Lafonda: Bold, Beautiful, & Breath Taking

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The Girl got me like Ooh Ahh... Lafonda the “Track Star” is on the verge, on the brink, on her way to the top. This R&B soul tress has some great production and a voice that’s ready for the R&B world. Add fuel to the flame, Lafonda is HOT!! Not just her looks though. She got the voice and the lyrics to go with it.

Is she a model? Is she a musician? Na, she is both. Keep your eyes open and your ears alert because this diva is about to blow. Unsigned is not a title I see her with for long. Any label that scoops her up is making a wise investment. Especially when this industry is suffering from lack of talent and looks, she can bring some refuge.



How did you get involved with music?
Well, I started singing at the age of two. My mom was also a singer and I grew up listening to a lot of old school music. My mother would always sing to me and it became very interesting. I would always sing in the house and in school and do plenty of shows, glee clubs, chorus, and choir. If it had something to do with Music I was always involved.
I became a member of the Girls Choir of Harlem and traveled and did a lot of touring.
After I graduated I new that being a solo artist was going to be a part of reaching my destiny.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do? I would say my passion for music motivates me to keep doing what I do. It’s crazy because everyone in this industry goes through a tough road and it’s definitely not easy. I believe that God makes you go through difficult situations so that when the right situation comes around you’ll be ready and of course grateful. But yes my passion motivates me. There are so many difficult situations that I’ve been through trying to pursue this career. If only you knew, you would probably say “why hasn’t she given up”?

Who or what are your biggest influences?
My mom of course, I love Michael Jackson he’s such an Icon and a powerful artist. I love Pattie Labelle her voice is beyond incredible. Toni Braxton was definitely a big influence. Alicia keys, Monica and of course Aaliyah.

What are the key things your music cover’s? What point are you trying to make?
Basically my style is vintage slash new school LOL. I would say my style is classy, sassy, sexy, and Hood. My music overall covers a lot of positive messages especially some of the new records I am recording now. Many R&B singers talk about sex and partying which is cool, but I like to reach on to different concepts with my records as well. But then I like to talk about things that young people go through as well but then I like to talk about things that young people go through as well as the older crowd does at once. I talk about things that I’ve definitely experience, definitely what I grew up around.

What are some of the things you see yourself doing in the near future?
I know you probably hear many artist say this but. I am going to be so huge one day I believe. I always go by faith and not by sight. I’m a very driven person, Hard working, and powerful. When I want something I want it!! And I never give up no way. So I see myself doing a whole lot of things in the future. I’ve really gotten a lot of things accomplished this year. Next year I just want to get bigger and better for me.

Have you performed live? If so how was that experience?
Yes of course I’ve performed live. Let me tell you I live on stage. When I am on stage I always tend to black out! I have this alter ego and I become another person on stage. I Love to throw great performances all the time. I consider myself an entertainer whether if I am performing an up tempo with dancers or background singers.
Or if I am just hittin’ everyone with a big ballad with no background singers just me and the mic alone a nice long dress with a little smoke in the background LOL. I love performing.

What would you change if anything about your music?


I wouldn’t change anything about my music for now I guess. But at some point artist
grow and tend to reinvent themselves.

Do you feel your music brings a positive message to the youth?
oh yes, oh yes. I actually have this record I wrote called “Positive things in life” which talks about a kid who gets killed around the way because he grew up around so much violence, and drugs. He was involved in a gang and he had no one he could turn to when he felt like he needed to not even his mother. it’s a crazy song. (True Story) you gotta hear it. So basically in the song I am saying we as adults and young adults should be role models to these little kids out hear. I know especially, I grew up in the hood.

Is your music based on fact or fiction?
90% of all of my songs are things that I’ve experienced or seen. So it’s a fact. 10% fiction you gotta make up some things to spice up the stories LOL.

What songs do you have on the radio?
Yes I am currently pushing a single called “OOH AHH”. It’s currently hittin’ the clubs and its on various Internet radio sites and college Radio.

What are you bringing to the game that is different? What is so unique about you or your style of music?

I would definitely say my voice is very unique my sound is so different and I don’t sound like any other R&B Singer that is out there right now. That’s for sure. And of course the different concepts I talk about in my music.

Are you getting love from the home front? How does that make you feel?
Yes I sure do get a lot of love from many people and it makes me feel good to see that because I work so hard. So I am always appreciative.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I want to give a shout out to the producers that I am working with and that I’ve worked with before. Plaboy-chi (Sleepless Productions) Drawzilla ( Inasirkl Music Group). EJ Enoch Smith( Music4mypeople entertainment). J3 (J3 Muzik llc)
Please Log on to my website please also hit me up on shout out to my fan base and everyone that has been very supportive of me, My Family mom of course, Tiffany assistant shout out to Drawzilla, Tasha camp, J didda, bedtyme 357, Ez-Mike, Jesse Atkinsin, Mr Raw, To Urban Threshold for giving me that Underground Music Award So many people If I forgot any one please don’t curse me out . BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL DJ’S that has been given my records a spin constantly Thank you sooo much. Also To Every one out there who wants to achieve their goals whether if you want to be a Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Docter, Lawyer, Producer whatever Stay Focus, surround yourself around the Positive and Stay away from the negative. Work HARD!!! LOL. Because the sky is the limit. Peace out.

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