Yanka - Ready for WHATEVER!

Written by D. Francis

Every so often, a model comes across our eye that we feel has the total package. Sure one could think we are referring to body and beauty but we mean the full gusto. We are talking, brains, beauty, body, personality and most importantly, character. Just Yanka is one of those models. Her character and spirit is equal to her physical beauty. Determined to be a hit in the modeling industry, Yanka is in full pursuit to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Nine5Four had the opportunity to get inside Yanka, mentally that is.


Nine5Four The Magazine: Hello Yanka, how is it going??

Just Yanka: very good you? You sounded busy

Nine5Four The Magazine: That’s good to hear... Lol... Yea I tend to get that way sometimes... You stay busy as well from the looks of your photos...

Just Yanka:
Ya I'm trying to get more into videos so we'll see

Nine5Four The Magazine: That would be cool... So Yanka.. Tell us a little about yourself...

Just Yanka:
Well aside from the obvious, that I'm a 22 year old model, I'm very outgoing and hardworking. I'm a full time model right now and also got hired as an agent. I love this industry and hope to be in it long into the future.

Nine5Four The Magazine: So you’re in it for the long term. That is good to hear... What got you involved in modeling??

Just Yanka:
That's kinda hard to answer, lol. I did all the commercial stuff as a kid, toys r' us, sears and all. Then got moved to the country where there is no work so when I moved to Ottawa I volunteered for a fashion show. I met a model who hooked me up with a couple of photographers. Posted the pics on some model sites and have just been working since.

Nine5Four The Magazine: That’s pretty interesting.. So how is the model industry where you are?

Just Yanka:
It's....distant. Lol. I live in Ottawa so there isn't much currently (which is about to change thanks to CIMA). But there's pounds of work in Toronto and Montreal. So it involves a lot of travel.

Nine5Four The Magazine: How far is Montreal and Toronto from you?

Just Yanka:
Toronto is a five hour drive and Montreal is 2, they're both a short flight but I insist on driving so I have my car and can get around in the city.

Nine5Four The Magazine: So that means you have to be determined to make it if you want to make it in your city... What types of modeling are you involved in??

Just Yanka:
You have to be so determined!! Modeling is a full-time job and not just the work, you have to stay involved with what's going on, be at the right places, apply for casting calls. I am always up for new types of work- if it's non-nude, I'll try it. I'm way too short for runway but product advertising, music videos, portfolio work. It's all good. My favorite is working for music artists- Being part of a CD cover, flyer, music video. I love the music industry but can't sing to save my life, so it's the next best thing.

Nine5Four The Magazine
: lol... yea I guess you are right... So where do you see yourself in 2 years??

Just Yanka:
On billboards! The cover of Maxim, making guest appearances in movies and on Much Music. lol. All it takes is drive. This is a business industry you just have to be willing to work and market yourself.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Those are some really big dreams... But anything is possible if you work at it.. So what projects are you currently working on??

Just Yanka:
Currently I'm working on projects with the group "the bilz" who are so hot! I'm also working on shots for 100 miles clothing line. And am putting out a 2008 calendar, so am working on the editing and publishing of that with the photographer Trevor Godinho. I'm also doing work with the Canadian International Modeling Agency (CIMA) for a huge fashion event here in Ottawa.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Ok... So you are keeping it busy.. What does Yanka's personal life look like?

Just Yanka:
I didn't think I had one, lol. Good girlfriend to have lunches with and always looking for guys to date, hehe. I'm still young so the whole seriousness is not so appealing but I definitely enjoy male company.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Lol... Wow I find that hard to believe but that is a different interview... Anyways, what do you like most about what you do??

Just Yanka:
Challenges. I'm still at the stage where I haven't done it all so I love getting a project that is so different from what I normally do, or so different from me. I love that there's always stuff going on, things to learn and ways to improve.

Nine5Four The Magazine: True I can relate to that... what would you say us the most difficult part about your "job"?

Just Yanka:
Oye, that's really hard. It's probably deciding what work to do. I'm often offered two jobs for the same time or have stuff going on I can't leave. I'm such a "I want to do it all" type person that it's really hard to turn down work.

Nine5Four The Magazine:
its cool lol... yea... sometimes you have to do that... So what are some of the things you consider before accepting a job? What do you look for??

Just Yanka:
right now I look for exposure or something that will look good on a resume. All jobs are always stepping stones so I look for ones that take me in the right direction.

Nine5Four The Magazine: gotcha... So what has been the wildest thing you have done in a shoot?

Just Yanka:
wildest thing, I don't really know I love what I do so I'm really easy going. The most awkward thing was during a shoot that had some implied topless on location in a creek, a bunch of church groups were having a scavenger hunt. And I was changing behind trees and stuff. It was all fun on my part but I was concerned for the kids, lol

Nine5Four The Magazine: wow... that had to be crazy... lol... So what does Yanka do for fun besides getting dolled up for the camera??

Just Yanka:
I love dancing, sober though, so I dress sexy and hit the clubs. Also love patios for meals, I love to eat.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Food huh... Lol... what’s your favorite??

Just Yanka:
pasta and dessert. I have a mad sweet tooth!

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol... that’s interesting.. Well you are in great shape so enjoy...

Just Yanka:
thanks, I blessed with being tiny.

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol... Yea... Some of us have that luck and some of us don't.... What is your favorite type of modeling if you had to choose one?

Just Yanka:
I love all of it, it's a horrible answer but I do!

Nine5Four The Magazine: lol... Ok that will work... So what advice would you give to an up and coming model trying to get into the game???

Just Yanka:
be prepared to work your ass off and worry about the payback later. You have to do this because you love it but be willing to work at it like a career. Think of the first year or two as school, they're an investment to teach you how to make it later.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Pretty good info... Is there anything else you would like to add before we call it a night??

Just Yanka:
Just a huge thank you for noticing me, contacting and giving me the opportunity to be part of you magazine.

Nine5Four The Magazine: Oh it's no problem... We focus on unsigned talent and that is exactly what you are, Talent... Keep up the great work!!! And thanks for allowing us to feature you in Nine5Four The Magazine...
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