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Nine5Four The Magazine: Thank you guys for joining us tonight. I appreciate you all taking the time out to be here with us... It means a lot to Nine5Four The Magazine

Down Pat: Thank you 4 having us

Dutch: I’m glad we finally got to do it

Resolution: Yeah

Nine5Four The Magazine: You guys are all rappers, individual for the most part but you sometimes collaborate... How did you guys meet??

Down Pat: Go head res

Resolution: ite lol… I’ve known Down Pat since i was like 9 or 10 I would say. Even then we were f***g around with music here and there. Me n Dutch linked up at the same high school when he had heard through a mutual friend that I rapped. Me n DP had kinda stopped talking for a minute cuz he moved to O Town, when he came back, we kinda picked up where we left off.

Dutch: I met res in my junior year of high school in weight lifting class, I heard him and his boy made music, I always had lyrics but never any way to record or no way to get beats for my songs...then res stepped in and brought my music to life. We’ve been tight recording tracks over the last 5 years and me and DP linked up thru RES recently at this passed show.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Ok... So you all pretty much group up together and you Res, was the or is the linking factor... What element do you guys bring to the industry that you feel is currently lacking??


Resolution: Word lol

Resolution: We all kinda inspired each other full circle

Dutch: I feel that we bring sincerity to the game, word play and rather unique...Some of the guys out there right now seem to have forgotten about the hunger of hip hop and there is more to music than just leanin’ and rockin’

Resolution: Yeah the game lacks content, it seems like these past few years its been dumbed down more and more

Down Pat: lol- That’s real!! That’s about what it boils down to!

Resolution: It’s like the major labels don’t want it to be enjoyable for artists anymore, so we try to provide that fun, yet thought provoking music

Resolution: at the end of the day, you have to have fun with it, otherwise it don’t mean shit

Down Pat: True

Nine5Four The Magazine: gotcha... So why did you guys choose music? Why not some other outlet for your artistic expression and why rap???

Resolution: There are so many alternate outlets within this music, from beat -boxing, to breaking to mc-ing to producing; it has grown to be a community and religion more so, than just the music

Dutch: well, I was never really huge on hip hop till I was about twelve and listened to the Marshall Mather’s LP for the first time, I was in the process of moving from Staten Island (NY) to South Florida and it was probably one of the most depressing times of my life

Down Pat: Because even though were influenced by all music, this was the most unique and defined style for my personality... I love all the shit though in my way to vent out I did what Shady did and put my emotions and anger on paper...then like I said res came in later and brought it to life just not garbage shit

Resolution: it kept me out of trouble too

Dutch: it was sick because after finding hip hop i was able to go back and listen to classic albums for the first time; it was crazy to see what i missed out on for so many years

Nine5Four The Magazine: Lol... You all have a unique reason for doing the music... That’s cool... what do you think you would be doing right now if you didn’t get involved in hip-hop?

Resolution: dead, smoking crack, sumthin non significant lol

Down Pat: lol

Resolution: I really can’t tell you, this is all I could see myself doing
Dutch: well I’m a DJ at local bars and clubs in South Florida but I definitely think that was hip hop inspired....i probably would’ve stuck with baseball and tried to make something out of it

Down Pat: coaching some form of sport or some shit most likely, may still do that shit

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol... Ok... So what is your favorite part about making music and why?

Down Pat: Man hearing the shit in your head, ya thoughts, views on life, etc... Man aint nuthing better than that bra, creating some new type shit, naw mean, some original shit!

Resolution: Performing. A song can be played several times over, whether through mixing or just jamming to it, but the song never truly becomes alive until it has been performed. That feeling of energy after killing a verse, be it on stage

Resolution: or in front of people in the street, etc.

