools aren’t enough because you need the right kind of people who know how to use those tools. So with my experience I am that level and the people that I work with and I know and trust are also at that level and that’s key. So basically my whole thing is I am going to keep working on the film. And the TV is easier to come out with and is very profitable. On the film level I am very selective with the projects because of time and money. The projects we have for film right now can be very marketable and be done a very health scale. So that’s the trick, finding the right budget and people.


How long have you been in the industry? I basically graduated from school in 1996 and I have been in this industry for 10 years now and I have worked for a lot of higher level companies like ESPN, Fox, MTV and Don King Productions and so I have always had exposure to very high level production and programming and that’s why I feel so confident in my ability to create something that the networks will like.

So, you’ve seen what they accept and what they don’t? Well I’ve been a part of it. Because I’ve always produced and edited it for the m so I know exactly and I’ve been hands on with everything I am trying to do now. So I know how to create the projects I am working on now I just needs to be on the outside of things where I am bringing in the money and I am assembling things differently than if I was working for the studio using there resources.

I heard about you’re film and it seems hot. Can you give a brief description for the readers? It’s a story about two people who desperately needs a second chance in life and they are coming from two opposite sides of the world. One is a frustrated US college soccer coach who is basically riding out his father’s dream of pursuing the sport in the United States. His father was inspired by his travels around the world specifically Brazil where he saw what this game means to the whole nation and he wanted to bring it back to the US. And so his son is the main character of the film and he is trying to continue that dream by coaching the team his father originally started. And that team is on the threat of being abolished because the school has to make cuts and the team is not doing so well. On a desperate move he goes to Brazil to find a star and he meets up with this soccer player who had the tools to be a star but lost his ways when his mother died of an illness. Now these two souls met each other and now they can unite to help each other. The coach is living for his father’s dream and the son is living his mom dream because she wanted him to be a successful person. Now he has the chance to study in a big university and learn plus play the game. It is a very spiritual film and both guys get a second chance in life.

Did u write it? No the writer I have is very talented guy from Brazil. He has written a few films out there that have done great locally in Brazil. That’s why I am pursuing these guys because they are the best. That’s why I am looking for investors because with that kind of backing I am sure to assemble everything I need for the film, the project. But he is a real script writer. It’s not some friend he does this for real.

Is there anything else you would like to share? I believe there is tremendous amount of talent in south Florida that is not being tapped into and I fully have the intention of doing that with my pursuits with film and television. I feel that s. Florida can start to grow into it’s own as a Hollywood of sorts but it needs to have the right kind of support and the people involved have to be ready to handle the big business that comes with it. Otherwise we will always be a destination for a film coming from California and we need to become a little stronger than that and I want to be part of that growth. I don’t want people to go to California for jobs; I want them to do it here. We also need to branch to other cultures and other Latin countries and European countries and make south Florida a strong player in that. It’s not just about one film, that’s just the beginning. It’s about growing and giving a shot to the talent that exists in this area. People can check me out or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or via phone 305-205-3888 or fax 786-513-3157. That’s pretty much it.

Gustavo and Gooseman Films, Young people doing big things!

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