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Don’t get it twisted for one minute; Boogee is a “Boss” in the game. Making hits, managing his own label, and doing what it takes to show everybody that he is ready is all a part of his repertoire.

As the CEO and Artist on his own record label, Boogee is looking to make waves in the music industry. With his club bangers blasting through the speakers its plain to see Boogee can get down with the best of them.
Steppin out of Ft. Lauderdale, Boogee claims he is “Too Hot” and it’s not just his lyrics he is talking ‘bout. Keep your eyes open for F. What ya heard Entertainment because they doing big things in the 954. Lets get it.



How did you get involved with music?
It started when I was just a young one listening to all the greats of the past like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Lenny Williams. My love for music became so strong because it was a way for me to express myself just like those greats. I went from free-styling on paper in high school, battling classmates to pass time to now CEO of my own record label F. Whatcha Heard Entertainment. Catchy isn’t it, I know, I like it to. But everything came about when I met the crew I now run wit. Finding out we all had the same passion for this music we decided to come together and do this as a whole. We’ve been together since 2001 known as the infamous FTL and have no intentions on stopping no time soon.

What motivates you to keep doing what you do?
Some of the things that inspire and motivate me to continue what I do are my family who pushes me to do better than I’m doing, to always strive for the hardest goals in life, and to stay focus no matter what the obstacles are in front of me. My friends who are always there to listen to new tracks and give feedback on new ideas or songs, and always willing to give me the constructive criticism I want so that if there are errors for improvement I can hit the lab and tighten it up before its heard by the public. And of course saving the best for last my fans who are also apart of my supporting backbone, giving me the encouragement, and energy every time I hit the stage whether it be an open mic or opening act for a major artist. I love my fans and all their support because with out them there is no me, there is no Boogee.

Who or what are your biggest influences?
One of my biggest influences is my mother whom I call Mama Pimpin who is also a poet herself. I grew up listening to poems she wrote for different family members for birthdays, holidays, and sad to say even funerals and I believe she’s the reason and the main source of my talents and success. I like to consider myself as a real and up front individual so let me not leave out another BIG influence that’s helped me along the way. Which is none other and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now Mary Jane. Who gives me what I like to call tunnel vision, allowing me to focus on nothing but what’s ahead, keeping everything in the past, never looking back to think twice, because like they say your first instinct is usually the right one you think long you think wrong.

What are the key things your music cover’s? What point are you trying to make?
The main thing and only thing is LIFE, and the things going on from the streets to the club, from the club back to a hotel or your house whatever your preference maybe. With tracks like Fire, that’s just letting all the haters and the wanna bees know I’m here its real and I’m HOT! Yeah make sure ya’ll check out my single from my debut album Fire on my MYSPACE page (http://www.myspace.com/boogee420 ). Then I’ll come right back at them with Roll On, just assuring them this really ain’t a joke, and I’m sure the title says it all. And of course, let’s not forget about the lovely ladies blessing their ears with Tell Me. Trust me they love this track especially the freaks, and ever body gotta lil freak in em’. So basically my point is….. I gotta product that’s hot, who’s buying.

What are some of the things you see yourself doing in the near future?

I see myself still grinding, still working hard trying to get the exposure. The group signed under my label called FTL will be releasing their debut album in March of 2007, so ya’ make sure ya’ be on the look out for their album as well. I also came across a gentleman singing R&B, and a possible first lady rapper under F. Whatcha Heard Ent. So you can definitely be expecting a combination of the two on future albums.

Have you performed live? If so how was that experience?

I’ve performed on various occasions from open mics, to car shows, and even opening up for artists like Scarface in Lauderdale. The feeling, the only way I can described it is Powerful, Electrifying, seeing the crowd vibe and dance to your music. Man, its good feeling, and I just basically feed off the energy from the crowd. So at the same time they’re getting what they came to see and I’m feeling good about the performance I just put on. There’s one thing I learned in this busy and that’s if you’re an artist, you’re not only an artist you’re an entertainer, and it’s your JOB to keep the audience entertained.



What would you change if anything about your music?