Down Pat: Ya words immortalize you bra-that’s what stays behind when you dead and shit ..Along with ya fam of course

Resolution: fa sho

Dutch: Coming up with new concepts and different ideas, I also love thinkin’ of some shit that’s been bothering me or on my mind all day and puttin’ it to paper and creatin’ a story

Resolution: or just seeing what u can do with random words

Dutch: it’s a way for people to relate to the problems we all go thru

Down Pat: Good and bad

Nine5Four The Magazine: Obviously you all have performed before... Try and recall the first time... What was that like and how did that impact your decision to continue this course?

Down Pat: Damn... I never performed written material... I always just kicked off the dome and shit ...and to hear mufucas be like... Yo that shit is off the hook and hearing cats lovin’ that shit ,man i
knew i had some shit

Dutch: I would always perform for my crew in NY and shit but my first real performance was for my fraternity during greek week, I took jabs at the other frats in my verse and straight up called them out...people went nuts

Dutch: and that electricity that runs thru u on stage when you kill it, makes it easy to realize why we want to do this everyday

Down Pat: My first written performance was at the unsigned hype shit -lol

Resolution: The first time I performed with a mic on stage n shit was in high school for this pep rally event. A lot people didn’t know I rapped so it came as a surprise. I gained a lot of props that day, but there was some hatin as well.

Dutch: people r always gonna hate F**k em -lol

Resolution: needless to say the hatin didn’t discourage me, it kinda jus made me tell myself that no ones gonna make me stop

Down Pat: motivate be b***** lol

Nine5Four The Magazine: You guys will continue to evolve and get better and better as time goes by... Besides the music and anything in it, what motivates you to continue doing music?

Down Pat: Exactly what you just said ...hearing it never stops...You can only get better wit time...Unless the industry gets to you and shit- lol but it all comes wit the territory, keep it fun and real and nuthin can change that

Dutch: That’s so easy...the fact that I don’t want to b one of the guys working a 9 to 5 everyday sitting behind a desk, in some kind of monkey suit everyday...also hearing the shit they play on the radio motivates me cuz I just think damn if

Dutch: These dudes can get signed I got a big f*****g shot lol

Resolution: Yeah elevation is motivation, but it’s also what separates me from a lot of people I know who have never followed a dream or ambition in their life and will find themselves feelin sour in the end. I might not be alive next week so I’m gonna do what I do best and what I enjoy ya dig

Down Pat: True

Nine5Four The Magazine: Well I can see that you guys are well versed... Thus your music speaks highly of yourselves. For that I commend you. I have done a lot of interviews and things are pretty much always the same. Every now and then there is an exception, like you guys. To that point, what is one thing, if anything, that you would change about the current state of hip-hop and why?


Resolution: The lack of responsibility between artists and what they’re doing nobody cares what message is being sent to the youth, so it’s all drugs guns and bitches, not everyone in the world lives that way it would be nice to hear these little punks reciting something that means more. Instead it’s all party music and no consciousness anywhere in between

Down Pat: NUFF SAID, GOOD POINT MAN. That’s a fact that outweighs all opinions! The kids emulate this shit!
Resolution: Yeh how many of them known the origin of this music or what’s whack and what’s really “hot”?

Down Pat: We gotta lead by example, and political rap is educational, the streets are real life events that shouldn’t be capped by censorship...But the pop it shawty shit is retarded and redundant!

Resolution: What he said

Down Pat: In my OPINION -LOL

Dutch: I just think the game itself can take it a level higher...the fact that we must dumb down the lyrics to sell records nowadays is bulls**t....

Nine5Four The Magazine: oh

Resolution: word


Dutch: People definitely need to be uplifted and I feel with albums like Kanye, Common and Talib in this fourth quarter, it may be what hip hop needs

Nine5Four The Magazine: True... So what is the next step for you guys???

