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You show me someone that doesn’t have a dream and I’ll show you someone that’s probably living a miserable life. We are all liberated by the dreamers of today. Since they understand that the world within sustains the world without, their beautiful visions and dreams nourish us. We cannot overlook our dreamers, nor allow their ideas to fade way. Their dreams live in all of us, and one day they will manifest into a reality that we will all know. Because of dreamers like The Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi, the world is a much more beautiful place. And if it wasn’t for the unwavering belief in their dreams, many of us would have perished under the fierce pressures of this world. Just as the prophets and humanities cherished their dreams, we must also cherish our dreams in order to one day realize them.

In order for us to see the beauty that forms in our mind, we must first treasure our dreams. And out of this beauty will wonderful circumstances form. We should dream big dreams because as you dream you are creating the person you were meant to become. We have to understand that our dreams are the promise of what we will one day become as well as the insight of what will finally manifest in our life. Some of the greatest achievements were created out of someone having a dream. The butterfly sleeps in the caterpillar, and at the highest level of our soul waits our GOD self. Our dreams give birth to the reality that we see in our lives everyday. Accordingly, we should start living in a space of embracing our dreams. Although our circumstances may be unpleasant at the moment, we must keep our eyes on the vision that we have for ourselves. And since the Law of Attractions states, “that which is like unto itself is drawn”, we must always make sure that our thoughts match out desires or dreams.

We will all someday realize the desires of our hearts. Because we will naturally gravitate to what we secretly love the most. We will be given the precise results of our own thoughts, as within so without. We will be given no more and no less. What ever your current situation may be, you will rise, fall, or remain with your thoughts. You will become as small as your most controlling desire or as great as your most dominant ambition. You will build your life by the dreams that you glorify the most in your mind and hold dear to your heart, this is who you become. In the words of Abraham, “Whatever I can imagine the universe can deliver.” If you have the ability to imagine it, or even think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for it is like a well stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable at your disposal.

“When you are inspired dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” - Patanjali

Your affirmation for the next 30 day is, “My dreams are now reality.”

Love, Light and Blessings

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