I wouldn’t change one thing. I’m proud and very confident in the music that is produced from my label. But I would definitely add some things such as, R&B vocalist male/female, and one or two female rappers. Hey, maybe even a dread so I can add whole different twist on things. We try to make music for ever body, we even got a few tracks we’re working on that are like an alternative rock. I don’t know what the hell you call it, but we’ll be ROCKIN’.

Do you feel your music brings a positive message to the youth?
Not in every song, but then there’s others that inspire and give the kids of the future the encouragement to keep at it. Every thing starts as a dream, and you start dreaming about all these things you think you might want to be when you grow up when you’re young. So as long as you at least got that dream you got something to reach for. The skies the limit. You gotta go for it.

Is your music based on fact or fiction?


Every thing is fact, and at the same time I don’t mention anything that could be questioned about me, and besides that “GANGSTAS MOVE IN SILENCE”. My busy is my busy ya feel me. And I think we can leave that at that, you know, it is what it is.

Do you have any songs on the radio? If so, what stations if not, what are you doing to get more exposure?
Nah, I don’t have anything getting spins at the moment I just recently completed my album. You know what they say 80% of the things you get to do in life are based on who you know. But I’m still hitting the club scene trying to get on and stay the open mic circuit. You got good people out there like Angie and Bass out at the Miami Pipeline do their thing opening their doors for us to come perform and practice stage performance and things like that. Then you got Larry Dog a.k.a. Street Dog who does the same thing every Thursday at the Roman Pub in Carol City (North Miami). So there’s even people out there also trying to help and give some advice as to what steps to take and what should be done and how it should presented. And I just want to take this opportunity to thank them for it.

What are you bringing to the game that is different? What is so unique about you or your style of music?
Well the thing that makes my music different and more unique is my voice. Every time I get on a track there’s no mistaking me for no other rapper and you know it’s me because I’ll always be screaming out “954”. So I’ve been representing Nine 5 four The Magazine when I’m performing what a coincidence. And like I said before I try to make music for every body I try not to aim for particular crowd.

Are you getting love from the home front? How does that make you feel?
The love from home team has truly been unbelievable. From Ft. Lauderdale all the way down to Miami and South Beach the fan base is growing like crazy. “Fire”, “Tell Me” or even “Roll On”, provides something on the album for everyone. And with all the different responses I get on the street, from people stopping they’re cars in the middle of traffic to scream out their window they liked the tracks, to people coming across me at the mall stopping to say they liked my performance at a previous show. So I know I must be headed in the right directions with the crazy responses I’m getting about a few of the tracks.

Do you have a crew you run with? If so, who are they and how do they help with the music? If not, how do you manage to come up with all of your music?
I run with group known as the FTL. First you got P.A. short for Physician Assistant, I gave him that name because the DOC (Dre) better watch out my dog is making unimaginable tracks with the equipment he has, and I just wonder damn what if what if he had this or that, well let’s just say those beats would be hot to. Then there’s my dog Black Bear who stays coming up with catchy hooks and great ideas for new tracks he’s also an inspiring producer. And last but not least you got my boy Beezy, who’s another songwriter/producer. So I’m definitely working with some very talented young artists with strong ambition. And I got to give props to the hardest working hype-men Big Bra, Rip, and Black.

Do you produce your own tracks or do you have a producer. If so, how do you get inspired to produce your tracks? If you use a producer, why did you choose this producer and what is so unique about him/her?
I’ve attempted a couple of times to do some producing, but its not easy and any body who thinks it is congrats you’re blessed. P.A. is the producer under F. Whatcha Heard Ent., and what an extraordinary producer he is. He’s been hitting keys since he was a pup, and now that he’s a big dog we’re trying to make a big bark in this industry with his beats and my unique voice. I sometimes like to refer to him as Alicia Keys’ lil brother you’ll see once you listen to a few tracks. But we’re always looking for new beats so if there are any other producers out there trying to market their product Myspace in the meeting grounds. Actually my single Fire was produced by Rhythm Rx out of West Palm Beach, he did and track back in the day called Woo lil mama.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any words of motivation or encouragement?
Well to all you inspiring artists and producers remember the skies the limit start with a dream you need something to reach for. And as long as you keep grinding, stay focus and keep GOD first anything is possible. I’m hot man, hot like fire! Coming soon check me out…Lauderdale stand up! Nine5Four I appreciate ya’ll! It’s not where we live…Its how we live!

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