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Nine5Four The Magazine goes one-on-one with Bad Newz, A producer who brings good Newz and fortune to any artist he supplies beats for. His Production sheet includes big named artist to local artist and with a few classics under his belt, he is ready and able to take the industry by storm.
"Weedo Everything!"

How did you get involved with music?
Well, my old boy was a DJ. So the lil' bit of time I did get to spend with him as a lil' one, was spent ridin' out in his Caddy' and the fifteens(speakers) beatin' the tag loose.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do?
Music is medicine.

Who or what are your biggest influences?
Me, that's who! Lol...Nah...I would say my kids, brothers and sisters, my old girl (mother), every nigga out here surviving life.

What are the key things you are trying to cover? What point are you
trying to make?
Everything! People need to learn how to be themselves, and what that really means.

What are some of the things you see yourself doing in the near future?
Lockin' down the industry.

What kind of affect do you feel you have on your community, family, and
I really don't know. I know I love everyone that I call family or friends.

What would you change if anything about yourself?

Do you feel you are bringing a positive message to the youth?
I hope so.

What are some of the things you are looking to achieve with your career
All I want to do is raise my kid’s right.

What things have you been a part of (TV, Film, Ad's)? What are you
doing to get more exposure?
Man I been around the world and I, yi, yi...I'm grindin' man. I'm everywhere you at.

What are you bringing to the game that is different? What is so unique
about you or your style?
I let the product speak for itself.

Are you getting love from the home front? How does that make you feel?
4sho. I’m part of some hood classics. I set trends in the hood. Which reminds me, yall betta get yall mind right down here. Yall ain't hearing my name for nothing. This shit official. Wait too long I'm get ya in line.

Do you have a crew you run with? If so, who are they and how do they
help with the music? If not, how do you manage to come up with all of your
Grand Nash, WEEDOO ENT., Muscle Movement, Cut the Check.

Do you produce your own tracks or do you have a producer. If so, how do
you get inspired to produce your tracks?
I do my tracks.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any words of motivation or encouragement?
Look out for DIRTERED, Muscle Movement. WEEDOO IT ALL, BUT WEEDON'T PLAY. Everything is Holistic.

Contact Bad Newz:
or call 1-954-839-0437
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