Down Pat: I just take it as it comes to be real with ya bra

Resolution: Just get these projects finished and out to the people that need that lyrical refreshment coming to a stereo near u

Dutch: Well I’m working on the last few tracks for a mix-tape that will have appearances from DP and Res throughout. Next would be the solo album planning and trying to get as many shows as we can in until we hit the right mans ear...well then well make him a whole lot of money

Down Pat: Yeah and peep me and my boy 50-50; REFLEXTION, full EP on its way, just need res to mix it -lol

Resolution: I’m currently trying to book other shows for ink infinite as well as Res n Dutch

Down Pat: And of course INK INFINITE-that’s gonna be crazy !

Nine5Four The Magazine: Where do you guys see yourselves in the next 5 years?

Down Pat: Hopefully you`ll be seeing us

Down Pat: If not we gone keep doing this shit regardless

Resolution: On stages, in booths, just doing this shit, hopefully more relentlessly

Down Pat: It’s to the death baby!

Resolution: There are always more rhymes to write and new ideas that need to be utilized so u
know we’ll be here

Down Pat: If I can inspire one person then it’s worth it to me! Because I remember when music
brought me out the worst parts of my life... all kinds!

Dutch: In the next five years I’d say I plan on being established
Established in South Florida! Established in this whole country!

Down Pat: true-I 2nd that

Resolution: That’s the plan

Dutch: five years is a long time, and res is too much of a genius to not be picked up by then

Down Pat: word

Nine5Four The Magazine: True... Do you guys have any upcoming shows??

Dutch: Well your show Oct 19

Down Pat: Trying to get some shit poppin in the o-town and shit and of course here as well above all!

Dutch: I also have a performance coming up on Sept 20 at Boca Raton’s Funkey Nutz Piano Bar

Resolution: as far as upcoming shows, I’m trying to get us jumping off wit sum shit within the next month as well as doing something in Oct

Nine5Four The Magazine: Of course you are invited... You guys are featured acts.. Let me know about that O-Town Joint... I might want to collaborate...

Down Pat: Word There’s some talent up there as well

Nine5Four The Magazine: So do you guys have any advice for up and coming acts that might help them get their game on point?

Resolution: Practice practice practice know your shit, think about your target audience and whether the venue is really for you or not, how can one appeal to the crowd with individuality but not going over the top- i.e. tossing 8 dollars into the crowd unless u really r rich and poppin bottles every day

Down Pat: Yeah… be real... put your heart into it 100%... and realistically put the effort into it

Dutch: Keep it real, stay away from that commercial shit...

Dutch: Yeaaa

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol...

Down Pat: or at least say something crafty with a commercial beat for the mc`s to feel and the dip-shits

Down Pat: lol

Resolution: lol

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol

Dutch: The biggest thing that bothers me is that I don’t lie in any of my raps and I don’t think mc’s
should lie in there’s

Resolution: word!

Dutch: If u ain’t holdin’ guns don’t bring it up
Dutch: If u ain’t neva seen or sold crack don’t bring it up
Dutch: If u claim you got ice and u bought that chain for 50 dollas don’t bring it up

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol... That’s what it is...

Resolution: lol

Resolution: That’s pretty much our over-all message too

Down Pat: See that and the fact that some cats really are doin that shit, but they can still be creative about it

Dutch: Cuz if u do, your frontin, and who is gonna respect a dude that fronts

Resolution: They don’t plan to last that long obviously

Nine5Four The Magazine: Is there anything else you guys would like to add before we bounce up outta here???

Down Pat: Yeah good lookin out and goodnight... Stay real... f**k a hater and  anyone who don’t feel that  -1 ...

Resolution: Be on the lookout for us, we takin the beats by storm!

Dutch: Yea, there will always be music but if we don’t step in soon, there won’t always b good all the readers, bounce to the beat yes, but listen to the words so you can be inspired and look out for the music video for So Critical coming soon, along with Dutch-Boy Presents: The Hot Sauce Mix-tape Vol.1

Resolution: Much Love to 954 Mag, keep holdin it down

Dutch: Dutch: big up to 9-5-4

Resolution: Resolution - Of Mics and Men coming soon!
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